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If you’re in the market for wood desks then you’ve entered an exciting world of varied choice. As is the case with all your home furnishings, your wood desks will require special attention and care. With so many options and decorative styles and functions, the best solid wood desks are a joy to browse. Solid construction and superior craftsmanship make H9000 the ideal range of furniture for the discerning executive. A fully trained team of 6 design consultants and a sales manager who can come to you to view your exact requirements in your office environment. Ensure the first point of call for your workplace features modern furnishings and accessories – buy commercial reception counters and furniture from Equip and reinvigorate your entrance area.
From large timber veneer benches to boutique space savers that will accommodate a computer, Equip can cater for any type of reception desk requirements. For modern office reception counters in New South Wales, always shop with Equip Office Furniture. These artisan crafted solid wood tables are made with distressed wood- the hot item in all the design magazines and high end retailers. There are many different sizes, styles, and storage configurations for your common wood computer desks and solid wood desks in general. Do you enjoy sitting down by a window, pen in hand, and freely putting your thoughts on paper? Your wood computer desk can be configured to fit a corner so that the user has two large table areas spanning outwardly from a corner in the home.
The design of a study desk can sometimes look like an overgrown bread cabinet set up on legs.
You’ll want them to last a long while so try to keep your desks away from areas of intense, all-day direct sunlight.
Many people simply have a set-it-and-forget-it furniture mentality but even a routine wipe down can help preserve the life of your wood desks. Many online furniture retailers, as well as brick and mortar stores, offer reclaimed wood desks and even multi-function wood computer desks perfect for home office use.
Our showroom has on display a representative range of the vast array of products that we can supply and a full time internal design consultant. We feature a range of reception desks, counters, and office chairs in our Sydney showroom, all of which are suitable additions to any contemporary office space. Browse our quality range of reception furniture and select your desired option to receive a fast and efficient online quote. Buy with us today to enjoy the unparalleled efficiency and reliability that Equip offers on all reception desk purchases.

So much so that I’m putting 3 pieces into one post – just to get them out there for you to see!
This beauty goes well with modern and traditional decor and the larger scale size makes a statement. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. We create one-of-a-kind rustic office desks and conference tables that are the highlight of any office or room. The simple elegance of rustic furniture is the perfect answer for the busy executive who loves the outdoors. Do you ever admire the construction of old steel bridges with all their rivets and I-beams?
You’ll be able to find L-shaped corner desks, all-in-one computer desk workstations, and even cherry laptop desks. You can often find intricate, hand-carved designs for these desks with a minimalist storage capacity and shelf space.
From expanded storage desks to minimalist designs for letter writing, your options are many.
The distinguished nature of this wood is rough-hewn, sometimes with nicks and imperfections not seen in fresh-milled wood. Be sure to measure the space in which you will place your wood desks to avoid issues with furniture fit.
A great piece for any room, this chest holds just about anything- linens, clothes, shoes, office or bathroom items and more.
Built with solid wood slab tops from wood species noted for striking color tones, longevity, and beauty.
Personal preferences and needs play the role in selecting the right wood desks since every home presents its own challenges for living and decor space.
In general, the features you’ll find for desks are the single-legged, mobile cart option and four-legged wood desks.
It gives your wood desks an air of rich history and quality as they seem to stand the test of time. As you can see, it's based on two heavy and incredibly industrial looking steel I-beams, and is chock full of rivets giving it a true vintage look.
The ever-popular reclaimed wood desks have been a crowd favorite and you’ll read more about them here in a moment.
This helps keep the living area tidy and organized; the original writing desks were designed for sitting down for personal letter writing. Most of them will have at least one large compartment for cabinet storage all the way up to 7-drawer systems. From a simple wood slab top with a single drawer and metal base, to a big wood slab top, highlighted with gnarled branches and a root base, our rustic office desk is unparalleled among home office furniture.Thank you for your interest in our responsibly and ethically sourced live edge wood slab furniture crafted at Littlebranch Farm.

I have many different types of wood available to choose from, some of which has been reclaimed from historical sites.
Some of the furniture below is in stock so click on the picture to purchase or call us 7 days a week 8am to 7pm Central time at 615-878-6216Handcrafted Rustic office desk feature Live edge curly redwood wood slab top that is supported by claro and black walnut base. As you can see, the steel on this one is black, but it could be done in any color you choose, just let me know.
Other changes that can be made to its appearance include changing the number of rivets, a different top, four pedestals instead of two, add a return, etc.. This desk was produced in the USA at Littlebranch Farm with responsibly and ethically sourced burl wood slabs.
The photos show the wood top left unsealed, but unless otherwise requested, they are now sealed. This unique large wood slab desk has a curly redwood slab top and also shows one of our rustic chairs.Unique burl wood furniture with twisted juniper base.
Unique live edge furniture is created using Natural redwood burl wood slab and redwood root base.
Complemented by a matching rustic chair.Our reclaimed old growth redwood burl slabs are harvested from reclaimed redwood roots. Characteristics of the wood slabs include curl and burl patterns, lace burl, knots, marbling, bird’s eye, and naturally occurring ‘holes’ that can be filled or left open for an added natural appeal. Our black walnut wood slabs provide color tones of light colored sapwood fusing into the rich dark center or ‘heart’ of the tree.
Claro walnut, from northern California, is a slow-growing tree with intriguing grain patterns and color tone variations. Our maple desks, built from big leaf maple trees contain quilting, fiddle back, cluster burls, and bird’s eye patterns that the eye never tires of.Executive rustic desk crafted using live edge black walnut slabs and recovered redwood root bases.
Metal bases provide a contemporary & modern look while retaining the natural beauty of rustic furniture. Our rustic chairs range from wild to classic, and our natural wood credenzas and cabinets can be built to match the desk that you choose. The natural wood desk Featured is $6500 This rustic desk will ship common carrier at a average cost $350 shipping ( Buy it now)Natural slab wood live edge rustic desk created using salvaged old growth redwood slabs. The artist at Littlebranch farm will be glad to work with you from design to completion of your project. No project is to big or small from natural wood countertops, twisted juniper lamps, twisted juniper furniture, rustic fireplace mantels, rustic vanities, reclaimed wood furniture, rustic dining table, rustic tables.General Information Thank you for visiting Littlebranch Farm.

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