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Si estas interesado en hacerte con Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes, tienes tres opciones. The next version of Disney Infinity, Disney Interactive's "toys to life" blend of action figures and video games, is getting a fresh new world for fans to play in: the massive, galaxy-spanning Marvel universe. This fall, Disney Infinity players will be able to pair Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Jack Sparrow with Captain America, or Frozen's Elsa with The Avengers' Black Widow, and have them fight, race and adventure through Asgardian dungeons. But the conversation about bringing Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man and others to Disney Infinity started back in 2011. The characters, the story, the settings used in play sets, Vignocchi said, will all tie together in a narratively connected way. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will do more than just introduce a new set of characters and new technological gimmicks that make older toys feel obsolete. Older characters, from the original Disney Infinity, will be getting a boost in the 2.0 Edition. Disney Interactive also plans to continue to release new Disney and Pixar-themed content for the game.
Disney Infinity's 2.0 Edition is coming to many of the platforms the original game was released on, including iOS, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead. The quintet have stolen a powerful artifact from Ronan the Accuser (our money is on one of the Infinity Gems, as the movies have been hinting at them), and now they’ll have to protect Knowhere from his fleet. Additionally, The Guardians of the Galaxy will be playable in a new toy box game (along with other characters), called Attack on Asgard.
No specific date for the Guardians of the Galaxy playset has been revealed, but it will be out this fall.

Dank des erweiterten Toybox-Modus bietet Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes neu strukturierte, Franchise-basierte Abenteuer, die von dir verandert und mit jedem der Spiel-Charaktere aus dem gesamten Disney Infinity Universum gespielt werden konnen.
Todas las ediciones incluyen TODO lo necesario para empezar a jugar (el juego, la base Disney Infinity y figuritas de personajes) pero el resto del contenido varia. Puedes comprobar las mejores ofertas del dia en nuestra portada.En nuestro blog podras conocer los ultimos lanzamientos.
It's a crossover that's been in the works for more than three years, according to Disney executives, and reflective of Marvel's commitment to making higher quality video games based on its range of superheroes. Some of Marvel's top creatives, including writer Brian Michael Bendis and chief creative officer Joe Quesada, have been involved in the project for the past year. The 2.0 Edition update will include a series of new gameplay tweaks, both in terms of how characters play and evolve, and how players can create custom levels and game types in the world-building Toy Box mode. Those upgrades will come in-game, Vignocchi said, and won't require buying a new set of figures. It's also coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and those versions will take advantage of that extra horsepower.
Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and (of course) Rocket are coming to Disney Infinity 2.0 - Marvel Super Heroes. The Guardians will also get to call in help from Iron Man (from the Avengers playset) and Nova (from the Spider-Man set) for some assistance.
Loki is sending frost giants to attack Odin’s Palace, and players will need to fend off waves of enemies. Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition - Marvel Super Heroes will be out on September 23 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC. If your comment doesn't appear right away, please be patient as it may take a few minutes to publish or may require moderation.

In den Playsets, die aus der Feder des preisgekronten Marvel-Comicautoren Brian Michael Bendis stammen, schlupfst du in die Rollen von mehr als 20 Marvel- Charakteren, inklusive Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk und Hawkeye, um gegen Feinde anzutreten, fordernde Missionen zu erfullen, Ratsel zu losen und die Welt vor der Vernichtung zu bewahren.
Now, it appears that the company has finally announced that newest version of the game will include some characters from the House of Mouse’s most recent acquisitions, namely of the super-powered variety. Players will be able to play with their existing collection, further level those characters up and unlock new abilities for them.
For more, check out the newly announced collector’s edition and our coverage from E3. Featuring more than 20 new figures from the Marvel Universe and an original storyline written by legendary comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis. The game features all-new levels and mini-games that are compatible with all the characters and power discs previously released. In terms of new characters, the first wave will consist of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. More characters that are rumored to include the Guardians of the Galaxy and some non-Marvel characters will be announced at E3.
Vice President and General Manager of Avalanche Software John Blackburn had the following to say about this exciting news:“Marvel Super Heroes fit perfectly into Disney Infinity, and with them we are pushing the platform’s limits of creativity and imagination.

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