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Add the Toolbar to the Toolbar Container The last step of the process is to actually tell Unified Service Desk to display the Toolbar and its buttons on screen. The item you have requested is not currently available in English and you have been redirected to the next available page. At Dentons, we bring together top tier talent found at the intersection of geography, industry knowledge and substantive legal expertise. Dentons, the global law firm, announced that it has appointed five new Global Vice Chairs, representing each of its regions.
Leading global law firm Dentons, in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Counsel Middle East (ACCME), hosted its second gathering of the year for construction sector practitioners in Doha recently. A teaching hospital's direct graduate medical education (DGME) payments are made on a per-resident basis and are based on each hospital’s unique per-resident amount (PRA). When creating a new record using the CreateRequest, you can pass a parameter to the message to ignore the Activated Duplicate Detection rules.
Running the same code again will throw an exception by the CRM platform as shown in the screenshot below. To ignore or suppress the active duplicate detection rules you can simply set the SuppressDuplicateDetection property to true. Note that the example above uses the CreateRequest, but we can also suppress duplicate detection rules for the UpdateRequest. This blog post will summarise the presentations (known as The Show) throughout the 2014 year with links to download the PowerPoint decks respectively.
It’s been another great year for CRM, probably the busiest since I have been working with the product (because of all the acquisitions of late).  We look forward to the CRM 2015 Online Update and CRM 2015 releases about to be delivered to us shortly.
I also want to have a set of columns that display only the Year for use in the reports to be developed.
Something to be aware of with the steps in the Advanced Editor is that every step references the previous step and the last step does not end with a comma. In subsequent blogs I will demonstrate how to create the reports similar to those shown in the first blog of this series. I have previously taken you through an overview of Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When the extraction has completed, the Package Deployer application should launch automatically. Click Continue on the main screen and then enter the details of the system where you wish to install the USD components. The next few screens shows a welcome page with a reminder of the software prerequisites for USD as well as a confirmation screen. The installation wizard for the Unified Service Desk desktop application is very straightforward and simply asks where you want to install the program files and also if you wish to create a shortcut on your desktop. In my next post, we will take a look at how to get started with configuring Unified Service Desk with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

In this article I’d like talk about forcibly calculating Rollup fields using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK. If you execute the above code, you’ll find that the console application prints the value of the rollup field two times. There are many testers who prefer to write test cases in excel as it is easier and one can view all the test cases in one single page and then copy it across to TFS. Test Case Migrator Plus can copy multiple test cases from excel to TFS in matter of seconds thus making everyone’s life easy and simple. Before you can run the “Binaries for VS2010 - Test Case Migrator Plus V1.2 RTM” tool, both the following pre-requisites need to be present on the machine. Before you can run the “Binaries for VS2012 - Test Case Migrator Plus V1.2 RTM” tool, both the following pre-requisites need to be present on the machine. 4.  Select the TFS folder location where you want the test case to be exported to, the suite hierarchy specified in the Test Case and click on next. 8.  In Links Mapping tab select the checkbox for “Create links between work items” if you want to link the test cases and requirements. 11.  The count of Errors and Warnings will be incremented depending on the test cases with errors and warning respectively. 12.  Errors tab gives you complete information about why the test cases failed the migration.
13.  Go to TFS and follow the path in test folder hierarchy tab and your test cases should be imported to TFS. In my previous blog I demonstrated how to transform DateTime columns, from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Organisation ODataSets loaded into Microsoft Excel, into Date columns and Year columns. Today we’ll customize the application further by adding a toolbar to the top of the screen.
To do this, we need to create a link between our Toolbar Container Hosted Control and the Toolbar.
Details of the cookies we use and instructions on how to disable them are set out in our Cookies Policy. These new positions will be key in advancing significant client-facing and strategic initiatives for the firm. The latest topic under discussion was how best to handle common issues which arise during construction projects in Qatar. This PRA, once established, is permanent and cannot be modified or reset, other than by annual updates for inflation. Rather than programmatically unpublishing related Duplicate Detection rules in a custom integration or migration tool, you can now keep your rules published and ignore the rules with a single line of code. The meetup site has been great for managing and tracking the session information, registrations and the CRM community within Auckland and reaching out to the wider NZ. In this case the Renamed Columns step is not required because the Duplicated Column steps have been edited to name each duplicated column with the required name.

In today’s blog post, we’ll see how easy it is to download and install Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. However, it is important to ensure that you have all of the prerequisite software installed before installing Unified Service Desk. Two security roles are provided – one of which allows USD administrators to configure USD while the other is necessary for service agents to run the USD desktop client.
If it doesn’t, navigate to the folder where you extracted the files and double-click on PackageDeployer.exe. You can choose to install the “Base” package which includes minimal configuration for USD or else you can choose one of the other packages. In Field Mapping tab select Date as Changed Date*+ and click on next  and the Data Mapping tab should be displayed after the parsing is done of all the test cases present in the sheet. You can view the test cases in the Session Output log file and it contains test cases which have not been migrated under Errors tab and which have been migrated under Passed and Warning tab. In subsequent blogs I will then demonstrate how to build some simple PowerPivot, Power View and Power Map reports in Microsoft Excel using the ODataSets loaded from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Organisation. Note that no privileges are automatically granted to any of the core CRM entities such as Account, Contact, Case etc. Make sure you select Display a list of available organizations so you can choose the exact instance of CRM and then click on Login. These sample packages are useful in understanding the core concepts of the USD framework, and allow you to get up and running quickly. However in the SDK, you can force calculate rollup fields instantly without waiting for the Systems Jobs to calculate them for you. Whenever a student enrols, the Total Students field on the Class entity should aggregate the total enrolled students using the Count function.
The first time printed zero because the value was returned using a normal Retrieve Message. The alternative to that would be using Test case Migrator Tool to export test cases from Excel to TFS. The Collaboration button will act as a drop-down menu, whereby a user can choose to click on SharePoint or Yammer to collaborate.
Pay special attention to the setup of Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 for different operating systems. Since, the asynchronous job has not executed yet, then the value is still zero (default value). Note that the toolbar buttons will do nothing at this stage, but we will extend the functionality in upcoming blog posts.

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