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Lots of Windows Vista users complain about not able to create new toolbars at Desktop as they used to create in Windows XP. If you can’t find this item in Add or remove programs list,  delete the CreatePDF Desktop Printer by right clicking on it and click “Remove Device” in Devices and Printers or Printers and Faxes. To create the foreground rolling hills use the Warp Tool (Shift + R) and, having the rectangle selected, click and drag to raise the horizon line.
Use the Mesh Tool (U) to click on your landscape and create rows growing further apart as they reach the foreground. To create the sky place a rectangle behind the horizon and apply a nice radial gradient to it. To draw the mountains in the background use the Paint Brush Tool (B) and loosely sketch an abstract mountain range.
Also, to mix things up and create a more organic feel, select the 2nd white cloud, right click on it, and Transform > Reflect it 90 degrees vertical. Group this cluster of clouds you have just created by selected them all and pressing Command + G. Once you have your prototype tree grouped, select it, hold Alt, and spread the trees out sporadically over the landscape.
With the Gradient Tool (G) apply a gradient to each tree in the direction that the light is hitting it. Draw some rocks along the river and apply a radial white to black gradient on each one separately. They are squiggly because the river is fluid and distorts the shadow and reflection of the rocks. Using the lighting principles in Step 14 and 17, Paint the shadows cast by the trees in the scene. After you have copied your landscape, open your new document in Photoshop and press Command + V to paste your vector into Photoshop. Create a new layer by hitting the Paper Icon in the Layers Window or pressing the hot key Command + Shift + Alt + N. If you want to make different resolutions other than 1680 pixels by 1050 pixels, all you need to do is open up the PSD of your landscape in Photoshop and click Image > Canvas Size and change your pixels to 800px by 600px, 1024px by 768px, 1280px by 1024px, etc.
A shortcut is a link to an item (such as a file, folder, drive, or program) on your computer.
Created shortcut for the Internet Explorer application placed on desktop from above method.

Here is what the web page shortcut would look like (in the default Windows 7 theme) on the desktop. If you have My Computer icon on Desktop, drag and drop it at top of screen and it'll automatically convert in a toolbar.
Now you can add more toolbars in this new toolbar by right-clicking on empty area on the toolbar and select "Toolbars" option. For each row I darkened the K channel as follows: row 2 at 0%, row 3 at 25%, row 4 at 72%, row 5 at 88%, and row 6 at 100%.
Also, you can shrink clouds 2 and 4 a bit by using the Scale Tool (S) and dragging them smaller. Use the Transform > Reflect option on some of the trees so they don't all look cookie cutter. Rotate the trees slightly at the base of the trunk by selecting the tree, grabbing the Rotate Tool (R) and clicking on the base of the trunk. To do this grab your Paint Brush Tool again, select black, and draw some loose and flowing shapes below the rocks. Send the shadow layer behind the rocks (press Command + Left or Right Bracket keys to move the shadow behind or in front of other objects).
Set your Lens Flare in the center upper half of the layer by clicking on the spot where the sun would be. Just make sure you have the measurements set to pixels and not percent, inches, or centimeters. You can create shortcuts and then place them in a convenient location so that you can easily access the item that the shortcut links to.
If you installed Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer in your Computer as a PDF Printer here is how to uninstall it. In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to create an eye-appealing wallpaper quickly and effectively. Since you're creating this in vector, your artwork will be able to be resized to any resolution. Also, make sure the mountains are behind the foreground hills and in front of the orange sky. If you hold the Alt key when you reach the point you started drawing from, it will join the end point with the start point. Bring two of the clouds in front of the other two and change the coloring of the front clouds to an off white that compliments the color of the sky (Clouds 3 and 4 are complimenting the sky).

Rotate the trees that are closer to the edges of your artboard to simulate a panoramic lens. Then in the Transparency window (Command + Shift + F10), set it's Mode to Multiply and it's Opacity to 50%. And try to match each flowing shape to the gradient in the area of the stream that it is in.
Once you have done that, open Illustrator again, drag your mouse over all the objects in your landscape, press Command + C to copy. He inherited the habit of doodling from his father and has thus pursued a career as a graphic designer. Remember it'll not work if you try to drag-n-drop the icon to the screen corner which contains the Taskbar. It is better to create wide screen artwork because you can always crop the sides off in 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions.
Once you have selected all the points along row 1, open up your Color window (F6) and brighten up the color on these points. Shrink a couple of the clusters and reflect them as well to simulate clouds in the distance.
Holding Shift + Alt, drag one of the four corners of the Smart Object out until it fits perfectly in your artboard. I know that the Lens Flare is hated because of its over use, but this is a great time to use the Lens Flare correctly.
So if you have Taskbar at bottom, you can only drag-n-drop the icon to top, left and right to create a Desktop toolbar. You can also move the Smart Object around by holding your left mouse inside of the Smart Object and dragging. Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1.

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