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This high quality dining table forms part of our classic Wentworth collection which takes its inspiration from pre 20th century, antique craftsmanship and is a beautiful feature for any dining room. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The dining table is important from several different points of view – located in the living room, it can be a sign of wealth and prosperity.
Dining tables are considered to be the centre of any home, as they have multifunctional purposes that must be taken into account: people eat here, they have private conversations at the table, children do their homework, birthdays are celebrated at the dining table, the family organizes board games here and so on. Nowadays, people do not pay as much attention to tables as they once used to – dining tables are usually neglected, dirty and the chairs are barely changed once in a while.
The shape of the table is also highly important, since it should allow people to eat and communicate effectively – oval tables are the best, as this way children can watch the other members of the family eat and learn more about table manners and etiquette. In addition to being a central piece of furniture that comes in handy for the entire family, dining tables can also add extra style to the overall decor of the room.
Enter your email address to subscribe and get a cute lovely notification of new posts by email. This piece is available in three sizes each with centre extension mechanism offering maximum dining potential.
The Chunky Acacia wood tops and sides make the range versatile, contemporary and a heavy weight that will pass the test of time. The colour, the shape and the size of the table also play important roles: as a matter of fact, these aspects can tell a lot about a family and the house they are living in.
If you stop for a second and think, your dining table is actually the most important piece of furniture in your home, after your bed. There are countless hand crafted tables available, which are known for their beautiful appearance and originality – they can easily fit the decor of any home. However, you may very well end up having a more efficient and attractive space since a small dining room can force you to focus on exactly what you need. Barn wood furniture, recycled wood furniture, reclaimed wood store fixtures, beam furniture, harvest tables, old wood dining tables, reclaimed wood dining tables. Because glass tables, be they dining room or coffee tables, are attractive for your home or office, giving a sense of elegance and class to any room.
This is where you welcome your guests; it should be a quiet and warm place that promoted productive conversations. Most tables are made from hard wood covered in a layer of wax, which makes them very durable in the long run.

Rectangular Dining TablesWhen you are selecting dining table shapes it is more than simply preferring one shape over the other. Available in our Nibbed oak finish or darker Antique finish, each piece has been hand made and hand distressed to ensure each table is unique to you. However, because of their design, specific things should be decorated on a glass table so that it works properly aesthetically and the sensitive surface of the table isn’t damaged.
Your dining table can make you feel comfortable and warm by ensuring a calm atmosphere through design and various additions, or it can make you feel cold and uncomfortable. While your preference for a shape counts, you do need to consider the shape of your dining room or dining area when selecting a dining table.
Modern dining tables and chairs, as the name suggests, are built in a modernized and contemporary design for people who want to give an extremely stylish look to reflect their home.Modern Dining Room TablesGlass dining tables and chairs sets not only come in various sizes and shapes but they also come in different beautiful colors that specially chosen and blended by furniture designers.
Pedestal tables are highly popular nowadays, as they not only provide increased stability for the table, but they also make the table more accessible as people do not have to worry about tripping over the table legs. Another important factor to consider is how large a group you usually seat around your dining table.The dining rooms space is one of the compromised spaces in modern home interiors. Dining room furniture sets are available in round, oval, square and rectangular shapes.Stylish Dining TablesA modern dining table is quite different from the traditional ones with respect to various features. Most modern home interiors have the dining rooms space as a part of the living area or the kitchen. Though the trend is leading to open layouts and less segregation between spaces in the house, the dining room space is constantly shrinking. Dining tables with modern designs have quite artistic styles that are distinct from each other. They are also not the usual wooden furniture that is very common in traditional homes.Dining table is one thing without which your dining room is incomplete. A rectangle is possibly the best shape for a dining table because most dining rooms are also rectangular.
You must have a nice and stylish modern dining tables in order to serve your family and friends food.
To keep your guests comfortable, allow ample room for guests to leave the table with other people still sitting.
Knowing if you have enough space to spare to put in added modern furniture in your dining room would be essential before you purchase those dining tables. When positioning the rectangular table in the room, make sure there are at least 36 to 42 inches of space, with the chairs tucked in, between the chairs and the wall or the closest object behind them.

Of course you do not want to end up purchasing something that you will not be able to make use of. When a chair is being used, it will sit back 18 to 24 inches from the table, leaving less than 2 feet for people to move behind the chairs.Square Dining TablesWhen you square measure choosing dining table forms it’s quite merely preferring one shape over the opposite.
Another vital issue to contemplate is however massive a bunch you always seat around your dining table.Square shaped rooms look best with a square dining table. Square dining tables are also a good solution if you don’t have a large group to seat most of the time.
A square table that can be expanded with leaves is good for the times you need to seat more guests around your table.Round Dining TablesSquare Dining TablesAnother possibility for a square shaped or smaller dining room is a round dining table, which is also possibly the best shape for small gatherings. Every one can see everyone else and it just seems to provide a cozier and more intimate setting.A round table is not ideal for larger gatherings, as a large round table simply means that while you can see others, you still seem far away, and may have to shout across the table to be heard. Besides, most dining rooms are not large enough to accommodate very large round dining tables. If you do prefer a round table over a rectangular one but you need to seat a larger number of people from time to time, consider getting a round table with an extension leaf. That way you could use your round table most of the time but extend it when you have company over.A benefit to having square tables is that they provide intimacy and a satisfying solution to seating a small number of people. It can be off-putting to have large rectangular tables when only two or three people are going to be present most of the time. That arrangement can feel makeshift and cold.Round SizeIt is often possible to fit a larger round table in a room than other table shapes. This is because the shape doesn’t have corners, and the space that would normally be taken up by corners can host additional chairs. The minimum place setting distance per chair is 23 inches; if your chair is 18 inches wide and centered on the place setting, you should have a minimum of 5 inches between each chair, although 12 inches will allow guests to leave the table more easily. It is still important to maintain proper distance behind chairs to keep guests comfortable.

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