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Enter our contractor, John, who I asked for help because, while they were my vision, they were his handy-work. Since I knew what needed to be stored on that first shelf (our every day items), we used the measurements to equally distance the three shelves (not including the first shelf of course—it needed more space above the counter top). I'm not sure where to get big angle brackets like that, but you might want to try a local lumberyard instead of a home center. And you know we love that Ana proves that woodworking isn’t only about guys in overalls. YHL: And how much money should someone expect to spend to build all three 72″ long shelves? So a big thank you to the amazing Ana for whipping up such a fantastic make-it-yourself shelf tutorial.
Update – Wanna know where we got something in our house or what paint colors we used? I know the Big white Box store has these for 20-30 bucks a pop, but you get a GREAT sense of satisfation and pride when you do them yourself. Isn’t it cheaper and a whole lot EASIER to purchase floating shelves directly from IKEA?
Its kinda hard to tell in the photo of the unfinished shelf, but I’m guessing it probably wouldn’t look as good just stained? I’m moving into my first house in a month and I was really wanting Knock Off Wood to have a tutorial on these shelves!
This kitchen hadn't been updated in about 15 years, had dark brown walls, boring square white tiles with white grout, and TONS of cabinets. Wide, white floating shelves to put our every day items at arms reach and display the few items we rarely use but think are beautiful.

The primed sleeves spent a few days on the screened in porch while I tiled around the frames, they were pretty heavy and very solid. The seemingly small and simple changes (tile, shelves, new window trim, paint, and soon flooring) made a HUGE impact and not that huge of a cost. I've been wanting some big floating shelves like that for awhile now, but don't live anywhere near an Ikea.
Floating shelves look very modern and don't take any space on the ground which is very important if you have a small apartment as I do. I started following your blog after YHL posted something about Knock-Off Wood back in January.
In fact, the lumber is only going to run you about $30 (which means you’ll save around $60 as opposed to buying them). And you may even be able to get the store to make the exact cuts in the list below, which will save you from any at-home sawing! Just like you would add a back to an IKEA bookcase, tack the plywood to the tops and bottoms of the shelf. Simple Wooden Wall Sconces: Make a set of attractive wooden wall sconces from a single board. Simple Floating Shelves: This easy tutorial will show you how to build these DIY floating shelves in your home.
During assembly, John made sure to position the center supports to match the wall studs in front of which the frame would hang. Another help with support was butting the shelves right up to the corner, putting another screw in another stud. So without further ado, let’s get down to business with the first project that Ana is exclusively bringing to all of our lovely readers.

If you cannot locate a stud, then you will need to use drywall anchors to hang your shelves.
We can’t believe that she actually whipped up a pair for herself (she wanted to be sure that the plans that she provided were as accurate and detailed as possible).
Will any of you be creating some sleek DIY floating shelves anytime soon? Let’s shower Ana with praise for stopping in.
Oh and a deep walnut or espresso color is really pretty forgiving anyway, so the final effect should still be handsome, solid and well made.
And of course, we’d love to see photos from anyone and everyone who decides to take these babies on. You can always do a test by bringing home a bit of wood and applying the stain before building anything- just to be sure you like the color and the overall effect. Just cut the supports from branches, screw on a shelf, attach it to the wall and you’re done!
So the stalking starts today with my favorite feature in your home, those floating shelves in your dining area. And to yet another group of people, having solid homemade shelves is totally worth the time and satisfaction upon completion. This will not just give you room for your drill, but it will also create a hook, or a stronger joint.

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