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Finally got the door pods mocked up and layed on the fiberglass,Should be ready for filler tomorrow,  more pics to come. Here are some better pics of how the pods were constructed.Here are some pics with the filler applied and ready for final sanding,More to come. I started modifying the door pods to fit the doors better, I'll post some picks later. OK, because of the shape of the door panel behind the stock grilles, my pods didn't fit right because the they are flat on the back. I have to ask don't they make a pre-made Pod for this It looks like a lot of work for something common.
I think they will be great, I glassed in my 3 rd light so I know what ya mean about a one and only part.
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Wainscot doors can be a beautiful addition to an informal, country style kitchen; their beaded panels are reminiscent of times long past. Making a door with the Quadraset is essentially cutting two sets of tongue-and-groove joints. When selecting stock for doors, I choose straight-grained material that is free of knots or dramatic figure. Next, adjust the height of the bit to cut the slot in the center of the stock thickness and cut a slot in a sample piece. Before assembly I smooth the surfaces of the wainscot strips; they will not be easily accessible after assembly.
During glue-up I’m careful to clamp the door on a flat surface in order to avoid gluing a twist into the door. If you’re constructing new cabinets for your kitchen you may have been attracted to the arched doors that are so popular today but intimidated by the seeming complexity of the design. Keep in mind that the arch will probably be most pleasing to your sense of proportion if the narrow portion of the arch matches the width of the stiles (drawing C).
The arch can be a simple radius like I’ve created for this article or an arch with a reverse curve (drawing D). If you’d like to pull out all of the stops you can create a classic tombstone arch (photo 2). However, keep in mind that the inside corners of the panel must be carved by hand; as router bits spin they create a curve on inside corners (photo 3). The classic arched panel door is very labor-intensive to construct and so you may want to reserve this design for a piece of fine furniture that features just one or two panels. When cutting the joints you can use a two-piece stile-and-rail set such as the Amana number 55421 or if you prefer an extended tenon you can choose the Amana number 47515 (photo 5). Once the frame joints are cut on the rail ends your next step is to shape the inside edges of the frame members. When shaping the arched top rail use push blocks or a jig to position your hands a safe distance from the spinning bit. These tools are large and, as with all router bits, it’s important to keep them shielded from your hands. Tanzania is a land filled with stunning imagery and lush, vibrant color; it makes perfect sense that many guests choose to remember their trips with local artwork. My art is inspired by, and depicts, Africa and all the beautiful things in it—the culture, the people, love, music, traditional Maasai dances and ceremonies.
My art tells the story of African culture, especially the culture of the Maasai tribe of Northern Tanzania.
I have been in the artist-in-residence program for five years, but I’m not there full time; an artist is invited to the farm for three months, then he or she will leave so another artist can show his or her works, too. Travelers are most welcome to visit the Kiota art studio [at Gibb’s] to share stories, experience the art, even paint if that is their wish. The Tanzanian art community keeps growing, and there are so many people with different talents and skills. Thomson Tweets!Did you know that we use fuel efficient Land Rover Defender TDI vehicles on safari? Thomson SafarisFounded in 1981 and based in Watertown Massachusetts, Thomson Safaris has been handcrafting trips-of-a-lifetime for over 30 years.

Do any of you fellow skydivers have any pictures or drawings that show how a door step (the kind that covers the whole lenght of the door) on a cessna 206 are constructed and attached to the plane? There was a post on here at least a year ago that had a step and great floater bar to the bottom of the rear window for video floatersThere was even a step over the tire. Brand New Tandem axles with load leveling hitch, anti-sway bar, and electric brakes.* Sturdy aluminum roof rack system to store and transport antennas. Here is the HAMCOW with a full erection!  The tower telescoped up like a dream on my first attempt!This definitely drew a few looks from the neighbors as they drove by!  The fact that it deployed flawlesslyafter being in a crate for almost 20 years tells what a quality piece of hardware it really is! Here you can better see how nice the walls and ceiling look with the urethane applied.It looks even better in person! The kitchen is installed!  I still have a lot of hooking up of appliances, butthe hardest part is complete.
Here is a special cable port that I fabricated to accommodate any unplanned wiring that needs to enter the HAMCOW.
Because once your fleece is dry and thick enough, you can gut the entire inside until there is nothing left on the inside.
In other words, if the stock is warped or twisted the completed door will never fit the opening properly.
You’ll use the sample piece to test the fit of the tenons when routing the ends of the rails.
Also, I apply the glue sparingly and carefully to avoid excess glue reaching the wainscot and gluing it in place.
Yet constructing arched doors is really not complicated; it’s just a process of shaping the curved top rail and door panel against the guide bearing on the router bits. Many woodworkers don’t enjoy the design aspect of the woodworking process because they don’t think of themselves as being artistic. Shaping the stiles and bottom rail is straightforward; just secure the fence to the router table so that it is tangent to the guide bearing on the router bit (photo 6). Because the fence cannot be used to guide the workpiece it’s important to use a starting pin as a fulcrum to pivot the arched rail into the bit (drawing F). When shaping the arch, pivot the workpiece into the bit and allow the guide bearing to roll along the curve (drawing G). Even in primary school, back in Kilimanjaro [region], I was always sketching and painting images of my surroundings. In secondary school, I joined a very small group of artists in my class, and we would think and talk and share what we know about art and creativity with one another. And of course I’d encourage all of them to support local Tanzanian artists by purchasing some pieces! You’ll use the sample piece to test the fit of the tenons when routing the ends of the rails.
They are planing to build one for the cessna we have on the dropzone, and what better place to ask then here . It was "playing my trumpet in freefall" It was from Germany so our STC types might not transfer. With Winter upon us, I can say I have thoroughly tested the insulation, and it works!  The trailerstays nice and warm even on the coldest days with just a small propane heater. What you'll manly need to start off doing stuff like this is tools like a jigsaw, router, staple gun, turtle wax, glue, mixing cups, paint brushes. The final step before assembly is to shape a bead on one edge of each of the wainscot strips with the corner bead bit. Follow the instructions with the bit to stack the necessary cutters followed by the guide bearing. Next, adjust the bit height to cut the tenon so that it fits snug within the sample groove. To determine the length of the strips I assemble the door frame and measure to the bottom of the groves in the rails.
Otherwise an unfinished surface will be exposed the first time the panel strips contract during the dry winter months. But before turning on the router it’s important to take a few minutes to work out the design details. However, everyone has an eye for proportion; we’ve all viewed a chest-of-drawers with big feet or crown molding that was too small to fit the scale of the piece.

As you smooth the surface of the arch keep in mind that the guide bearing of the router bit will roll along this surface so it’s important that there are no bumps or irregularities.
It’s important to use a guard with all router bits but especially so with raised panel bits (photo 8). Currently a resident artist at Gibb’s Farm, Peter has been painting since he was a child, living in the far north of Tanzania, near Kilimanjaro. But afterwards, I studied to be a plumber and boiler mechanic in Moshi [Peter graduated in 2004] because my father wanted that for me.
There, I create everything from crafts, wooden gift boxes, and hotel decorations, to wooden frames and sculpture mounts.
For example, one of my paintings is called babu, which means “grandfather” or any older person considered to be a kind and wise teacher for the upcoming generation.
I also want people to know how excited I am to meet them and talk to them about my art, or about anything at all! I know I keep growing and improving, discovering new techniques and trying new things, and growing more confident in my work. I would like to say thanks that you used part of your time to visit Kiota art studio at the Gibbsfarm.
One goes though the floor, and the other enters the HAMCOW just above the floor.Once the desired cable is routed, there is a plug of soft foam that gets inserted to prevent drafts on windy days. I could have been done with my pods from start to finish in 2 or 3 days tops since I have experience.All I see now is that he needs to cut out the bracing on the inside and his panels will fit more better in the panel. Instead, I use rough stock and mill it myself; this way I can flatten the stock on my jointer before planing it to thickness. Remember to position the cutters to face counter-clockwise when viewing the bit from the end with the spindle nut. Using the miter gauge to support the workpiece, make a cut from each face of the stock and test the fit of the tenon in the panel groove. When milling the strips to thickness I use the panel groove as a guide to ensure a snug fit; the wainscot strips should not be loose in the completed door. I listened to him and went to technical school, instead of following through on my wish to go to art school. I love my work, and I want people to know how much beautiful art is being made in Tanzania today!
It's just that I made a mold of the location of where the pods well sit at so that I can make them as low as possible. When making a stile-and-rail framework for a door I always mill a couple of test pieces out of inexpensive stock such as poplar. With the cutters, spacers and guide bearing in place secure the assembly with the spindle nut. If necessary, adjust the height of the bit to add or subtract thickness from the tenon and check the fit a second time. I cut flat rings out of paneling and elevated one side (also with a small block of wood) I nailed everything together with a finish nail gun and stretched and stapled the fleece.These pics show them with 2 coats of resin.I will take some pics of them from the back side tomorrow, so you can see the details, cool? If you build another set then I would suggest that you make a mold first, cut out the factory hole thats in the door panel for the speaker, and mount the ring ontop of that hole, strech fabric, and finally fiberglass the cloth. To modify it then cut out all the wood bracing on the inside and that will make your pods sit more in the doors.
After flattening the stock on the jointer and planing it to thickness, I joint one edge and rip it to width.
When milling stock for doors, I always make the stiles about an inch longer than the height of the door. I calculate the rail length as follows: Door width minus 2x stile width plus 2x depth of panel groove.

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