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Inkjet DIY Photo Desk Calendar 4x6 (2012 Free Design Calendar)Do you want to put one special table calendar which print your own photo on the desk of office or home ? When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. A calendar designed for a competition brief encapsulating the beauty of Fedregoni’s Woodstock paper range. The calendar is functional, genuinely useful and sustain the users interest all year round.  The daily view calendar works on a system where each card contains cryptic rectangles which reveal the date when placed inside a matrix of squares on the face of the cubic container. Intended for graphic designers and those with a keen interest in fine special papers, this calendar centred around graphic designers’ need to meet and track deadlines.
The secret typographical weapon against typotony, a curable form of typographical monotony, frequently manifested through the symptom of constant use of the same font (preferably Helvetica). Now the Polaroid tear-off calendar is published for the fourth time, revealing for every day in 2015 an instant image with its own little story.
In the office, people usually have a family, friend or lover’s picture and also a small mirror on their desk So, this creative and functional 2015 calendar also functions as photo frame and desk mirror in one.
A desk calendar and at the same time a pen holder, both are essential part of a graphic designer’s desk. Created for Haglofs Outstanding Outdoor Equipment, the square pages are fully foldable and each page contains inspiring quotes for a particular month.
In order to emphasize on Fedrigoni’s variety range of the Woodstock paper, cut outs were created to show dates and create an unusual visual effect.
Circular Calendar of the Year 2015, Year Planner, Calendar, Poster, Information Architecture, Read it like a watch beginning at 12.00 with January first.

The 2015 Lunar Calendar is digitally printed using low VOC vegetable-based inks on recycled cover stock. This colourful print has each date, day and month surrounding the intricate, elegant and energetic geometric pattern. Each calendar month has a paper wedge made up of various gsm weights and three complimentary colors.
Thus, we think that now is the best time to come up with a list of inspiring calendar designs. Know more about each of them by visiting the source page where you can view more pictures in high-resolution and other information about the concept of each calendar. It should be a creative, yet functional, piece which maintains awareness of the range throughout the year. Each day the user can pull out the date just passed, move it to the back and the next date is displayed.
The 365 pages of the calendar have tabs folded into them that can be pulled out with an easy flick to highlight to the designer how close in proximity the looming deadline is. Thus, this chubby little calendar aims to supply handy daily typography inspiration right on your desk. 365 times, the calendar shows the almost intimate snapshots of well-known photographers and newcomers, professionals and individuals. The patterns grown and develop daily and make a reference to the age rings of a tree whilst showing off the versatility of the great color combinations you can make with Woodstock. This makes the calendar not only functional at displaying the date and day but also as a color scheme indicator.

Use these unique ideas to come up with your own version when designing your client’s next calendar. The calendar has circular design that emulates the various rings of a tree, with each month being represented by a different colored paper and weight from the Woodstock range.  Designed as a crack in the wood, once a month is over the ring can be simply slotted out and and recycled. If a certain date is significant such as Christmas or Halloween then that is displayed at the back. Due to the circular nature of the design, it enables more than one deadline to be viewed at once.A Fedrigoni wedge opens up the pages to reveal the current date, which the user will move on a daily basis. The great use of the calendar allows it to not just be forgotten about but be used and stay on a desk all year round. The calendar is positioned on top of a piece of wood and highlights Woodstock’s foundations – nature. The face in the center reads upside down so the calendar can be flipped halfway through the year.Moon phases are shown as symbols over the dates, and each month has space below to write important dates. By also using eco-friendly typefaces that minimize ink use and using black ink only, the green ethos behind the range is maintained throughout the production.
How about designing a unique and personalized desk calendar for someone special using one of these ideas? The day will have to be changed everyday allowing the client to not only view the Woodstock paper range, but feel it.

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