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If you have an overflowing stash of toilet paper rolls, Mason Jars, and newspapers, this eBook is for you!
We asked our Facebook fans, "How do you use up yarn scraps?" Thanks to our readers, we have 38 Ways to Use Up Yarn Scraps + 18 Scrap Yarn Projects so you can better organize your yarn stash and find great yarn craft ideas. Whether you're looking for easy yarn crafts or want to find more practical solutions there are plenty of ideas to keep you busy.
Yarn projects aren't meant for just crocheters and knitters - these scrap yarn projects are perfect for anyone who's in the mood to craft. Once a year I make a scrap afghan, use them for centers of granny squares, put the small ones in the suit cake feeder and the birds use them in their nest, my kids have even used them as bunny beds when their bunny had babies. I've seen a scarf where people take different yarns using dice to decide which one is next.
If I have a fourth of a yard or more left I mix them with other pieces to make outfits for my granddaughters.
Sometimes I make them into small granny squares (and use crocheted black yarn rows for joining strips) for an old-fashioned looking afghan.

If I only have a very tiny bit, I’ll do the center of a granny square and put away in a plastic container with lid.
I use it for 'freeform' anything goes, colors don't need to match, I knit and crochet anything I want to make with leftovers at the time. I do granny square throws or small projects like gloves, scarves, hats, and baby toys to use up my left over scrap yarn.
Fabric craft bamboo fan for promotion and giftFabric craft bamboo fan for promotion and gift Material: Bamboo or wood or plastic handle (you can choose), fabric, paper. Fabric Craftfabric craft,gift,craft Made of Fabric 25x30cm Oval Pillow Nativity 100% handmade,wall decoration christmas decoration,christmas ornament seasonal products,seasonal items. No matter how you choose to use up your yarn, you can rest assured that you won't waste a thing. Once you start working on these projects, you'll realize just how many amazing ways there are to get creative and have fun at the same time. Other times, I tie the ends of the yarn together, leaving approx 1" tails, crochet into a different kind of pillow topper, or once, even into a small afghan for the cat bed.

Now that I know it’s safe for the birds (I thought only cotton was safe for them) I'll start putting out the smaller scraps for them, also. Dip yarn bits thru white glue and run through your lightly pinched fingers to get off drippy excess.
If I have just tiny pieces left I give them to my kids with some paper and elmers glue and let them come up with some fun yarn creations.
He says crocheted blankets are the BEST way to keep the animals body temperature up during these times & make for safer surgery & faster recovery times!
This year, I'm making long strips for blankets, and I'll donate the finished projects to our local Shelter. Kitty loved batting the little lengths that were left hanging, and it really didn't look bad, kinda shabby chic.

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