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Once you have added all customizations to Notepad, then you have to save it in the folder you want the customizations to apply to. I access a Windows share and the 'folder icon' section (the bottom one) is missing in its settings. Is it possible your desktop.ini actually has another hidden extension appended that is causing it to not be used? The customization method outlined by ssnobody assumes you have the capability to change the folder on the remote machine, and that you want the appearance to be changed for all remote and local users of the folder.
There is supposed to be a registry setting that forces Desktop.ini processing by using the "System" (super-hidden) flag instead of "Read Only" but I have never gotten it to work as expected.
Short-cut links are evaluated and cached by default in Windows whenyou open the parent folder, causing "massive" delays in explorer if a folder contains shortcuts to slow or sleeping network shares. Their bird-brained "Distributed Link Tracking Client" service screws things up even further.

That is a lot of work though, and the script will create "untrusted" warning messages every time you launch it from a network, unless the script is local or you find a way to sign it. If you can't access the Server, you can only create shortcuts on the Client and change their icons. Is there a way to apply custom folder icons and still preview contents in Windows Explorer?
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By using this you can have folders name set to one thing, but have it show up with a different name. Usually, that's all your actually doing when you are using that "Change Icon" button above.

The shitheads at Microsoft are just refusing to deal with it, all the way back to Windows NT.
In native (text) form, the VBS script will not have a custom icon, but you can assign a custom icon to the EXE file if you compile it.
Windows also has a habit of automatically converting environment vars to absolute links, defeating any attempt at working around this.
So if you want to customize a folder, you can do it the same way by creating your own “desktop.ini” file.

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