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This reclaimed Barn Wood desk with raw steel handcrafted legs was made in three, separate pieces. CUSTOM MADE & DESIGN and other trademarks, service marks, and designs are the registered or unregistered trademarks of CustomMade, Inc. With the increase in the population, there is an increase in the use of wood and wooden products. Fashion has always been related to expensive and stylish clothes but a British fashion designer has used her imagination and utilized plywood chips (after laser cutting) to design a beautiful collection for women. Pottery has always been associated with ceramics, but here is a new wood and paper based pottery that has changed the notion forever. Patchwork furniture that is made of recycled wood, appears really appealing in interior settings or any other part of the room. Sergio Mendoza of Spain has designed a beautiful set of table lamps from the waste of wooden crates that are used for carrying fruits and vegetables. Manufactured in America from the recycled wood, these limited edition stools are inspired from the Thomas Edisona??s old phonograph factory in London. As soft as silk this Mya lingerie by g9.8, is made up of recycled interwoven fine wooden fibers recycled from white pine tree pruning. The Texas-based deck builder Peter Toomey is also a great designer of board games that are made from recycled wood and plastic materials. Using the recycled wooden blocks to make desks and soda crates as magazine drawer, is quite an innovative concept that is inspired from nature and helps preserve it. Various sorts of material have been used to make the speakersa?? body like plastic, bamboo, board etc. My husband’s idea of being eco-friendly is not changing the light bulbs until there is only one left and we can barely see at night anymore.  To me, repurposing is more like it!
Repurposing  is a fantastic eco-friendly way to use your creativity and save money at the same time. Books turned Side Table – I love the look of the leather belts that hold this piece together. Ladder turned Book Shelves- This has a great vintage look and adds interest and depth to any room.
Milk Crates and Salvaged Boxes turned Coffee Table – How much cooler can recycling get?

Beating swords into ploughshares is one way proverbial way to move from war to peace … but this may be the best modern equivalent. Mati Karmin is sculptor and industrial designer with a taste for the absurd, crafting such innocent furniture objects as carriages for children, suspended porch swings, master beds and lounge chairs and even bathtubs out of unlikely junk metal bomb shells. When Russia pulled out of Estonia in the 1990s, they detonated or burned all remaining ordinance, leaving a sea of scrap in their wake. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Our stools had to be made extra high to fit a unique space in our home and Ron hit a grand slam home run! With hand stitching to sew the pieces together, she has woven a beautiful dress in a natural snake skin pattern.
Made up of recycled walnut wood from furniture, these salt and pepper shakers and beautifully designed egg shaped pieces, are plugged with natural corks at the ends.
The company called Ceylon Paper Pottery, has made beautiful pottery sets from recycled wood, and sand paper that is free from toxic chemicals or varnish.
These wooden boxes were of no use once the fruits and vegetables were taken out, but Sergioa??s creativity gave them a new life. The company manufacturing this lingerie, is based in a small village in France and the entire product is made locally.
His eco-conscious self was inspired by the nature and decided to preserve it by recycling the leftover composite deck boards and waste plastics. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Do-It-Yourself repurposing is a creative way to custom turn an old cherished piece with character into something new instead of throwing it away.
She has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton. Your source for creative inspiration for theme parties, home decor, DIY home improvement and DIY ideas. It has become extremely important to device innovative methods to recycle the wood so that we can preserve more and more trees and thus the environment. To make a distinction between a pepper and salt shaker, the salt shaker is painted with a low VOC milk paint.

As mentioned, they are available in various shapes and sizes but since it is a limited edition, it is difficult to get the same piece if waited for long. Formerly an educator at CSUF and business owner, she now is a full time writer, Curator for Style Me Pretty Living, 3M DIY Expert, and a member of Martha’s Circle. The Sri Lanka-based company, mainly run by women, brings this wooden pottery in various attractive shapes and sizes. Looking at the creative designs of the book shelf, it can be placed in different orientations.
The material used is also different than the conventional lamps, but the shape has been retained in order to keep it convenient to use. Made by recycling 50 year old white oak whiskey barrels, it produces an incredibly rich bass sound.
Recycling the used wood into boards, panels and other wood products, is being practiced for centuries, but the real need for recycling wood has never been felt as strongly as the present times. The main attraction is the thin walls, double sided items and availability in varied sizes. In the last century, the residue of wood has increased tremendously and so has the new way to recycle and reuse the wooden material. The bottom has a herringbone inlay separating the maple and fir.The door knob is functional. For example, the preserved wood products that contain approved pesticides, can be used in commercial wood products which remain in contact with the ground or water; thus increasing the life span of the wood from 20 to 40 years and even by 50 to 60 years in some cases.
The wooden lamps are also creatively made individually from single block of reconstituted wood to give it a uniformity and creative look. Recycling of wood has now gone into innovation and new products are being manufactured that are not only elegant but also durable.

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