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There’s nothing like the smooth combination of coffee and liquor to take the edge off of a tough day. Originally Posted By Aimless: Good luck ever getting laid again without paying for it You have a good point. This is the first time in my time on arfcom that I have ever agreed with a coolest, bestest, mostest, lotest claim thread. When I lived in Germany, a buddy and I took the trip south to see Geiger's chataeu in Switzerland. I really enjoyed looking at his art as well as the original Necronomicon IV (the painting that the Alien came from). Wasn't there a thread about someone who had put a glass top on a crate of rifles - Moisin Nagants maybe? Originally Posted By Gravehunterzero: Yep I plan on doing the same thing once I finish my welding course.
If I had that in my house, one night I'd come out in the middle of the night for water or something and see that.
Rocket is a new Italian brand dedicated to making quirky furniture that appeals to our hidden rockstar side.
This is a such a cool idea: similar to a keyboard tray on a desk, the Hexa coffee table has six hidden compartments that slide out to triple the available surface area, perfect for parties and when you want to have dinner on the couch, or just to have some fun with geometry.
Thai home furniture company Ayodhya's Secret Garden Collection managed to bring nature indoors - without the effort and attention that traditional, live plants require. The Fire & Ice Coffee Table designed by EcoSmart Fire features an open fire set within a freestanding coffee table. The Stealth multimedia coffee table features wi-fi enabled internet access with email facilities, 19 inch TFT screen, stereo speakers, Bluetooth, NTFS file system, gaming facilities with game pad ports and arcade classics.

The Stalac coffee table by The Practice of Everyday Design is based on the idea of taking a rectangular section from a cave ceiling and using the Stalactites as the table legs. Without it, where will you place your cup of coffee, discard your magazines, or rest your weary legs? Everything needs to possess easy internet access nowadays, otherwise how are you going to keep up to date with all of your friends’ activities?
After that a 1 to 1 scale Alien Queen made of scrap metal. where in the fuck do you plan on keeping that!?!
According to Nguyen, the table is “completely made of corrugate and glued together with white glue,” and features removable, usable coasters built-in. The tank rests on a heavy-duty black acrylic base; lights in the base illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel. Each table consists of various types of dried moss beneath a transparent glass tabletop; no watering necessary. On one end, a recess for your flue less burner, on the other, a recess for storing your own patch of grass or perhaps ice to chill your favorite bottle of champagne. So if most of the attention is inevitably directed in that point, at least make it interesting. But of course this table needs to be pretty spectacular otherwise you run the risk of looking like a complete loser.
This guitar coffee table will make you feel like a hero and instantly show new arrivals to your home that you love to rock-out. Conversations have dried up with iPhoners now spending every waking hour with these overly smart pieces of technology glued to their hands. Well this wireless angular coffee table gives off a 1960s feel and possess a built-in magazine loop where you can keep your magazines as well as several draws for your spare bits.

Made entirely from mirrored glass this reflects everything in it’s vicinity and would suit any style of home.
Alien furniture is skillfully handcrafted from carefully selected used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal components making each individual piece subtly unique.
Tuan Nguyen and Ken Thomas have decided to create a coffee table which honors Apple’s product and it possesses removable, usable coasters that are built-in to the piece of furniture. It’s an unexplainable occurrence but just seeing gormless goldfish swim around not knowing where they are and realizing why people are pointing and laughing at them is funny. So an aquarium coffee table is the perfect place to rest your cups, feet and books but make sure you find out how to feed the fish before you leave the store. This Stealth multimedia coffee table has a multimedia screen, speakers, bluetooth, and email facilities and will probably mean that you won’t leave your seat for years. It was designed and produced by English company Surface Tension and it features a 19-inch LCD display protected by 6 mm toughened glass.
It’s made of birch wood and has a vinyl label and two stainless steel cup holders with LED lights. The table is part of a large collection created by several London designers and that includes pieces that are each based on a Brothers Grimm tale.
Colored and fun, the tables come with four extra tops that can be brought out of the table whenever you need.
Some of the tables are quite elegant, other have vivid colors and a lacquered finish- just choose the one that goes best with your interior.  We particularly enjoy the purple and pink ones, as they have the ability to completely change the way a room looks and feel.

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