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DIY owl Christmas ornaments: There is a lot more projects involving toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls then I thought!
All the toilet paper roll projects remind me of my days in Girl Scouts (the second time around, 10th-12th grade.
But most of all - she believes in being the author of your own story, both literally and figuratively.
I am almost finished with my office, as well as my guest bathroom and am about to start on my bedroom (hopefully I will finish it this time). We’re giving away a spot in Laurie’s super fun and enlightening $199 class for FREE! Since the rug is really colorful and traditional, I decided to make everything else in the room feel really neutral and contemporary.
I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and had a moment, like one of those moments where you're so excited and weird noises escape your mouth when they shouldn't. Mostly because of the ampersand art, but also because some of you were sad about his new suit. I found some great striped fabric online and just reupholstered Charles the same way I showed in the original tutorial. I painted the whole frame in the Precious Metals Titanium first and then used the Precious Metals Antiquing to apply to the grooves. When we first moved into this house, I found those mirrors at a local salvage shop and they were so amazing that I bought two. I was at the grocery store around Christmas time and saw a gold Poinsettia placemat for a couple bucks. I bought it thinking it would work its way into a Christmas craft of some sort, but then I kind of forgot about it until I went to put away the Christmas decorations. I've come to the conclusion that you can frame just about anything if the frame is pretty and has a mat in it.
And that's basically the story of how a rug from my grandma sent me into Master Bedroom Version 11.0.

Overall, this version of the bedroom makes me feel really peaceful and happy, and what's funny is that it's kind of similar to the first time I ever decorated this room. Learning to decorate has been quite the interesting journey for me, and there are still days when I feel like a total lost cause (which makes much more sense if you've read this). May 22, 2012 by Kara 15 Comments I finished up one more decorating project for my living room. I figured that rather than spend a couple hours wrapping styrofoam balls with twine, I would just spend two minutes and spray paint these.
I was worried that maybe they would stick to the bottom of the shoe box, but they didn’t! I love this idea of spraying the decor balls..where did you buy the ones in a package like that? The thought of using spray paint on anything causes me to break out in a cold, cold sweat – just walking by the spray paint cabinet at Hobby Lobby makes me want to run the other way. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
As with any holiday, it’s kind of a must for us to add a bit of sparkle wherever we can. I know this is an older post now, but I spotted a link to this on Pintrest and absolutely fell in love with this idea – so simple, so effective. I’ve already started to store some of these left overs in a box so I can make some cute owls this year. I’m working on a quilt from my old high school shirts and have already cut out the pictures and have a huge bag of the rest of the shirts just sitting around waiting to be used and that could be the perfect solution! Welcome to Tatertots & Jello, where I love to share creative tutorials and inspiration every day.
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I was going to make some of my own, but when I dug into my craft stash I came across these rattan balls from the Dollar Store. There is such a small surface area that makes contact that they worked out perfectly–no sticking whatsoever.
I have so many of these laying around, I think its about time I glam them up for the holidays. I think we mainly just used them for napkin rings we decorated as community service for community meals for holidays. My opinions are never swayed by the promise of money or free product, I will share the good and the bad. So, I moved it around my house for a couple months, totally perplexed about how to use it because it's super big at about 12' x 14'.
We made these glitter votives to decorate our holiday mantel in a matter of minutes and they’re such a fun way to brighten up your holiday (or wedding) decor, keep all year round or make as gifts!
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Today Top Dreamer has for you 17 diy decorating ideas with frames.Picture frame is a good item for decorating. And remember that the couples shown on our site are real people who have been nice enough share their special day with us. It is flexible stuff,  which means you can decorate the frame or put your favorite picture on it. DH’s recliner takes up way too much space but he refuses to get rid of it or move it elsewhere.

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