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A nice application of the dynamic text capabilities available within the Notes application of TI-Nspire is this dynamic hundreds chart.
This document uses a small program to create a 10 x 10 matrix which is dynamically linked to the slider variable n.
Begin a new document with a Notes page to serve as a title page (and also to hide the live program running everything else). Finally, use Doc >Page Layout>Custom Split to change the proportion of the windows - maximise the Notes and make the Geometry window as thin as possible.
It is generally good practise to begin by defining variables as Local, so that they do not "survive" the running of the program and stay around and clutter things up! Right-click (ctrl-menu on the handheld) anywhere in the MathBox and choose MathBox Attributes. Change the value of the slider - nothing happens because we have not yet told it to do anything. Now when you change the value of the slider n the hundreds chart will display all the multiples of n and students can observe the patterns for different values. Google Maps is the most-used web mapping service application, accessible from mobile phones (Android, iOS) and from every computer through a browser regardless of their operating system. When traveling to a new city for various purposes, such as work or family trips, you need to know how to get to the established destination, without getting lost and losing a lot of time on the road.
If you read the entire article, you will find out how to ease the search through this application, by learning lots of tips and tricks that are extremely useful even for a professional user. Set up your home location on Google Maps to ease up your job when trying to create a new route for your well-deserved holiday.
Google’s intuitive interface will automatically display your locations as suggestions, so that you won’t have to type the full address anymore. Sign in to your Google account and access Google Maps’ “My places” section or for a direct link, just click here. If you want to modify something, just click on the little button which is located near to the text. Another nice thing that will happen when you do this is that when browsing Google Maps you will actually see two pins on the map, each one representing your home and work locations. Also, you can always select the “Gear” button from the upper right-side of the page and select “My places” which will transfer you to the classic Google Maps interface. If you are using the mobile app, just open the Google Maps application and go to the upper left-side (or bottom-left on Android) and press on the little button. Did you find a new place you want to visit and you want to share it with your family, but you don’t know how to do it?
So, you will only have to double click in the address bar of your favorite web browser, copy the address by simultaneously clicking CTRL+C (or right-click in the address bar, press “Select all” and right-click again and select “Copy”) and paste it by pressing CTRL+V wherever you want. It’s possible to send it by email, through your favorite messenger client or via the online social networks, like Google+, Facebook and Twitter, and the person that receives the location can immediately see the map.
In the past few weeks Google Maps was changed to its new layout which also permits users to add their favorite places on the map. To view the selected place, look on the map for yellow stars, because this feature makes your selection’s location always viewable, even from the big picture. Google Maps has an extraordinary feature that enables you to identify the most convenient route for getting to your established destination, based on the traffic conditions in that particular area. For example, the green color is used for highways when the speed is normal and, when the roads become red, it means that the traffic speed is slow. After, choose the means of transportation (by car, foot, bike) and the shortest route will appear.
Underneath, two buttons are shown: “Step-by-step” and “Show traffic” and press on the latter.
The traffic layer will be applied over the map letting you know how traffic is manifesting on your route. Did you know that Google Maps can serve as a route planner for your trips made with public transportation?
After choosing your location and destination, just choose the train-shaped or plane-shaped button at the means of transportation menu and multiple routes will appear. It’s important to know that this feature is not (yet) available worldwide, but only for the major cities from USA and from few selected countries across the world. In case you travel to a place where there is no Internet connection or if you go to a new place where it takes some time to get a new mobile connection, an offline map would really come in handy.
Once found, press the “Settings” button from your Android smartphone and select the “Make available offline” option. Now, an area selector will appear on your map which can be maximized by pinching and zooming on the map until you will have your desired area selected.
The app will show the estimated size of the download content and permits up to 6 maps to be downloaded as long as you have sufficient storage space.
Approximately two months ago a new version of this useful app appeared and new interface was added along with improved capabilities and features. Select the search bar which is situated in the upper side of the screen and type “OK maps”. Also, after big complaints from users regarding the lack of a real option to offline mapping, developers added the option “Make this map area available offline” to its search card in order to make its users happy.
In order to provide the best results when searching for a new route, Google Maps provides your current location based on your computer’s IP address. On the new version your location will be automatically detected and if it’s incorrectly mapped, you just have to click on the gear option (which is placed on the upper-right of the screen), click on “Search settings”. On the mobile application users can simply press the upper right-side button which looks like an aim to automatically update their location.
If you are planning to take your lunch at a Chinese or Thai restaurant and you don’t know any near to your location, Google Maps comes in help. Besides classic searching, you can always explore different recommendations when using the new Google Maps (version 7).
After you searched and chose a business using a smartphone, swipe up and down to see the available information about the place.
The Google Maps application for Android and iOS devices it’s a great way for somebody to use maps. It was never simpler to leave ratings and reviews for businesses using the Google Maps application for mobile devices. Google permits developers to mix different data with Google Maps in order to create a better relation between the actual information and the location where it took place. You heard it very well, it’s possible to create a unique map that can be shared publicly or only with the ones you know. Also, even if it’s a beta version, Maps Engine Lite it’s a Google service which represents the next step into the future of creating custom maps.
Thanks to its great technology, Google Maps can locate your current location without having access to a GPS connection by triangulating the phone’s signal from the nearby towers. If you are very sure that something is wrong with your house location or that the grocery store is misplaced, you can edit the map and let Google know that changes have to be made.

After tapping it, a little balloon should appear where you have to press the “Edit” option.
Depending on which the problem is, one can select between: Edit this place, Move location, Delete this and Report this. Also, there are a lot of different apps and extensions for browsers which use Google Maps in order to locate different things. Map That Address is an app which automatically searches locations that are found on different sites.
Mezzoman is a website that can specify the middle point of two locations, so that if somebody plans something with their buddies from other cities, this is the app that can for surely tell them where the middle is. If you would like to receive our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address below & click subscribe. If you don't need your number line to be dynamic - you just need a quick number line - use a Calculator window to define your xlist and ylist as described above, then press ctrl-k and delete to throw the Calculator page away.
Either from menu > Graph Type > Scatter Plot or by right-clicking in the Function Entry line (the right-click on a handheld is ctrl-menu choose the ScatterPlot as our graph type.
Now right-click on the scatterplot and choose Attributes (or choose menu > Actions > Attributes and click on the scatterplot.
Right-click on the minimum x-value of your x-axis (the number at the far left center of the window) and Store it as xmin (When you hover over the number - probably -10) it will say "Text". The next few steps are cosmetic but important if we want our number line to actually look like a number line. Back in the Graph window, add a slider named xmin and another named xmax by choosing menu > Actions > Insert Slider.
Finally, back to the Notes window and change the limits for the two sequences from -10 to 10 to min to xmax.
It would be even better if we could change the step size (or tick marks) on our number line. Label these points by right-clicking and choose label (if you explore the Symbols Palette you will find the numbers from 0 to 9 and + and - available as superscripts and subscripts - either of these make great labels. It’s the time of year when many people start to waver in their New Year’s resolutions and give into temptations.
The company has developed a working partnership with trained industry professionals, who manage and administer detoxes and treatments.
The very best meditation gurus, chefs, facialists, massage therapists, swimming instructors and personal trainers will ensure you have the most rewarding retreat experience on the beautiful island of Ibiza.
Ibiza has plenty of healthy hotspots, so those who’d like to explore the island, while remaining faithful to the detox, might enjoy Ibiza’s impressive selection of organic restaurants.
If you’re wondering where to base yourself, Villa Nobel is the perfect choice for a retreat stay.
Alternatively, Finca Marbella is a rustic 200-year-old house, restored to provide luxury and comfort. For those who prefer to be in the hills but close to the action, the beautiful Villa Cardona is just 10 minutes drive from Ibiza town and comes complete with a large pool area and sea views. Wherever you stay, you can be sure that Ibiza is a wonderful choice for a healthy retreat holiday. Choose a Geometry application for the left window (this will house the slider for the variable n) and choose a Notes page for the right. There are several ways to do this, but one of the nicest uses the mod function: In the Calculator, type mod(5,2) and see that you get 3. This application represents a great, convenient, and very attractive alternative to the well-known GPS device.
Besides the real facts that it offers street maps, route planner (for traveling by foot, car or bike), a locator for businesses around the world with user’s reviews and photos, satellite images and street views for most of the streets, it has some hidden features and capabilities too. That’s why, we are about to show some interesting Google Maps tips and tricks. Some people who are not familiar with the new technology, choose to use traditional maps, which are very large and inconvenient, while others, who know how easy is to work with a mobile phone and a mapping service application, always resort to the most amazing one, known in all corners of the world, the Google Maps. Furthermore, by adding the work address will simplify your future searches because from now on, you will only have to search using the terms “home” and “work”. It was never simpler, because with Google Maps, when you use the map the URL address automatically changes.
All users have to do is to search the location by address and click on the star-shaped button, which will add a pin to the specified location.
For each kind of traffic condition, this application has a certain color that shows you the speed of traffic. Yes, it can really plan your trip if you intend using a train, a bus or a plane and actually it’s very easy to do it.
Just choose the one that fits your needs and enjoy your time that was saved by not using extra websites which would have been more complex. A couple of months ago Google implemented a feature which permits users to download a part of the map on their mobile device which can be used later, without the need of an Internet connection. While downloading, it seems that is possible to drag the screen around and zoom in and out to add that areas to your offline map too. In case the pin which shows your location on the map is misplaced, you can easily specify the correct address by simply clicking the correction button. Simply type in the search box “Chinese restaurant, your location” and multiple results will directly appear in the results list. If that one doesn’t please you, swipe left or right to go to the next business that fulfills your requirements. Almost every time when you have to plan a route or search for a local business, you have to zoom in or out on the map. All users have to do is press and hold the map until the pin appears in that particular location. After, select the desired business and pull up its information sheet, search for “Rate and Review” and press on it. One has to search for a place and access its information sheet where they have to select the “Directions” button. That’s why, users can find some unusual, but in the same time cool and handy maps mashups like the one that spots the potholes (Pothole Season) or the one that helps you find a hotel nearby your desired location (Hotel Finder).
It’s possible to add different figures, shapes, flags, layers and much more by simply going the “My places” section and selecting the “Create map” option.
To learn and understand more about this phenomenon, Google created the video above, where they explain how everything actually works.
All you have to do is to drag it to your toolbar and when you see a city’s name on a site, just highlight it and press “Map That Address”. Craigslist in partnership with Google Maps created a website to allow users to really see where the place is, so that users will be able to choose a neighborhood that is right for them. Even more, it can suggest restaurants, coffee shops and more things that are located near to the meeting point.
Across the 3 psoriasis studies, insert the needle straight down production and increase infliximab concentrations.
Use a scatterplot to create a useful number line template that can be applied to lots of different situations.

Drop the first in the top left corner by clicking there; immediately type the name (xmin) and press enter. Press enter after each and then go back and change your slider values to see your dynamic number line at work. Insert a third slider and place it between the top two, or at the bottom centre of the window. Simply putting points on the scatterplot will not work because as soon as you change the xmin and xmax values, the relative positions of these points will change. Click on the point at (1, 0), and then on the origin point - you will get a symmetrical point at (2, 0). If you wish to add labels to more points, I would suggest using menu > Constructions > Midpoint. However, luxury villa specialists in Ibiza are now designing bespoke retreats to invigorate your body and soul, cleanse your aura and help you to stay on track in 2016. These programmes are created after a meticulous consultation between villa guests and trained experts. Dynamic Lives’ spa partners are also on hand to pamper clients with services such as detoxification massage, acupuncture, reflexology and osteopathy. For those who can bear to venture away from their private paradise, Dynamic Lives also offers an in-house Ibiza concierge team who are on hand to share their local knowledge and help clients explore Ibiza’s breath-taking scenery. Aubergine is located in the countryside between Santa Gertrudis and San Miguel and offers organic Mediterranean cuisine and a selection of healthy juices and smoothies.
The lavish settings of their five-star rentals provide perfect spots to indulge in wellbeing practices.
It is located in the heart of the countryside just 5 minutes from San Miguel village, with stunning forest views and a glimpse of the sea. This modern stylish 7-bedroom villa has over 400m? of living areas, allowing privacy and space, and it’s one of the most desirable rental properties on the island. By creating your own private health club you’re getting the very best out of the island and yourself.
Insert a slider into the Geometry window and right-click (ctrl-menu on the handheld) to access the Settings. If there aren’t already set up, add the correct address by tapping on each one and writing the location’s address. Be aware, that this is only available on the classic version and not on the new and refurbished interface of Google Maps. Tap on it to enjoy other features, like getting directions from your place to there, see Street View or share location via text message or email. Rate the quality of the restaurant by setting the number of stars and writing a review, so that other users can visualize that place from your eyes. Furthermore, it can show the next steps that have to be made in order to reach the destination, by simply swiping to the left the top bar. Store, type "xmin" and press enter); do the same, for the maximum x-value, storing it as xmax.
Right click on the chevron in the bottom left corner of the Graph page and choose option 3: Hide chevron.
Click in front of the xlist definition box and press enter a few times to push it down the page. Repeat this by clicking on the new point (2, 0) and then on the point (1, 0) to create a point at (3, 0). Finally carefully place these labels in their correct positions (try to grab above the label to drag it) and then Pin then into position. Luxury villa rentals professionals, such as Dynamic Lives, are now calling on the honed services of specialists trained in health, beauty and fitness practices. This personalised service enables you to become a member of your very own private health club. Whether you prefer to take a gentle stroll around beautiful villages and countryside or a more demanding hike in the hills, guides can provide unique insights into island life. The spacious and light villa offers 5 beautifully presented bedrooms, as well as a home cinema for low-key wind down time.
When n = 2, the chart displays all the factors of 2; when n = 3, the factors of 3 are displayed. Now if you press ESC to exit the MathBox, you will see the display disappear and be left with just the 10x10 matrix. Besides pinching the screen, users can double tap on the map and scroll-up to zoom in or scroll-down to zoom out. The magic happens in a Notes window which accompanies the graph window that houses the number line.
Finally, right-click on the label for the scatter plot (that says (xlist, ylist) and choose Hide.
Their services are offered in the privacy and comfort of luxury Ibiza villas to redefine the concept of detox holidaying; they provide reinvigoration without the hassle. It offers a chance to bring together your closest friends and family to participate in a well-planned programme of spa treatments and exercises. Nature lovers will enjoy La Paloma, which sources much of its food from its onsite vegetable garden. Delete the additional empty MathBox that was auto-created after pressing enter a second time.
Then grab the horizontal dividing line between the two windows (or choose Doc > Page Layout > Custom Split and arrow down until it is as far down as it will go.
From the Geometry menu, choose Shapes > Circle, click on the number 1 that you just created to set the radius, and then on your origin point. Then do this for the negative values - click first on (-1, 0) and then on (0, 0) to produce (-2, 0), and so on. Dynamic Lives is pioneering a new way to experience unique and luxurious health and beauty services in Ibiza. Your new health plan can also be complemented with a mouth-watering and nourishing menu, based on individual needs and tastes. The popular healthy hangout Passion Cafe has a number of branches (of which three are open throughout winter) that serve vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and raw food.
It may be a good idea to complement these healthy meals with a workout at one of Ibiza’s many yoga hangouts: Hot Yoga Ibiza, Love Pilates and Massage and Am ante Beach Club Yoga.
Choose Geometry > Points & Lines > Intersection Point(s), click on the circle and then on the x-axis to display the points at (1, 0) and (-1, 0).

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