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A shelf I built two serve two purposes: 1) create a safe height railing around the opening to a stairwell and 2) to reclaim some open air space for storage. The structure for this desk is just like many other table structures that you can find on this web site. I had my desktop custom built to match the rest of my office, but you could just as easily pick one up from IKEA. Begin by using two of the 10-6 tees to connect the horizontal and depth support for the base.
To secure the desktop to this structure, simply screw through the flanges and into the desktop. Once you've tightened the casters into the pipe, flip the desk onto the floor and get ready to work on wheels.
After you flip the desk over, you'll want to use a level and tape measure to ensure that you've got everything straight. This desk probably won't cause you to lose weight, unless you build a standing desk version. If you need help designing a desk, or anything made with pipe, please contact our projects team. A typical secretary desk has a fold-down desk with plenty of storage above and below in the form of cabinets or open shelves. Since this secretary desk was going to be placed in the living room, it needed to be dressed up a bit to match the existing decor. Tips & Ask a QuestionThe apartment experts are here to help answer your various apartment searching questions! Christina Katos is a graphic designer whose love of everything “design” led her to the world of blogging. My desk is made up of 1x FAKTUM cabinet with shelves, 1 x FAKTUM cabinet with drawers, and a LAGAN solid wood (beech) worktop. When planning the size of your desk, bear in mind that the two cabinets of 400mm each will take up 800mm and you will require a space of at least 500mm (or a space slightly larger than the width of your chair) between them. Hi Andrea, I think to support that kind of weight you may require some reinforcement under the desk top. We went to our local Ikea with this idea and where advised to use the cabinets which are 60cm in height. As my really sturdy and nice office desk won’t fit into the study we just created we are going to make a second one for my study. Hi Chris, when I used the Ikea solid wood top, it was fine as is, but when I later used a piece of MDF to get a deeper desk surface, I varnished it. Looks beautiful, but can you tell a bumbler (me) an easy way to secure the worktop to the cabinets? Hi Ginger, the cabinets have pre-made holes where you can insert a small screw that will secure the worktop to the cabinet. I’ve shown to closest match to what I used but you can lower the price by selecting an alternate countertop. Hi Deb, my chair is so old… and is starting to show its age, I bought it when I was living in London about 10 years ago.
Hi Sarah, IKEA have recently modified their entire kitchen range and as a result, the names of these components have changed.
While we would love to accommodate all our friends stuck in 2009, the rad content on our site is just too much for your browser to handle.
We recommend you upgrade to another browser (or, if you must, the latest version of Internet Explorer) for the best possible experience on our website. When I moved to Denver about a year ago, I was challenged with the opportunity to work from home for the first time. After sitting at my countertop for a year, I put my plans in motion with the help of my super handy husband Keith. Always out for a bargain, we shopped around a lot to find the best prices on our materials. Once the base was fully assembled, we used sandpaper to get the last of the coating off and make sure the surface was clean and smooth for painting.
After the primer dried, we painted two coats of satin black, touching up final spots after the second coat dried. We tested the stain on the bottom of the desk before adding one coat to the tops and sides. After allowing the stain to dry, we varnished the top and sides with two coats and the underside with one coat of satin varnish to protect against spills and wear. Starting with the lower portion of the desk, we set the countertop on top of the uprights to get the correct positioning. We added the 2 connecting uprights, set the upper portion of the desk on the base, and repeated the process.
Now with about a month of use, I’ve really enjoyed being able to stand up during the day.
My next goal is to bring the bike trainer in (a la kickstandfurniture) and get some riding done during work. Here are the plans we used to make my desk — feel free to use it and modify for your needs. I am too going to do a DIY project using countertops from IKEA but I want to take mine a couple of more steps further. Mine is roughly 43″ high, but I suggest adjusting based on what feels comfortable to you. I am almost done with my desk…but I have probably said more times than I care but this time I am sure. I used a brush but I’m sure spray painting would work well too, with the right setup and materials! Watch this short video to learn more about how we can help your content marketing strategy.
The goal of building this desk was to keep all the features I liked of the old desk while adding a few things. I made a custom keyboard tray out of a piece of plywood and had it stained the same color of the desk.

I also used some plastic cords straps with doubled sided tape to control the cords from the keyboard tray. The finished ergonomic desk is great: The keyboard tray allows me to place the keyboard at the exact height, the cords are hidden from sight, the shelves work well to store my router, modem, and backup device, and the finished wood matches all the other furniture in my new office.
For those of you concerned about my old desk, don't worry, I gave it to my friend and he is getting great use of it. The health benefits of not sitting on your butt all day are becoming more and more popular. There are several standing desk projects on this site (see below) and I'm sure there will be more to come.
Jeff used a fairly straight forward design for the desk, including an extra bar at the bottom of the desk to put his feet on while sitting or standing. Technical brochure that covers the features, benefits and technical data for the Fast-Fit connection system. From there I landed on an industrial look using galvanized cast iron piping for legs, and some sort of wood block for the top.
Once everything was sprayed and dry to the touch we cleaned up and moved the pipes to a sunlit spot so the paint could set in. It uses a simple H pattern to support the bottom legs and then screws up into the top to support the desktop. When you're done with this part, you should have what looks like a finished table, with the exception that the ends of the leg pipes are exposed. The first thing you want to do is hand tighten the rubber stopper so that it begins to bulge. Our assistance is free, and we can help you design a desk that is built to suit your requirements.
The adjustable nature of the fittings allows for speedy assembly and adjustability after the structure is in place. Your dining room table is your desk, the nearest bookshelf contains some binders, your kitchen drawer holds office supplies and the hallway houses your file cabinet. You can easily find your own secretary desk and make it fit in with your style through some simple alterations. The mirrored acrylic was so lightweight that there was no issue with reattachment, unlike heavy glass mirrors! Perhaps you’re looking for more specific information about leases, moving locations, or anything in between. However, Ikea have recently revised their entire kitchen range and as a result, the names and sizes of these components have changed. One small problem with my new size is that I now have an approximate 200mm void between the back of the cabinets and the wall.
In this case, you can use 1 x AKURUM base cabinet with shelves (15 inches wide), 1 x AKURUM base cabinet with drawers (15 inches wide) and 1 x NUMERAR beech countertop (73 inches wide), or your preferred selection.
Following advice from my fellow telecommuters, I quickly established a steady routine for going to work each day. Shopping for standing office furniture, everything I came across was either unaffordable or bo-oring. We sketched out the plans for a multi-level desk that would allow both standing and sitting, measured, calculated, and measured again to make the list of parts we needed.
We ordered all the standard pipe and fittings from Zoro Tools — with free shipping you can’t beat the price and convenience. The black pipe we bought also had a lot of sticky coating; you can save yourself some prep time by getting galvanized pipe instead. We marked where the flanges would be attached, pre-drilled the holes, then screwed the base to the top.
I’ve accessorized with an anti-fatigue mat, a Mogo seat and a foam roller to keep moving and provide some relief throughout the day.
I’m using your pipe desk as inspiration for a custom stand-up desk at my house, basically just with different dimensions and all one standing height. We’re actually building 5 more of these bad boys for the new Sparksight office (3 bar-height for the kitchen and 4 regular-height for the conference room). In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. That project involved setting your own desk height, a custom shape to the desktop and an articulating keyboard. I have designed the legs to attach to the bottom of the desk, and then be made rigid by support braces further down on the legs.
The wood tops were made custom by a carpenter, but you could easily use your own reclaimed wood top, a desktop from IKEA, or something else of your own making.
The articulating keyboard device is screwed to my custom tray and then screwed underneath the desk. You could shave off that price by using a smaller diameter pipe, sourcing your own pipe locally or using a reclaimed peice of wood as a desktop. It allows you to DIY your own desk and save a bundle of cash against other standing desks on the market.
My apartment is tiny and has no room for an real work area… so the only viable option was to put a corner desk in my living room. Since I live in an apartment complex and have absolutely no access to and tools or wood cutting utensils, I had to outsource this part of the project. I wanted my pipe legs to have a Oil Rubbed Bronze look, like a black cast iron pipe, instead of the silver piping one would more likely recognize. This won't just be any desk either, the pipe and fittings are built like a tank, and it can easily be broken down for storage and transportation. You want it to go into the pipe and yet have some resistance as you put it into the pipe end.
This concept, not only works well for desks, it's also been used to build things like kitchen islands, outdoor tables, rolling shelves and rolling clothing racks. All the projects use Kee Klamp fittings to create an intriguing set of pipe furniture pieces. Just because you don’t have the one room to bring it all together doesn’t mean you can’t be organized on a smaller level.

If you do not have a room to dedicate to a home office, you can create the perfect space anywhere by combining rooms in your home.
29 Design, Christina shares her latest design inspirations, organizational ideas and DIY projects and more. Folks are surprised when I tell them that my desk is actually just a few components of an Ikea kitchen.
With a new office to call home, I started the process of making a cool creative space to spend most of my time in. I turned to Google for DIY standing desks, and found this great article that ended up being the inspiration for my desk (and this post).
The custom pipe came from one 10’ length of pipe at Home Depot, where they cut the pieces to size and threaded them for free. We scrubbed all the pipes and fittings using TSP substitute, using heavy rubber gloves and goggles for protection. We also used a pipe wrench to get the pieces as tight as we needed and fine-tune the height to level the base. As far as making sure you’re level, you should screw those pieces together first and make adjustments before attaching them to the desktop.
I have to say, I loved that desk, so much so that I wanted to improve upon it and make it even better. This technique is very easy to build with, very stable, and could be used to hide the cords very nicely. Bottom line, it's great that people are recognizing the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle brought on by the technological service economy and making the appropriate changes to fight back (you've got to love puns!).
After reviewing the many ideas on Simplified Building I realized that I wanted a larger desk for my home office.
Still, $500 is a great price for a custom desk that is built to your specifications, can breakdown because of the modular fittings, and is so durable it will literally outlast you!
The beautiful thing is that it's basically as easy as putting together a desk from the store, and you don't have to sacrifice quality. I took my plans to a local plumbing and piping store, Lincoln Pipe, and they helped my find all the pieces I needed (listed in my plans doc) and were able to cut and thread my pipe to the sizes I needed.
If everything looks good, then insert the leg pipes and place the flanges on the end of the leg pipes. Once you've inserted the caster into the pipe, use the bolt head to continue to tighten the caster (which will expand the rubber stopper further). Labeled storage boxes fill the shelves, leaving plenty of room for a fabric-covered cork board. Fretwork from O’verlays in the Khloe pattern was then glued onto the front of the “mirror” using Liquid Nails. Work can still get done when it needs to by leaving a secretary desk in that space as well. Being practical and stylish at the same time, she shows you how to create the looks you love in your own home.
In the UK they still sell them until June 2016 (subject to availability) and you can get them if you contact IKEA directly.
So when you use a 60cm high cabinet, and 8cm legs you will get a heigth of 68 plus the 2,8 cm thickness of the worktop your desk is little over 71cm high, which is a nice height for a desk according to the kitchen rep at Ikea.
Thank you so much for linking up at Thursday STYLE Can’t wait to see you back next week!
I painted the walls and hung my big bulb lights to match the Penthouse at the Austin office. So I bought this solid wood Ikea countertop and some cheap legs with the idea that one day it would become a standing desk.
The rest of our materials came from our neighborhood Ace Hardware where we saved about $30 using coupons. Instead of making a curvy top cut out of MDF, I decided for a more straight edged, modular approach.
Here's some images, and be on the look out for a blog post on that project in the near future. The projects team at Simplified Building will be glad to discuss your idea and help you with your selection of Kee Klamp and pipe.
The parts are industrial, so your desk will definitely outlive you (even if you do manage to squeeze in a couple extra years by standing instead of sitting).
It's a good idea to go over the entire desk and make sure all the set screws are good and tight. The cabinet below the desk houses the home printer, more office supplies and a file folder box.
There is always a project going on in her Boston area which she shares with her husband and three children. Basically, you want to get the base structure in place before you attach the flanges to the desk. I decided it was time to construct myself an entirely new desk, to improve upon what I had built in the past. You can also make the desk whatever height you want, making sure you have an ergonomic place to do your work or play. Another thing you'll notice is that I cut the secondary desk to fit into the corner of my new office. The bracing and the flanges are Kee Klamp fittings, so you can tighten the set screws onto the pipe to keep the fittings in place.
The casters in this project are not rinky-dink plastic casters, these things are full-on industrial casters.
They can work hard all day, but when your work is done, you can simply pack up your “office” by closing the doors!
This is what you get when you build your own desk, you can make it fit like a glove to your existing space!

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