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This Kitchen Photo Gallery: Traditional Kitchen Design - Dark Wood Kitchens, Nearly BlackMore Kitchens: We have thousands of pictures of kitchens in many styles and colors!
Incredible collection of 15 kitchens with black cabinets and 37 dark kitchen designs with dark wood cabinets (maple, cherry). This kitchen with black cabinets is great example of high contrast between dark toned wood cabinetry and light marble surfaces, with large island featuring dining space, plus micro-brick tile backsplash. We included this kitchen because it showcases the design of a black kitchen island within a white kitchen. Christopher James Interiors is an affordable interior design firm located in Orange County, California.
The two most important areas in your home which are frequented by all the family members every day will be the kitchen and bathroom. Maybe it’s a subconscious association with bygone eras of construction, like the fascinating turn of the century lumber baron homes now residing as museums in my hometown. You drop into your favorite plaid-covered chair, resting your stocking feet close to the open flame of the wood-burning stove — just close enough to warm your cold toes. All their collections are interesting in some way and many of them have kitchens made of dark oak wood. These are the two areas which need more attention in the interior decorator when you first decorate the house or when you are making over the home.Exciting design modern wooden kitchen transport affluent exposure among color penetration, resources combination, design mixture association and design plan scheme, that the whole factor combine inside a group to make fantastic modern wooden kitchen.
A hundred years ago, cherry and mahogany and the like were clear markers of wealth and taste; the leaders of industry and society constructed homes absolutely laden with the materials. Next modern wooden kitchen design display overall was awarding special ambiance to environment nearby that is produced with sophisticated design.The modern wooden kitchen creator effectively places inside a group fantastic display rythm right into a union to construct spectacular modern wooden kitchen. Source: Zillow DigsTM Dark chocolate wood cabinetry surrounds white tile backsplash over dark tile flooring in this cozy kitchen with marble countertops. Escaping the hectic fast-paced city life and dreaming of what a quiet country life would be like. Realizing smart design plan technique and underline design objective is paramount factor of this exciting design modern wooden kitchen become one of cute modern wooden kitchen design.Modern Italian kitchen designA brand new modern Italian kitchen design to suit any space with its high versatility that easily adapts to the available space in the kitchen. 37 Kitchens with Dark Cabinets – Dark Brown and Deep Red Wood Cabinetry Brown tile walls match wood cabinetry and darker hardwood flooring in this kitchen centered around black island with full dining space.
Well suited for environments and shared, especially for open plan designs that combines living, dining and kitchen together.The model includes a tropical kitchen and separate cabinets multifunctional.

Carved, painted, inlaid with gold, or minimalistic flat panels are some of the varieties of dark wood style cabinetry you’ll see in this collection.
Look out for bright metallic hardware, contrasting marble countertops, and intricate tile backsplashes punctuating the rich expanses of wood in these kitchen. Contemporary Wooden Kitchen DesignYou can choose your kitchen design based on your favorite types and your need. Pay attention to the spectrum of colors, from stained natural tones through cherry and nearly black wood cupboards, paneling, islands, and more.
Some match their surroundings, with exposed beams or fireplace surrounds, while others become standout features in otherwise light toned spaces. Each of these examples luxuriates in the atmosphere provided by immaculate dark wood designs. Mimic this design to achieve your own cozy country kitchen.Collect this ideaThe warm dark wood and pop of red in the island create a cozy glow in this rustic kitchen. This contemporary wooden kitchen design provides you with some inspirations in solving your condition. Image Source: Bede Design2) Elements Of Stone Are Perfect In A Rustic KitchenNature has more to offer other than just wood.
It looks modern and classic which brings the natural nuance.Modern Minimalist Wooden House DesignModern Dark Wood Kitchen Designs IdeasThis wooden house is one of the model homes tend to be in demand by the public.
Although the location of the wooden house set in a densely populated cities, but the wooden home design will still look beautiful and also to feel the rural feel.Amelie Wooden Kitchen DesignAmelie modern wooden kitchen design that returns towards the values of authenticity, with traditional design, natural, lasting materials and innovative technical features.
Essentially, any natural mineral is a fine choice for a rustic kitchen design.Collect this ideaThe stone wall and wood beams mix perfectly together. Cesar among famous kitchen furniture presented several style of kitchen that was dominated with wooden furniture that can make the kitchen looks so wonderful and great. Its main design is that of a contemporary kitchen with clean white cabinets, black walls and shiny stainless steel.
The cupboards are made again of solid wood, but a light-colored pine wood that is far from dark or dreary.Everything still feels rustic and countrified, yet somehow open and modern, as well. This may be a look you could love for your rustic kitchen design.Collect this ideaThis rustic kitchen still seems light and airy instead of dark and dreary. Image Source: Parker House 5) Primitive PaintTime-worn, aged and chipping paint is essential in any rustic kitchen design.
Image Source: Gage Homes6) Add Accessories To Your Rustic KitchenAsk any designer and they will agree that accessories can make or break a design space.

Initially, when imagining a farmhouse-style kitchen, one may think of ceramic country roosters pecking on window sills, but this look is becoming outdated.Instead, surprise the eyes with accessories that are anything but country.
Look at the kitchen featured below, it is accessorized with ornate, carved mirrors and stone pineapple statues. What a neat design idea!If you want to stick with a rustic style, then consider accessorizing your kitchen with navajo rugs, woolen textiles and twig-style furnishings. Image Source: Island Architects 7) Add A Fireplace In The KitchenWhat emits warmth and glow better than a real wood-burning fireplace? Imagine the baking and cooking you can do over open flame, filling your kitchen with the scent of rising pizza or bread dough.The wood stove in the image below is one to take a look at. Its floor-to-ceiling stone surround emits a real rustic vibe that is worthy of copying.Collect this ideaA stone wood burning fireplace is a great feature in this rustic kitchen.
Image Source: Summer Our8) A Rustic Kitchen With Feminine FlairUp until now, most of the rustic designs we have looked at have been quite masculine in nature. Plus, some of the cabinets are white, new and more modern in design.Meet in the middle by uniting the manly with the womanly in your rustic kitchen.
The two mesh very well together when done properly.Collect this ideaThis is a lovely feminine version of a rustic kitchen.
Image Source: Sandvoldblanda 10) Painted Wood CabinetsNot every rustic kitchen has to be covered in bare wood. In fact, in the kitchen below, the only bare wood to be found is in the flooring—everything else is painted a deep country blue. Yet, it still gives the impression of a rustic inspired kitchen.The trick to maintain this aesthetic is to paint walls and cabinets in a country-color. Check with your local paint store to see if they have a line of paints that are considered heritage or nature-inspired.Colors from the out-of-doors would certainly work well. If you are unsure of your color choice, then cover a few walls in paint swatches and live with it for awhile to see what works best, and refer to How to Choose The Right Color Palette For Your Home.Collect this ideaThese country blue cabinets add a bright new color to rustic design. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, so consider creating this inviting environment in your home today.What would you like to see in your rustic kitchen?

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