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Custom Benchtops & Joinery offers its own range of Inset sinks catering for a simple and contemporary lifestyle. A standard laminate benchtop is 38mm thick and can have several different edge profiles including rounded, rolled and square edges.
Engineered Quartz benchtops are manufactured  from natural quartz—one of nature’s hardest material. This benchtop has waterfall ends and is given an extra 20mm on the edges making the whole countertop appear 40mm thick. Stainless steel is usually associated with slick, modern kitchens, but when combined with more traditional kitchens, stainless steel can serve to give it an edge.
A timber benchtop is a natural product that can give the kitchen a warm, lived-in feeling and can wear well with age. Timber adds warmth and character to your kitchen benchtop. A practical application of timber is to use it on the kitchen island where it can be treated as a butchers block. Hi Estelle, thanks, I know there are so many choices out there- and I have only listed the major ones! Laminate has been used for kitchen surfaces for many years and is still the number 1 product used. They are still the most economical way to complete your project and have a surface that will keep clean and maintenance free for many years. POLYTEC laminate provides a hard wearing, low maintenance and non-porous surface at an affordable price. Kitchens U build can also source laminates through other suppliers so if you have a particular brand or colour you want to use: let us know and we can supply it. All our benchtops are completed and ready to install with all joins, ends finished and cut to size. ALL OUR BENCHTOPS ARE RATED E0 - Low Formaldehyde emmissons and are enviromentally friendly Refer to link below for more information. Download and print your very handy DIY kitchen sketch pad to start determining the space you have and the dream kitchen that could fit in it. The Laminex Group is the leading marketer, distributor and manufacturer of premium decorative surfaces in Australia and New Zealand and has a portfolio of well known brands including Laminex which is Australasia's leading brand of decorative surfaces.
In addition, The Laminex Group produces raw wood panels, which are an important input for decorative products, and allow Custom Benchtops & Joinery the distribution of a complete range of both premium and trade products to customers. The Laminex Group also supplies a range of associated products in Australia, including doors and door handle options, which complement its core product range and provide additional opportunities for growth. The company has an extensive national distribution network in Australia, with dedicated distribution centres that specialise in customer service and design selection, and over 8,000 marketing and information display centres in independent outlets.

The Laminex Group has 6 production facilities in Australia and 3 production facilities in New Zealand, which are structured to provide operational flexibility and efficiency. After successfully leading the rationalisation and integration of the decorative surfaces and wood panels industry, The Laminex Group is well positioned as the market leader with a solid platform for growth. The Laminex Group offers both decorative surfaces for wall paneling and feature walls as well as unique and practical trends of Laminate benchtops direct from Europe.
Here at Custom Benchtops our aim is to provide quality stainless steel Inset sinks at the most competitive prices.
Though aesthetically pleasing, it is also important that they be durable, hardwearing and waterproof. They come in a wide variety of colours and finishes, including popular colours that mimic stone and timber surfaces. Non-porous and highly resistant to heat, scratches and stains, engineered quartz remains a superior choice.
This marble benchtop in Calcutta shows the stones natural darker veins making it one of the most appealing and luxurious benchtops. Granite typically appears grainy, mottled and textured and comes both in light and dark colours. Its main advantage is that it can be molded seamlessly and without join lines, often with an integrated sink. The smoothness of the Corian is contrasted with the texture in the walls ensuring both a modern and rustic kitchen design. This particular type of bench-top, is seamless and can include integrated sinks, however this can be a costly option.
Remember that laminate benchtops are you most economical bet, both corian and stainless steel are seamless benchtops but are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. One of the largest selections of Laminex benchtop samples in WA is right here at Custom Benchtops & Joinery. The company also has distribution arrangements in New Zealand with independent distributors, which provide access to customers in all regions.
They are a versatile and a cost effective option.However, they do not react well with heat and can scratch relatively easily.
In winter, laminate benchtops remain warm to touch and are more sound-proof than their stone counterparts.
Typically, an engineered quartz consists of 93% crushed quartz bonded with resins to make a durable and solid countertop. Corian’s colours do not have the same depth as manufactured quartz or natural stone benchtops.

Stainless steel is non-porous, extremely hygienic and can withstand the direct heat of pots and pans. I’ve looked at stone, steel, laminate and simulated stone, but I think wood is the best. They are manufactured with melamine resin and decorative papers bonded together under heat and pressure over a substrate of moisture-resistant board. No maintenance is required to keep its polished look, though harsh chemicals should be avoided. Unlike laminate, CaesarStone, granite or marble, Corian can be scoured with abrasive cleansers. It suits an understated, industrial and modern kitchen and it commonly a favourite countertop of chefs. Your kitchen benchtop will get a lot of tactile and visual interaction, so choose one that suit your needs.
The appearance of engineered stone is similar to granite and marble, but more flat and less busy. Care must be taken with marble, as it tends to react to acids, including those found in foods such as vinegar, tomatoes, juice, etc. Stainless steel bench-tops will acquire small scratches with age, but this becomes part of the characteristics of the bench-top.
The oil sealant will make repairs easier, you can gently sand the benchtop and refinish with the oil. Very hot or cold items may expand or contract both granite and marble, so it is recommended that you do not place these items on your benchtop. It may mark or burn if extremely hot items are placed on it, so care must be used to avoid heat as well harsh chemicals. If you decide to get a timber benchtop be aware that it will require more maintenance than the other surfaces as it is softer and more prone to water damage, however it can make a beautiful choice.
Although it is more expensive than laminate, it does add value to your property and is a positive selling point for any home.
Another popular option is to put an edge on the stone so the whole benchtop appears 40mm thick or more.

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