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Since stenciling is not a new concept here at All Things Thrifty, I learned (the hard way) in previous projects that it is VERY important to hold your stencil brush perfectly straight when you are stenciling on the paint. I love creating unique home decor items and I am super pumped to do more experimenting with the new products.
I think it turned out gorgeous I would be honored if you'd like up to my Mommy Monday link party!
That came out so cute… I love the stencil you chose and how you arranged it… You have vision!
I have been pouring over photos to find the right look for my new old $10 awesome coffee table.
I build custom living room tables that are are distressed to give them a great rustic farmhouse look. My neighbor Reagan called me to tell me about her yard sale a few days before the actual event!

Think of all the projects you could do with this stuff! By the time I got my pack of goodies (from Martha and Plaid), the coffee table had already been painted with KILZ and Krylon white spray paint, but I am SUPER excited to try the new spray adapter with the Martha Stewart paint line. It is also VERY important to dab off the paint onto a paper towel prior to stenciling your project. I purposely stenciled the fun design in a swirly pattern on the coffee table, and I love how it turned out! I'm actually wanting to paint my kitchen table white and that stencil would be a lot of fun. We have over 100 antique categories, including antique jewelry, antique furniture, antique toys, Asian antiques and many, many more!
Large Wood Slab pieces are individually designed and built by master furniture maker Paul Dumond, inspired by the works of George Nakashima and Isamu Noguchi. The lighting in my house is not good and the pictures aren’t showcasing it as well as I want them to!

The foot may be a club, a claw-and-ball, a paw or scroll, and there may be a carved ornament on the knee such as the scallop shell or the lion motif. Spray paint colors are always limited, and this concept of being able to use ANY of their 160 colors as spray paint is kind of awesome.
If you have too much paint on your brush, you will be sorry because your project will not turn out with a crisp line around the edge of your design.
It first was originated in Italy and is a conventionalized representation of the rear leg of a leaping goat. The cabriole leg is also extremely practical; the balance it achieves makes it possible to support heavy pieces of case furniture on slim legs, without the use of stretchers.

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