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Item Description : Enamel coffee table made of white metal with hand made enamel work in floral design mounted on wooden handicraft in traditional Indian style. This entry was posted in Coffee Table and tagged wood top coffee table metal legs by Rebecca Veronica. It is very elegant, decorative and stylish coffee table, which is ideally suited to a rich decorated interior. This coffee table is a functional and decorative element that can be used in any living room.

With a comfy sofa and armchairs around they create an inviting nook we often dream of during work hours. Coffee table with matt or lacquered structure and walnut or dark oak inserts: round top in glass. This IKEA upgrade used rectangular drawer pulls glued to the inside corners of a glass-topped coffee table to create a luxurious Art Deco look.
The free edge was kept as part of the wood top design, creating an interesting contrast with the polished straight cut metal base.

Its iron frame and legs are elements that are responsible for providing stability and durability.
Here are the names of each image: modern classic vintage style coffee table with wood top and metal legs.

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