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My husband is a British, jazz-playing academic (translation: not handy, not even a little bit). Thanks for all the kind words regarding yesterday’s post with our IKEA built-in bookshelves.
It took some finagling and a lot of pulling books out of boxes to hold them on the shelf to see how they fit, but in the end we got it just right. So after having the bookshelves already assembled and the crown molding and baseboard installed and the shelves in place, the next thing we did was paint the trim and baseboard to match the color of the bookshelves. As I pulled open each box, scraping my hands and fingernails as I hurriedly ripped off the tape without using scissors, desperate to see my precious babies, I began welcoming my old friends.
After we categorize all the books, we then began putting them on the shelf in alphabetical order by author. See those baskets above with letters in them on the shelf then on the very bottom shelf in the round basket?
I can’t express to you all how much joy it brings my heart to be able to walk into this room, pick a book and sit down and start reading. Hey all, hope you had a fun Halloween yesterday!  My mister and I spent the weekend tackling a storage solution we’ve been meaning to get to for some time. The vertical pine trim was easily attached with a nail gun then primed with Zinsser (I always use oil based primer on raw wood.) I used paintable caulk to fill in any gaps between the baseboard, crown, and bookcase edges.
Now the real fun begins, how to make them function for us as storage but also look  stylish. How do ya like this fun pair of accent chairs I found at a local second hand shop, aren’t they fab?  I love them gloss white but I’m tempted to spray them a bold hue for a fun punch of color like this yellow barstool or this aqua chair.
I’ll be working on styling the bookcases later this week (following most of the tips from this article) and hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon.  A blank canvas, how fun! When we moved into our dream home 6 years ago, I saw this odd 11 foot wide bump out in our kids’ playroom and instantly knew what it needed… built-in bookcases! The first thing we are going to talk about is building the two towers (plans pictured below). This little lumber stack pictured below is all the lumber you need for one bookcase with out the optional decorative trim (not shown- the bead board backing).
Step 4) Install the shelves. You need to decide for yourself how many shelves you want and how you would like them spaced apart. Step 6) Check for square (each corner is a 90 degree angle) first then attach beadboard backing with nail brads. Step 7) Place in desired location. Use a level to make sure the bookcase is standing level horizontally and perpendicular.
We gave the top of the bookcases a finished appearance with a crown of rope chair rail moulding.
To cover up any gaps between the wall and the bookcase and the front side edges we added rope edge molding. Caulk all seams with paintable caulk, allow the caulk to dry then give the entire bookcase unit 2 coats of semi-gloss paint. I am so thrilled with how it all came together and can’t wait to show you how I’m going to style the playroom bookshelves and window seat!
I am proud to be a 3M- sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate products from 3M DIY. But did you ever think that your husband may say no too expensive knowing you can make it anyway?..
I am going to tackle some built-ins, now that I have your excellent tutorial, but the thing that is making me the most nervous is cutting out the carpet. I’m curious to know what you did about the electrical outlets that were in the walls where you installed your custom built in bookcases and windowseat. I may ask my carpenter to help, but now I have fabulous photos to explain what I’m envisioning! 29 Built-In Bookshelves Ideas For Your Home - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. So imagine my surprise – shock really-- when he announced he was going to build shelves for our living room. Of course assembling IKEA furniture is always super fun, but my favorite part is what we are sharing today.

I wanted to use every single shelf that came with our units, and didn’t want any of them to go to waste.
Another finishing detail that helped the bookshelves look less like a bunch of Ikea furniture pushed together and more like a piece of custom furniture was using caulk to fill in all of the holes after we placed the shelves. Of course IKEA bookshelves aren’t pure white- they’re more of a creamy white- so in the end we opted to take one of the spare shelves to Home Depot and have them do paint matching.
We also pulled out the magazines and sorted them by title of magazine and the season rather than the date.
In the past I have sorted books by color, or by height, or something else really cute, but this time I decided to do it by author. I’ve already gone through so many, even just a few pages at a time just to say hello. I’m in the middle of doing one myself and I was wondering what color did Home Depot use to match the billy bookcase?
I want to make this now… but where ;o) Thanks for linking up to the Create LInk Inspire party, so glad you stopped by!! I’m thinking I’ll definitely paint the back and play off the blues, greens, and yellow in the window panels.
But using Ikea’s Besta series instead of Billys (I had no idea deeper Billys existed). Because our room is carpeted, we cut out the carpet where the bookcases would go and carefully removed the existing baseboards. Having the correct tools will make construction of these built-in bookcases fast and simple. Grab a partner to help you with this part. Now I will admit that building this in the middle of my playroom was convenient, but probably not exactly ideal.
Stretch a measuring tape from each bottom corner to the opposite top corner and record the measurements. But I’m telling you, the bookshelves literally took us only 1 hour to make each (without trim)!
We had left over beadboard paneling and decided to add that to the outside panels of the book cases, securing with brad nails. There was only one outlet and we cut out a rectangle in the bead board backing where the outlet is located. As a person who like reading, bookshelves become more important because we can put books there and enjoy our reading by easier look for. But it was also unrealistic to have a ton of really short shelves because books are typically taller than 3″. And shoving a curtain into the window to pretend like it was hung up (isn’t it super cute?!?)!
We simply just squirted in a bit of white caulk into the hole and then used our fingers to smash it inside, using a paper towel to clean off the excess that ended up outside the hole.
We pulled all the cookbooks from the stacks in the kitchen, all of the magazine scattered all over our house and all the poetry books sitting on the coffee table. So if it’s Christmas time and I want some Christmas inspiration, I have all of the Christmas season put together regardless of what year. Why waste money when you can take an inexpensive piece of furniture and make it look just as expensive as designer furniture.
Start from the bottom and mark your 1st shelf, repeat with that measurement until you reach the top. From the longer measurement top corner, tap it with a rubber mallet or hand towards the shorter measurement corner. In our case, that overhang covers the gap between the book cases and the walls on either side.
Able to use the way you invite them to listen to what you read or ask them to choose a book to take home the title, if the children do will be easier.
They also give you the chance to create your very own design that suits your space, style and specific needs. You can really only see that the holes there if you’re looking for them, rather than immediately seeing rows of black dots everywhere.
When the door is open, there’s about a 3 inch gap between the edge of the door and the beginning of the bookshelf, so it fits perfectly. Just to take my mind off remodeling, or work, or writing, just to sit and enjoy someone else’s world.

We still have space to add in more things, as new books always find their way into our home. I was going to take a shelf up there and let them match it up, but I was just wondering if they had a name for it! I’ve provided you will my exact plans and measurements but you will need to adapt these measurements for your space, because every room dimension is different. Simply provide a picture or reading a book fairy tale book and read to their child then the child will like it. So, let’s have a look at a few great examples of built-in bookshelves for living areas, study-rooms or foyers and corridors. We could hardly even tell a difference between the bookshelves and the trim- it looks like one giant seamless piece.
Yay all of the Confessions of a Shopaholic books are back together on one shelf for you all belong. The categories we picked were: general Christian books, books on prayer, devotionals, fiction, poetry and classical books, Jane Austen books (yes she gets her very own shelf and category), real estate market books, business books, photography books, crafting books, art literature books, home design books, finance books, nonfiction books and cookbooks. Besides, we already have two bookshelves more for decorations and trinkets and pretty books.
Some of them are so supremely romantic and heart-wrenching, and some of them are really funny. I finally put my vision into reality and I couldn’t be happier to share with you my tutorial for DIY Built-in Bookshelves + Window Seat with beadboard and rope trim molding! After you secure it to the wall then you can place the bottom shelf on the base and nail it in.
Customized built-in bookshelves can take up a whole wall area or an area recessed into the wall. Then, I confess, fearful – what if he destroys our house?!I’m pleased to say, the house is intact and the shelves look amazing!
You can stop at this point if you want… but a little bit of decorative trim really gives it the total custom, built-in look! They blend easily with the interior architecture of any space and are easy to match with furniture of any style.
When we bought them we asked the lady if she was sure she wanted to sell them, and she said she bought them from an estate sale with the family didn’t want them any longer. Interesting could be interpreted as having a strategic location in the living room or in addition to the television so that it will always be looked after by people who go all subjects. Built-in bookcases are less heavy on the eye than traditional free-standing bookshelves, often less expensive and easier to maintain too.
It could also be interpreted to have artistic designs or unique, to design unique furniture stores typically do not sell it they only sell the standard form or that are popular in the community at that time.To be able to design your own designs by measuring and adjusting the existing space so that it becomes transform as special. And if you are DIY person, built-in bookshelves are easy to make, so you can give it a go and try yourself at home. You know, this is the famous brand in the world.I suggest you to choose this brand because DIY not only present the best furniture, but also it is consistent in its design and it can suit too many rooms you need. I’m planning a whole future blog post about these letters to share some of that romance, without giving away too much of their personal details. Or you can make your own DIY built in bookshelves in your room in order to fit the size of the rest of the existing space.
DIY built in bookshelves will quite easy to add space and we can request them what design we need suit to the room shapes.
It can be built-in on the wall, full from bottom to up, and can be added crown molding too.
To add to the beauty you can use paint or wallpaper the walls are brightly colored to make eye catching. He had planned on building the shelves to meet the top of the ceiling as you can see in pic 2 in the photo gallery below, but when he tried to fit in the shelves, he discovered the top of the nooks were narrower than the bottom (where he took the measurements). With this simple tool can present a bookshelf in your room, and to make it more dancing you just decorate it. I can set that on my room, the living room, or my office room too.We will not get bored to do work when we can spend time reading a book and enjoying time.

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