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Hi Everybody,I would like to share my little robot project with you, I hope it could be inspirational for you. The Killer Bees Robotics team developed this solution in 2015 and now we would like to share it with all of the FIRST Robotics Community.The VexPro VersaPlanetary Gearbox System is one of the most versatile and flexible components ever created for use in FIRST Robotics. The goal of the project is to investigate uncanny valley hypothesis (cognitive robotics) and other social interaction of robots.
In this project we can use useless phone and some handy things to make a MadBot which moves like mad and it is small in size.So let's get started.
From painting, to tightening screws, to simple assembly, a homemade robot arm can function as a helping hand or a demonstration of your enviable robotic skills.Check out these amazing builds and get inspired to create your own robot arm that will crush its competition! Why to spend your bucks on ready-made metal or acrylic robot bases when you can make one yourself! Over the years, I have built several large robots using a custom-made robotics driver that I created called the SmartRover system. The Quadruped code name Husky I is a four legged crab like robot that used the raspberry pi 2 at it brain and main control center. About a month ago, Dan Royer from Marginally Clever Robots contacted me about making a vacuum gripper for his jigsaw puzzle solving pick-and-place. En este instructable les muestro como construir un pequeño robot con el micro-controlador de Adafruit que se llama Gema. Hi, in this instructable I am going to teach you how to make a robo sheep that is actually so small that you can carry it anywhere.This sheep is a kind of vibro bot. The Builder Robot is a complete mobile robotics platform and includes an arm with a gripper and an active vision system. Dial & Draw is my super sized version of the classic knob based kids toy we all knew and loved. Today, I'm going to teach you how to build a working, life-sized, phone-controlled Starwars BB-8 droid! Over the past couple hundred years, the process of design has largely been shifting away from consumer involvement; however, products like this DIY desk lamp stimulate the participation of the user in its making. The GeekCook Pixar Lamp can be purchased in a kit with a couple dozen pieces, mostly made from precision-cut plywood. This DIY Desk Lamp would appeal as a great project for children and older youth, as well as adults with interests in small hands-on challenges. This has to be one of my easiest DIY’s to date… Was it planned to look this way?
Pull out of package and slightly spread, making a gap between the coils, but don’t completely spread apart. Begin to twist, making in a circle, working your way down, remembering to keep enough space for a bulb.
After you make your way down a bit, insert the cord kit and wind the coil around the base, enough to support the kit and the bulb in an upright position. The Sterling Wall Clock Kit is a wooden clock making kit that features flat, fluted columns and beveled, rectangular end caps. Wooden Clock Kit includes all pre-cut, pre-machined, and factory sanded Cherry wood parts required for assembly.
The unit is then unpacked, the carton packaging is removed, and any light assembly (up to 30 minutes) is completed.
Finally, you get the opportunity to inspect and sign off on the delivery before the delivery crew leaves your house to insure your satisfaction. Butterfly decoration with LED string lights Preparation of the materials What we need for this DIY is a wood board, some lights and something to shine. This projects should take no more than an hour or two after you get the parts together depending on your experience level.

I had someone come into the Lowes where I work wanting to make a lamp with USB outlets inside. I have always been fascinated my the beauty of real wood incorporated into products and in particular everyday carry tools. We needed better lighting for our workbench in our hobby room, oh well it did need a good cleaning too :P We didn't want to put up wall mounted lights, nor lights that hung from the ceiling either since the bench has wheels and quite often is moved around the room.
In this Instructable I use some bits of walnut and scraps of ply wood to make a lamp for my little sister.
For my first instructable, I want to share a quick and simple project that I recently made as part of a birthday present for my wife. You should know that a light box that can be used for a bunch of creative stuff, so let's get started!The video helps to understand the whole process.
Instructables project:In making my light bulb oil project based on a photograph I saw on the internet.
I made this lamp originally as a last minute(okay, last two days) christmas gift for my sister.
Zip ties!The single most important item in any person’s arsenal of stuff after that silver-sided miracle known as duct tape! This Instructable is to show you how to take apart a FREE Harbor Freight Flashlight and replace the LED's with UV LED's.FULL DISCLOSUREIf you have the LED's it is FREE! So i was looking for a couple of lamps for my bedroom, i had in mind something industrial, hanging lamps would be the option.
Searching through the internet for shotgun shell lamp projects, I mostly found images of lamps shaped like a shotgun shells that did not use actual shotgun shells or Christmas lights with shotgun shells placed over the bulbs. The Manhattan Clock Kit is a wooden clock making kit that includes everything you need to create the perfect bracket-style clock. Wooden Clock Kit: Includes an unfinished, bracket-style clock case with a pre-drilled hole, white clock insert (battery included), and rubber ring for mounting. For additional options, we invite you to take the occasion to view our thorough collection of mantel clock kits at Klockit now. I challenged my co-worker Kyle and myself with this goal in the form of a one day build-off. Here I am showing how to make a cheap two wheeled arduino bluetooth robot, using PVC pipes and its joints(for making the body).
So I studied electronics and I always wanted to do something what involves all what I learned and that is how I started making this robot. Hypothesis of uncanny valley said that robots that are similar to humans could cause a response of revulsion among some observers. Yeah, so this instructable is gonna teach you how to make a plywood robot prototyping base platform.
This driver was initially used for my SmartRover robot that I built which ran at a peak current of 60 amps at 24 volts. In addition, Husky I also included a servo controller and motor driver for servo control and motor driving. I made him 4 different sized suction grippers, that when paired with some source of a vacuum, can stick to objects.
Although many soft robotics projects out there are entirely soft, soft robotics will have it's biggest impacts when combined with hard robots. Creatures, seascapes, and treasures both natural and man-made lie just below the surface of the world's waters waiting to be found.
In this Instructable we are going to create a robot capable of drawing wall sized murals with the just the twist of a dial.
Sure, the average Joe would not know how to wire a light fixture or accurately cut all necessary components, but the possibility of assembling its structure is within the feasible domain.

All necessary holes have been drilled, enabling the amateur manufacturer to fit everything together like a puzzle.
But this is what happens when you are in the midst of catching up on Breaking Bad and you can’t stop twisting the copper and clinching your teeth during the episode.
Excited to have you here in my part of the world discovering new DIY's, Design, Fashion, Photography, Foods and Crafts. Beautiful oversized coves on the front and side edges of the crown and base plates add symmetry to the finished look.
This clock making kit includes glue, sandpaper, assembly fasteners, and step-by-step written assembly instructions with supporting assembly illustration. Again another Dutch designed lamp according to the keep-it-simple-and stupid (KISS) principle. When I see a cool lamp, I like to think about how I can make it with what I can find around my house. I wanted to buy myself a bedside lamp and hunted high and low but because I'm so incredibly picky I couldn't find one I liked, so I made one myself. My first was the Literary Light-Up Flower, which I made to test out flower-making from paper glued to a wire frame. I wanted a special but fast-to-build lamp and this is what i came up with with the materials i had on hand that day.
If not then it's potentially 11 Flashlights for 45¢ each.But it's all about the Build Anyway! As part of my job I teach survival skills and woodland craft, both of which involve fire lighting. You could wear a suit and dip in, but why go to all that trouble when you could just send a robot instead? This is a robot that is not very difficult to construct and does not require much expertise in electronics.
This wall clock kit uses a Quartex® quartz clock movement and a silver-tone metal dial, for which the clock was named. So I went to the Internet to begin learning about dodecahedrons and if anybody has done this project before.2 or 3 people had, but their explanations and plans were less than helpful.
I still have the plant, it's doing great, but I relieved it of the horrid bucket it was sitting in. I have wanted to make a lamp for her for some time but the right peace of wood never came up. Yes , a lamp and I love that expression on your face :)So Hello My dear fellows, I'm back after a break with my another original lamp project.
My first idea was to make a dog or spider, but a lot of people already made dogs and spiders.
The only differences are the dimensions of the wooden feet and size and angle of the lampshade. What if you could turn all of those into cool looking lamps to decorate your computer desk or other areas of your home. That means you can plug it into your computer or use an inexpensive USB AC adapter to power the light in other areas of the home.
Satechi has released a fascinating new lamp kit that lets you convert any empty bottle into a fun logo lamp.

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