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His wife had wanted a wine crate coffee table for a very long time, and with her birthday coming up, he thought this was the perfect time. Once he managed to get all of the crates sanded, he went to Lowes to purchase some table legs and also some stain. He used the same stain and table legs on the end table to give the furniture a more fluid look.
People Magazine Special Oscar Double Issue and a WINNER WINNER!Spring Fluffing31 Projects.. NOW LET ME TELL YOU, if you are NOT like me and the thought of DIY'ing something sounds worse than taking a bullet, keep reading because some of these things are soooo easy to do and you probably just haven't thought of it yet! Lay a drop cloth (you can get a set of 2 cheap plastic ones at Home Depot for $3) down wherever you want to paint and put the table in the middle of it.
Take out the glass and get some burlap (purchased mine from Home Depot) and layer it (about 2 or 3 layers) behind the frame. Purchase a letter of your choice (about $4 from Michaels) and use a hot glue gun or strong adhesive to glue the letter to the burlap.
Get picture clip holders (from Michaels) and apply them with a hot glue gun or some really strong glue. Treat the fabric with Scotch Guard to protect it from potential spills or stains (optional).
Wainscoting was originally found in England sometime around the 16th century, with the intention of covering the lower part of the walls to resist water damage.
Using a measuring tape and a pencil, place markings on your wall to evenly space out the frames. Paint the entire lower half of the wall with white latex paint (the most commonly used color for wainscoting, but you can use whatever color you want). Buy a canvas at an art store whatever size you want (the art store I go to has great sales all of the time and many times I have gotten a huge canvas for about $35). Using different acrylic paints and a large paintbrush (can get at Michaels), paint the canvas all crazy any colors you like. Use painter's tape (can get at Home Depot) to create a herringbone pattern with some missing (the white rectangles you see in the picture). Two lengths of fabric were cut, measuring the height of the shade between the top and bottom bands and the dimension of the shade plus two inches. Next glue was applied along the edges of the shade with the fabric pressed into place immediately afterwards. Buy a canvas (or multiple ones) at an art store whatever size you want (the art store I go to has great sales all of the time and many times I have gotten a huge canvas for about $35 and smaller ones for $10). Buy small tubes of acrylic paint (including white) in the different colors you want to use. On the blank canvas, put small drops of the same color all over the canvas, and then do the next color, and so on. Next get a small paintbrush (can buy at Michaels) and start slowly mixing the colors together. Purchase gold leaf sheets and gold leaf size (that is the adhesive used to attach it) from an art store. Buy a piece of wood at a hardware store and have someone who works there cut the wood to fit the frame. Purchase tumbled marble tiles from Lowes or Home Depot (they are about $4 for a box of 10).
Put two coats of Mod Podge (glossy or matte, purchased at Michaels) on the BACK of the tile and let it dry.
Spray paint the front of trunks with Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish gold spray paint. These mason jars make great gifts at the end of the event or save them for your own personal decoration. After it is completely covered, turn the jar upside down and put it on a layer of paper towels and leave it overnight. Place your fabric on top of the ottoman and make sure you have it lined up properly if you have a geometric fabric.
When you get the highchair, before you snap the legs into place, tape off the white balls at the bottom with some painters tape (can get at Home Depot). Spray paint them with Rustoleum's Bright Coat, Metallic Finish Gold spray paint (look at #1). Now, mine was a tray table so the tray part came off (which was going to stay as it was) and was set to the side.
Then spray paint the table with Rustoleum high gloss white spray paint or Rustoleum Lacquer white spray paint. Use a galvanized bucket you have on hand (bucket size 3 feet at the widest part) or buy one (here is one at Tractor Supply Company).
You are going to be making your own top but you can try to go to Home Depot and ask if they have any wooden spool tops that they can give you for free! Followed the same technique by using the plywood as your template and cut the 2?6 boards to match the circle.
Glue the 2?6?s to the circle with wood glue (can get at Home Depot) and let it dry overnight.
Finish the top with a coat of Minwax Clear Polyurethane or any other clear poly seal you have. Turn the bucket upside down (the bottom of the bucket will be the top and the top will be the bottom).
Buy some fabric at JoAnn's Fabric that will be big enough to cover the front of your board with about 8 inches extra around the edges (so add 8 inches to the length and 8 incehs to the width). Laying the fabric on top leaving 4 inches of excess fabric around the edge of the cork board.
Get about 200 thumbtacks or more (can get at Walmart) and start pressing them in one at a time (you might want to spread this process out over a couple of days because your fingers will start to hurt!). Use a hot glue gun or a strong adhesive to glue the excess fabric onto the back of the cork board. You can attach them on the sides of the legs like the picture to the right, or the bottom of the legs like the picture below. Spray the bottom of your sheet pan with several light coats of Rustoleum high gloss white spray paint. Once the paint has dried and cured, use a little gold wax (like Rub 'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish) and apply it to the top edges of the tray. Buy some patterned washi tape and apply strips of it to the tray in an off-centered plaid pattern (or a pattern of your choice). Turquoise paint can lighten the look of an old scratched and scuffed sideboard, while glass pulls can give it a vintage-meets-modern look.

Lay a drop cloth down in a well ventilated area and place the sideboard in the middle of it.
Cover the insides of the drawers with a cloth or anything you can get paint on (I use paper grocery bags) and secure them with painters tape (you can get at Home Depot). Then spray paint the table with Valspar high gloss turquoise spray paint or any color spray paint you like.
Purchase your fabric (use a thicker, durable fabric) at JoAnn's Fabric or a similar store and lay your fabric on a flat surface, wrong sides out.
Take the third form and lay on top of the first form, wrong sides out,and pin along the right side.
The round shell will take shape once all pieces are sewn together, be certain you’ve removed all pins before proceeding.
Decorate your walls for spring with this easy to make spray paint silhouette botanical art DIY. Get four 11x14 canvases (or any size you want) at a local art store (I got mine on sale $7 each). Tack your leaves or flowers (that you can find outside) to the canvas with the adhesive spray (can get at Michaels).
After about 20 minutes, carefully remove your leaves or flowers and let the canvas completely dry overnight.
A sala de estar deve ser um lugar aconchegante e funcional, para receber seus convidados e ate mesmo para que a familia tenha uma area em comum para conversar e ter diversao. Uma decoracao luxuosa pode ser feita em cores claras, com uso de tons cinza, prata e branco. O uso do vermelho pode transformar a sala de estar em um espaco luxuoso, escolha almofadas com capas vermelhas e espalhe sobre sofas confortaveis. Casas na praia podem aproveitar a paisagem local com uma arquitetura privilegiada, use janelas em tamanho grande. Casa com pe direito alto pode abusar de grandes pecas, como espelhos, quadros e principalmente lustres luxuosos. De nouvelles idees soumises pour Whirlpool Tout le monde vous souhaite apres une dure journee pour se detendre completement Appel et d’oublier le stress de la vie quotidienne. Rencontrez des meubles noirs sur les murs blancs et les planchers en bois fonce Noir et blanc est une combinaison fait est toujours en est. Sous Escaliers Armoires Home Design Idees Faire le placard sous l’escalier?
Once assembled, he realized he should have sanded them prior to assembly, so he had to do that step once the crates were completed.
He opted for a dark walnut because it would match best with the furniture they already had. They decided to make it a storage bin also to help with the clutter that comes with having a two-year old. Personally, I believe this is because you have 3 different sites telling you 3 different ways to do it, then you get overwhelmed and give up. Embarrassed to admit this, but less than two years ago I didn't even know what DIY stood for and I had never attempted to do anything myself.
Put the glass on it, style it up, and feel a great since of accomplishment that you painted a piece of furniture and it looks really $$! Using frames like this, it is really quick and easy to change out pictures as often as you want! I have created different versions of this using laminated scrapbook paper or something similar and they turned out great. You could use some sort of fray prevention treatment for the edges, but if you cut your fabric just right, I found you don’t need to worry about fraying edges if your fabric sits perfectly inside.
Spray a light coat of adhesive on the bottom of the tray, then carefully fold the fabric back over to fit the inside of the tray. Today it is more commonly found in everyday homes as a way to provide an elegant look to a simple room. Covering a lampshade or two with fabric is an incredibly easy, fast and inexpensive way to bring a little style into a room This tutorial uses an old lampshade that has a top and bottom band that the author wanted to still be shown.
If you are covering a lamp shade that is really busy or bright, make sure that the new fabric you buy is thick enough so the old pattern does not come through. The extra length allows for the fabric to overlap with one end turned under to create a clean edge. This was repeated until the fabric overlapped and the finished end was glued into place over the start of the fabric. You start the your brush in the middle of the canvas and slowly drag the white paint over to one of the other colors.
Basically, you get a small paintbrush and "paint" the size on the area where you would like it to stick.
This is such a simple tutorial and a great way to spice up a folding chair and showcase them! Using slow side-to-side movements, apply two thin coats of spray paint (refer to paint can instructions for drying time between coats).
You can use the front of the tile, but I found that it seemed to work better with the back. Compared to the before, the white paint and gold greek key really transformed them into something else! It should be dry by the morning, but if you had a thick layer of paint (which happened to me one time) then it could take a couple of days to dry.
I have been wanting to try this for a while but do not have an old coffee table to try it with! Other options would be to spray paint them (would be quicker to do it this way) or to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (this here is a great tutorial on this paint). Drill holes in your table(!) where the buttons will go, so that you will be able to thread a long needle through later.
To cut the foam, use a marker to draw a straight line and then use a sharp blade, like an Exacto knife, to cut through the foam (a serrated knife from your kitchen even works well). Use a staple gun to staple the batting to the underside and pull tightly to get the shape on top that you like. You can secure the knot on the underside of the table with another button or some nails to hold it in place.
If you do not have a tray table then cover the top part of your table (or the part you would like to keep wood) with a cloth or anything you can get paint on (I use paper grocery bags) and secure them with painters tape (you can get at Home Depot). Here, an upside-down galvanized bucket combined with a glass tabletop makes a funky coffee table. There are different versions of the table as you can see in the pictures below, and a couple of them include pallet coffee tables.

A herringbone pattern, drawn with a white paint pen on the doors, solidifies the sideboard's chic status.
I have done this for a friend's living room with gold and white paint (white in the background with gold leaves) and they turned out great and looked perfect in her space.
Squeeze out some acrylic paint (whatever color you want) onto your paint dish and completely cover your canvas with your paintbrush. Spray paint your entire canvas, including your leaves or flowers with Rustoleum's Bright Coat, Metallic Finish Gold spray paint (look at #1). Taking your kids toys, animals, old figurines and spray painting them is a great way to modernize your home!
A sala de estar costuma ser o reduto em dias de festas e jantares em uma residencia, por isso se voce nao abre mao de ter uma sala luxuosa, veja aqui algumas imagens que vao inspirar a escolher uma decoracao maravilhosa para sua casa.
Escolha um tapete que traduza o estilo de decoracao que voce deseja usar e aproveite para colocar algumas almofadas com capas brilhantes sobre o sofa principal. Abajures, cortinas e mesas de centro bem posicionadas, ajudam a formar uma decoracao maravilhosa. The first one is because it’s always fun to make something by hand, then be able to look at the finished project and feel a sense of accomplishment. After he had the wood stained, he realized he should have used a conditioner since fir and pine are unpredictable when applying stain.
When looking online you can find wine crates for under $10, but if you have a local business that ships in crates, you may be able to get them at no cost.
So I decided to create a list (with pictures) of my top favorite 25 do-it-yourself projects so it is all in one place!
But my first spray painting project turned out so well and it was so easy that I started doing more.
I spray paint things outside by my garage but put rocks on all four edges of the cloth just in case a gust of wind comes by.
Do not stay in one place too long or it will bubble up and start to drip (If that happens then just get a damp cloth and wipe it up and spray again over it). You can paint it on a big canvas or a small canvas, but either way I think the result is amazing. Start this process with the white paint and put a white drop in the middle of the canvas before putting more drops all over.
I placed the nails about 1 inch apart and used a pen to mark all of the holes, so they would be in a straight line.
Now you have a great and much more inexpensive upholstered ottoman, in the fabric of your choice! I had this old side table from World Market that I bought about 4 years ago and I was sick of it.
Be careful not to scratch the paint underneath (so make sure the paint is really dry before you apply the tape). It is thick and protective and a great choice for sealing furniture and other decorative items. Next, sew the pinned sides together, but be sure to stop 2 inches short of the edge to create an opening for you to fill with stuffing. I have done this with Rustoleum's Bright Coat, Metallic Finish Gold spray paint and Valspar turquoise spray paint to a couple of old animals and trinkets lying around my house and it was so easy. You never know what you’re capable of until you try something that is out of your comfort zone. Now half of my house I DIY'ed myself and I kid you not, I have spent less than a total of $250 on everything! After you have spray painted the whole thing with one coat, wait about 10 minutes and then do another coat. Using picture frames to resemble wainscoting, can be done with a smaller budget I have not done this one before but I am dying to try when I move!
Then you place a sheet over the size and use a dry brush to lightly stick the two together.
Tip: If chair is dark color or smooth finish, apply primer before painting with desired color. If you remove the tray it will slide right up to the table which is kind of neat and I love that it doesn't look super highchair-y. It is so simple to do and it is perfect for small rooms that do not have room for a sofa table behind your couch.
Brush a coat of it onto the surface of the tray, being careful not to overwork the thick liquid. I have not done this yet becuase I am in the process of learning to sew (pathetic, I know).
Aim the paint from left to right form about one or two feet away to prevent uneven coating. Next, nothing is better than making something for only a fraction of the cost that it’d be in the store if you were to buy it brand new. This will be a fun project to keep on hand for when the time comes that it needs to be replaced. I might even put in a couple of my failed projects in here because maybe you are cooler than me and can do it better :).
Then wait 10 more minutes and do one more coat (I typically do 3 coats on my spray painting projects). Then you pull the back of the paper off (looks like wax paper) and brush away all of the leftover gold leaf. It will fit in with most decor as much as a highchair can fit in and at $25 the price is perfect. Some furniture pieces can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, whereas if you were to build it by hand, you could make for only a few hundred dollars. I have also added multiple ways to do some of them and you can choose the one you like best. You will not want to put a clear seal coat or anything on this because it will change the color of the metallic gold.
By reusing and recycling, you’re keeping these things out of landfills and updating your home. When I was looking online for a new project, I found this DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table that Imgur user ElCapitanJensen23 made for his wife. Not only can you find wine crates for relatively cheap, but this table offers a lot of storage which is very handy especially if you have kids.

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