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Browse Magazine racks for sale and compare prices with hundreds of magazine racks to choose from including floor standing and wall mounted magazine racks. The Bukan Magazine Holder just seems like a bookshelf at a glance, but it will keep the magazine collection neatly stored and blend in as the interior decoration of the house.
This is a trained dog, so you won't need to yell at your best friend this time when he picks up your magazines and newspapers! A highly versatile, durable, illuminated cube with a hollow interior, for use indoors or outdoors. This hanging rack meets all the requirements of the loft-owning glitterati: brushed anodized aluminum with a flowing, organic shape.

These magazine racks feature human figurines ($44.99) that decorate the edge of the racks. Lots of people keep magazines in their bathroom ($90.25), but you can be one of the unique few to have one that recesses in the wall! Perfect for any modern office or creative waiting room, the Malafor News Table is a DIY magazine rack that will have patrons staring at its cool design before even realizing it offers a selection of reading materials.
The shape is simple and lends well to its core function with a unique architectural element underscoring the design. Make sure that you have a wall you can locate this in and that you have stud spacing appropriate for it.

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