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Once the Derby nature is added, the 'Apache Derby menu will show the following selections:.
On Connection Profile window, select Derby as profile type and enter a name and description for your server. On Driver and Connection Details window, select Derby as profile type and enter a name and description for your server. On the Create SQL File window, select the PaymentService project and enter other SQL file attributes as shown in the image below. The PAYMENT_ID column is an identity column, which means that Derby will place a unique value into that column whenever the user creates a record. The names of Derby tables and columns are always in uppercase regardless of the case of names that are in the CREATE TABLE statement. You can automatically retrieve the fields for a Record part that corresponds to the PAYMENT table in the PaymentDB database. On the EGL Record window, enter Source folder, Package, and Name as shown below, select the template Records from SQL Database, and click on Next.
On the Database Tables window, select the Derby database connection and the PAYMENT table, check Qualify tables names with schema and Save data source configuration to the deployment descriptor, and click on Finish. EGL creates the records directory and the paymentRecords.egl file and then opens the file in the EGL editor. In our application we want to change the record definition to give information to the EGL wizards and generators.

To complete the record definition, save (Ctrl-S) and close the file containing that definition. In the next lesson, you develop some of the Rich UI application and view your prototype code in action. The concrete implementation of an entity is accomplished by overriding methods, most of them being abstract.
By convention, primitives are mapped to NOT NULL columns, whereas objects are assumed WITH NULL.
Consequently, the tool will generate code that initializes that id to zero, because it is NOT NULL. For larger applications it is strongly recommended to introduce application-specific datatypes.
Related postsUsing SQL Commands in Access 2010  Access 2010 Tips and Tricks from IT Brigade Inc. Scripting - in sql server, how do i generate a create, I've modified the version above to run for all tables and support new sql 2005 data types. Gradient panel and rectangle: want to have a nice eye-catching gradient as a panel background? This displays the SQL which AQT has generated for creating, altering or redefining your table.
If you click on the Copy From button, AQT will copy the table definition from another table.

Note that the record is being defined in the PaymentShared project since it is used both by the RUI handler and the service. This change will be useful for defining the user interface during a later drag-and-drop operation. Display this window from the Database Explorer by selecting the Create Table, Properties of Table, Alter Table or Redefine Table functions.
You can save this SQL to disk or copy it to the Run SQL window (though you can't of either of these if you are in evaluation mode of the Admin Component). You can search not only in the data currently presented in the table, but also refer to the database connected with the component. If this involves running more than one SQL statement you will be shown the Run Multiple Statements window.
Based on standard components, this collection supports all Java Look and Feel such as Windows, Motif, Macintosh, etc, and adds new styles to your software, buttons, color dialogs, search fields, and more. You must save your data before running this function.The appearance of the window will be different for different database types, and whether you are in Create, Display, Alter or Redefine modes.

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