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PSO2 is getting a huge overhaul 20th of April 2016, and even a port to the PlayStation 4 [source]. Regardless of how you look at it and whatever measures there might be taken upon this, no one stops a player from just making a mark on the center of his desktop. I fail to understand why you people consider having a sign on the center of your screen cheating.
It's quite simple actually, there are circumstances where the crosshair is intentionally disabled, like sprinting or HMS. By legit I meant a way of being 100% sure of it's legitimacy, and not having to question yourself.

No such thing for mouses.The thing is, it makes no sense to hide the crosshair when running or otehr stuff.
Its just a fail design choise not really related to gameplay, there should be a dot at the center at all time, even when shooting there needs to be a point in the center because the purpose of the bloom is to show you the acuracy loss of your weapon, not to criple your aiming, not having a point in the cenetr is just a honest shortsight by the game devs and not an intentional decision. You cut the time from full sprinting movement to getting a shot on target by several tenths of a second.

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