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I would love to incorporate more concrete in our indoor and outdoor spaces.  Cinder blocks are cheap and you can even find them for free on Craigslist!  Here are 5 diy cinder block projects you can tackle this weekend! If you are loving all this concrete but just don’t want to take on a diy project,  obelisk has you covered! On HGTV, they showed the planter idea with the cinder blocks, only they used different concrete stains on each concrete block…super cool! And yeah, being a designer means I really can tell you everything that's wrong with your home. Doing things yourself can be a fun adventure, especially if these projects have a specific purpose.
The concrete planters present themselves as really contemporary decor for your garden, and they also are really simple in making.
However, if you would really like to make a unique concrete planter, here is what you would need: 2 molds, oil, paintbrush, cement.
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And of course, we have our very own DIY concrete globes project from last season… Anyone tried this yet? Upcycled Garden Style created these outdoor planters from concrete pavers and caulking adhesive.
Martha tells us how to use the age old technique of hypertufa to create cool planters that make great garden accents.

The Hunted Interior has a great tutorial on how she made this cinder block planter… hers also happened to be an outdoor bar as well! Check out these great DIY concrete fire columns from In My Own Style that are a Restoration Hardware dupe… complete with all the how-to’s! Make some DIY concrete garden projects and let us know how they turn out, and please share your ideas in the comments! Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can MakeI don't like the idea of adding chemicals to our environment, whenever it can be helped. I always thought concrete DIYs would be rather complicated and somewhere along the lines of say, pouring your own countertops or creating an ofuro. Concrete, being a composite construction material composed primarily of aggregate, cement, and water is used widely in many areas of our lives: architectural structures, foundations, pavements and even decorations. All you have to do is glue together the concrete pavers using landscape-block adhesive to form nice square planters, and make sure to let it dry for 24 hours before moving. First you will need to cover the inside of the larger container with cooking oil, then the outside of the smaller container with oil again. Tips, Ideas and ProjectsI happen to live in a house just one street in from a river canyon.
No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
Here is a simple concrete project, that would make your outdoors stand out: concrete planters.

Then fill in the larger container with concrete and make an opening in the concrete using the smaller container. It’s inexpensive, and can be bought in ready made forms, or created by mixing with water and other organic elements. I kind of love the idea of those plastic cup molds since they can all be so different – so great for parties. Remember to check out the caulking you use and make sure its warm enough outside for it to harden and cure. Have a look at our small collection of amazing DIY concrete projects that would make your patio more appealing.Creative DIY concrete projects If you have anyway some concrete mix, one can make something beautiful such as weatherproof table decorations for your patio. A heavy rain or strong wind won’t harm or turn over a concrete candle holder or planter. Our featured project, above – Give you garden structure with this DIY concrete edging project.
Stir sand into the concrete mixture and hide a layer of mesh to supply the necessary reinforcement.Find out some more interesting DIY projects using concrete and molds!
We want to inspire you, to give you great ideas and to challenge you to make crafty things.

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