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I have been remiss in not keeping up-to-date in running the PoC charitable donations scheme. I think there are three months worth of comments to add together to work out a donation amount. Using Western Union (which I now understand and trust after a trial run), I have sent ?110 to Ahsan in Islamabad, Pakistan to help in his fantastic work caring for feral cats and in his desire to build an enclosure to keep his cats safe. This entry was posted in charitable donation, Michael Broad, PoC and tagged charitable donations, Michael Broad, Pakistan, PoC donations by Michael Broad. Right now there are bad people doing horrible things and from a distance it can start to appear that everyone in the Middle East is of a like mind, bent on terrorism, hatred of the West and Israel, and intolerance of those who do not share their religious beliefs. I realize now that Pakistan is a lot like the inner city of Milwaukee, which is riddled with crime, drug dealers, and shootings. Pakistan is like that too– Ahsan ul Haq has shown me that there, just like here, are good people living the best they can among the bad, striving to make things a little better if they can. Thank you so much Ruth, I am a simple spiritual man and for my self I have no need either for my family from any charity or donation. Also the pics and whole map, how I will build the cage so that it could be benefit others to make it at home by themself. I’m so pleased that Ahsan is receiving ?110 donation, he really deserves help for all that he does for cats.
I also think Walsall CP deserve the ?100 from last month because that branch spent a huge amount of money on Mr Jinks who Leah has cared for and nursed back to health.
I look forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of yours I’d also like to send a small donation towards it once Michael ensures the money will reach you. Today I have much higher belief than ever on the saying of Mohemmud the prophet(of mine) that at the near end of the WORLD, ROMANS will be the best amongst you in people who will care for the welfare of humanity(not only but also for innocent creatures).
Sister, when I see all these events coming true , some times I see my own brothers and sisters and some time to the other end and I become afraid and some time cry in my alone timings.
It some time s feel me strange when an unknown cat forward to me and I pet her and she just sits touch with me her body with high tail. I will request him Ruth, But I see the population of cats has vanished from my area and only my own cats are with me, they are hidden in between my house, neighbor’s house trees and my daughter is checking after every 15 minutes out in the terrace if we see any dog passing through the street to let him run away and not come into this street.

Maybe your friend will neuter the boys with you present for just a little bit of the money. But, if you can build a shelter, it doesn’t really matter whether girls or boys are neutered. Thank you so much Michael, I saw this post 10 minutes ago when I woke up after having relaxant pill, and I could not wake as an alert person any more so I decided to sleep. I deeply thank you for this great donation and I am sure that I will be able to make a huge cage for LAILA and if any kitten is there who need me. I will show you the output very soon, and also the HOW TO MAKE A CAGE AT HOME tutorial with pics. May Allah bless you with every thing you have and give you a long life to protect innocent lives on earth. Phoenix WoodworkingThis Danish Modern Nightstand is built using Sappy Walnut with a natural satin finish to help show off the natural beauty of the wood. I have decided to take a broad brush approach (note the pun) and say that the giveaway for the three months is ?200, which is inline more or less with previous sums.
His posts have been a wonderful addition to PoC and I’m so glad he has become a member of our PoC family.
A very good man, who by the life he lives can certainly shame many Christians who do not show their faith in how they live at all. Residents of the metro area come to avoid the central city and regard anyone living there as dangerous and likely to try to rob or harm them.
Instead of seeing the whole Middle East as a region too filled with problems, I will now think of the people like gentle Ahsan who live there, and pray for them.
I have sufficient knowledge of wood works (Carpenter) which I have learnt from Copen Hagen, Denmark. Michael is right– in the West it is far more common to have sh than hs for the order of letters. If you had asked for suggestions for the September money Michael I’d have nominated him 100%.
My sister and I and a neighbour built one in her garden a few years back, it was hard work for 3 mature ladies, but fun.

I just take my short small hand note book like INDIANA JONES and survey the area with my wife. She seems to me my friend, a missing link from many births, I don’t know but I always feel relaxed when their tummy is fill and they lay down on the grounds relaxed. That will be such a good thing to happen, I will look forward very much to reading your next article. In my dreams every where I see my cats, specially those killed with no fear of Allah subhanahu by the people. Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. He not only promotes cat welfare through his presence here (we can all learn from his tireless efforts to help cats in Pakistan) but we also are given a window into a world we never knew existed. He is the first Muslim I’ve gotten to know (through his writings) and I suspect this is true of many visitors to PoC.
I too like to learn about the relationship between cats and people in countries which we rarely discuss in the West.
I write every aspect of these fellows in the way I can understand they wish from me or anything I can do for them.
I will share every receipt of the sum on PoC with the equal rate of dollar which is 1$=100 Rs. Their faith and courage shame those who have fled to the suburbs for an easier, safer life.
There is a lot to do for cat welfare in the East and I like to extend cat topics to new places; places other than the UK and N.

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