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Following a previous accidental mention on Tuesday of an updated iMac Mini on Apple’s website, the company has apparently spilled the proverbial beans on another upcoming product that should have been kept under wraps.
Apple has removed that reference from its website, but a Google cache of the support page in question is still available. Apple is rumored to launch other Macs this fall, possibly alongside the final version of OS X Yosemite, with some reports suggesting that a 4K iMac may be in the works but for a late 2014 launch rather than a mid-2014 refresh. Preissenkungen satt: Aldi macht die dritte Woche in Folge die Lebensmittel billiger, andere Discounter ziehen nach. In der Debatte um Sankt Martin und die Linke hat sich jetzt auch Margot Ka?mann zu Wort gemeldet.
Bei den Grammy Awards gingen die ganz Gro?en der Branche leer aus – Gewinner sind Daft Punk mit funf Preisen und Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, alles Kunstler, die ihre eigenen Songs schreiben sich selber vermarkten.
Not one to skip out on the extra attention provided by Computex 2013, the trade show taking place in Taipei, Taiwan between June 4 and June 8, Toshiba has introduced some entertainment computers. One of them happens to be an all-in-one system called PX35t and designed with a mixture of PC and TV capabilities.
Oddly enough, the press release doesn't mention a discrete graphics card, so we might be looking at something with just the CPU-integrated iGP available.
Also, not unlike the 2013 Toshiba TVs, it boasts Skyline styling in silver, for visual compatibility with any room decor.

The company has even gone as far as to allow the newcomer to act as a TV thanks to the HDMI input.
Laptops are great for viewing and editing images, but for the very best Photoshop experience a powerful desktop computer and a large monitor are still an unbeatable combination. With the blast taken care of, the chill refers to water-cooling (who said that water and electrics don’t mix?), which aims to keep the machine’s processor cool without resorting to noisy fans. You also get 16GB of RAM to handle super high-resolution, multi-layer images and speed up memory-heavy effects such as Content Aware Fill. A speedy SSD drive makes for snappy program loading, and although extra file storage is limited to a mediocre 1TB, your images are safeguarded against drive failure by being automatically duplicated across two hard disks.
As with every component of the computer, Chillblast also gives you the option to spec your own monitor. This monitor shares the same IPS core screen technology as an Apple Retina display (albeit without the same super-fine resolution), meaning viewing angles, colour and contrast reproduction are all top notch –perfect for intensive Photoshop work. Even pairing the PC with a premium-grade 27-inch monitor would still leave change from the hefty price of a less powerful Apple iMac, plus now that Apple has withdrawn the Mac Pro from UK shores, the tuned Chillblast is a very smart buy indeed.
Choose from a selection of 23 to 30-inch widescreen monitors, many of which boast IPS screen technology for the best possible image quality. Like tuning your car, the Chillblast’s engine has been cleverly boosted, leaving lesser computers eating its binary dust.

Even the best hard disks can fail, so RAID technology gives you a pair of drives that both take care of your work, just in case. The chip can be a Haswell 4th generation Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7, while the top RAM amount is 16 GB. For our review, our testing team put it through its paces and found that this powerhouse of a PC can really help photographers get the most out of their photos in the digital darkroom. Chillblast is an established UK builder of high-spec PCs, and its Fusion Photo OC Lite packs enough punch to tackle even the toughest Photoshop demands. This is far from slow straight out of the box, but the Chillblast boffins have gone all out and overclocked the chip by 30% to really keep loading bars and hourglasses at bay. To quantify all this, in our tests the Chillblast needed just 37 seconds to open a dozen 36-megapixel raw files from a Nikon D800 in Photoshop CS6.
Diesmal sind es nicht die grundsatzlichen Vorbehalte vieler Eltern gegen Impfen, die den Experten Sorgen bereiten.

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