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After deciding on the size of your box, you'll need four inner panels 12mm narrower than the final box depths. It's always better to specify that you want PG Bison SupaWood and not an inferior alternative. Mounting the speakers inside the ammo box is about precise placement so follow the detailed instructions on how to place the holes and wire the whole thing inside out.  We have some other custom speaker projects for your inspiration too.
To make the outer box, apply a bead of glue about 10mm in from the edges and a second bead in a zigzag pattern in the middle.

If you didn't buy PG Bison SupaWood, you need to spend quite a bit of time sanding the outside of the box to make it smooth. Apply contact adhesive to the front edges of the box and the edging strip and let stand for 10 minutes. This project shows you how to make a shelf with a fairly thick surround for a sturdy shelf. With this DIY vase upcycled from a tissue box and newspaper strips, you'll always have a reason to display a fresh bouquet. The boxes are metallic and very tough, so be prepared to do a lot of cutting, drilling, and mounting.
If you are unable to find edging strip to match your choice of colour, use wood filler to fill in the gaps on the front edges and sand smooth before painting. A tissue box is a great alternative to a vase and especially perfect for short-stemmed flowers.

If newspaper strips don't give you the look you're going for, get creative and craft your own design using magazine pages, wrapping paper or whatever else you can dig up. On both sides you need to cut it and put handles that will help you to easily move it without any effort. When you'd like to replace the flowers, first remove the flowers then pull out the cups one by one and dump out the water.

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