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You are here: HomeHome Decor and DIY Projects25 Furniture Hacks That Will Make You Think: Why Didn’t I Think Of That? Upcycle a couple of dinning room chairs in cozy and beautiful indoor or outdoor benches with ease. Probably the easiest furniture hack existent, this storage bench has been transformed from Ikea`s iconic bookshelves. Go treasure hunting and look for an old furniture piece that can be transformed with ease into a small piece of Lego Land. By creating this piece yourself you are able to customize the piece with colors and textures in an inexpensive manner.
By simply removing some drawers and few pieces of trim and wrapping everything in new clothes this old dresser has been updated; the diy`er managed to obtain a new set of aesthetic values through a new side piece or TV console.
Original bookshelves are quite rare mainly because designer furniture pieces are insanely expensive and huge retailers focus on practicality rather than design. If the re-purposed crib to desk project is not helping you you can try and upgrade it into a toddler bed.
Architects have already found this craft by now and they store their rolled projects like they should.
Transform a small chest in a seamless office chest that can accommodate exactly what you need. If you need more space for your entry hall, garage or mud room you can rotate a bookshelf and transform it into a small  locker. Home, Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Tips, Ideas, Advice, remodeling, renovating, updating, arranging furniture, and Inspiration for your home! You don’t need to be a handy man to build your own furniture, with a few simple tools just about anyone can makeover these easy and affordable furniture hacks.
I’ve featured Coco’s apartment before and I just can’t get enough of her effortless and elegant taste of design. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Ikea hacks are the best DIY home decor projects!  You can take simple furniture from Ikea and turn it into something amazing in no time at all!  Oh, and they’re usually cheap…a very good thing indeed! Lack table hacks are super cheap and turn out looking like you spent a pretty penny for them when you’re finished.  Ikea bookcases are my favorite storage solutions ever!  You can simply decorate the back panels or go all out and create a beautiful wall of built-in bookcases.
Just in case you have another roundup, here is the Restoration Hardware Inspired Ikea PS locker cabinet that I gave a faux aged steel paint finish to. Well when I turned this Ikea Lack table into something else I didn’t know I was hacking. You might be surprised to learn that it is not always a matter of not having enough room, it is a matter of not utilizing it properly. If people wear shoes in your home, it’s almost guaranteed that you are going to have stinky sneakers nearby at some point or another. Check out this DIY Free-Standing Vertical Pallet Herb Garden which is a perfect way to grow your favorite herbs and well build everything yourself for cheap. 3) Paper towels, a plate, and a clear plastic container which will be used to construct a very simple mini greenhouse. 4) Potting soil I suggest using one with a blend of peat, perlite, vermiculite, and organic fertilizer.
1) Put some kiwi seeds out of your ripe, organic kiwifruit and wash them by cleaning off all of the fruit. 3) Once you can see the seeds beginning to open, it’s time move them to their mini greenhouse. 7) Once planted, water thoroughly with a squirt bottle or gentle watering can and place your pot or container in a warm, sunny, location (for some, this may mean under a grow light).
I have always found that relaxing and enjoying my own backyard to be the best part about spring and summer.
If you have some unwanted jeans laying around here is a great way to recycle and reuse those old jeans to turn them into a quilt. We have to take our time to meditate, think and create anchors for ourselves and the ones around us. If you don`t feel up to the task call a friend or just paint the pieces and refresh them with a new look.

You can take advantage of the huge hunk of metal and transform it in a side garage storage space for tools, rakes, shovels and other things that are usually laying around in your garage. If you have no relatives or friends that can make use of this crib you can transform it in a small craft table for your little loved ones. By positioning it higher above the ground you enhance its functionality and improve its life span. Grab some sand paper and a piece of paint that fits or contrasts your color scheme and transform your old ladder in your bathroom towel rack. Two simple chairs can accommodate a decent amount of coat hangers and on top through a board or without you can shelter pants or T-shirts with ease.
This time the Hunted Interior, one of my favorite blogs is reinventing Ikea’s Vittsjo nesting tables that retail for only $59.99!
I came across some more stunning photos of her place and just had to include them on the blog. I love when one of mine pops up here too, so very flattered, thank you so much for the link love!
A similar hack I made was to take the ikea lack coffee table and paint it with chalkboard paint! Although this can be distressing, there is a homemade solution that can help to remove the smell and it will do so quickly and easily. How about adding some colorful plastic storage drawers to rooms all over your home instead of just the plain white label ones? Wash all of your containers that you purchased at your local Walmart or other department stores. While your fabric is drying, start creating your templates for the front of your drawers with a pen and right after start cut them out. Once it is cut out, apply a thin coat of decoupage to the front of the drawer and the back of the fabric and place the fabric on the drawer. Make sure the front is pushed flat against the drawer front so it feels smooth and apply over the top. While you are waiting for things to dry, take your favorite material such as wood in oval shapes and paint with some acrylic paints and make sure the color matches or contrasts your drawer that you will be adding labels to. Stand the drawers on end and attach the oval labels with some crafting glue and then allow those to dry. Pick out your pallets that you would like to use and gave it a good scrubbing with bleach as well. Remove 3 of the horizontal boards from one side and use your pry bar to create a bigger space for working and tall growing herbs. Make sure you have two people to move the herb pallet garden with the supports only and no wheel attached. Once it is dry, use newspaper to create whatever pattern you like, and make sure you include room for folding the fabric edge under and the sides of the pocket. Now fold under the edges and staple the fabric weed barrier into place between the pallet boards to create a pocket.
The corners and stapling can be a bit tricky just make sure it is stapled down and do what works for you.
Kiwi is a super healthy fruit that provides a huge amount of vitamin C and K as well it is a great source of dietary fiber and Vitamin E as well.
I found that placing them in a small cup, adding water, swishing them around in it and then carefully straining the water out was the easiest way to accomplish this. Place them in a warm location, such as in front of a heater, on top of a computer, or on a warm window sill.
Sprinkle your seeds into one or more pots making sure they are at least a few inches apart. If you feel that your house may be too cold or drafty for the little guys to continue germinating, cover the top of your pot(s) with clear plastic with holes punched into it and secure with an elastic band. Old bookshelves become benches and bunk beds become coat racks and many more such amazing makeovers.
You will need a good amount of patience to go with your creativity but this is without a doubt a great weekend project that can make your kid insanely happy. Moreover their depth can be used to obtain a small storage space by simply placing a board at the top.

Check out the following photos and click the links that will take you to the tutorial that will help you to update your furniture and create something new and unique. It makes a great conversation piece, and I have artistically blessed friends who draw awesome things on it. Your purchase won't cost you more because you followed our link and we only refer you to sources we can personally recommend. Your kiwi seeds will remain in this water-filled mug until they start to open (for about one week), so I suggest changing the water once a day in order to avoid unwanted bacteria growth.
Distribute your germinating seeds on the paper towel, cover them with a plastic container and place them in a warm, sunny spot.
Pre-moisten your potting soil by putting some soil into a bucket and mixing in some water until it is damp all the way through. I suggest giving each seed its own small pot in order to make transplanting easier; however, I split seven sprouted kiwi seeds between two pots and they are all growing fine. This will continue the greenhouse effect and can be left on until you see your sprouts emerge from the soil. Ideally, they should be placed in a warm sunny window where they will receive plenty of direct sunlight each day. In order to keep your kiwi vines healthy and growing, the soil will eventually need to be replenished with nutrients. You save so much money on your new furniture, simply because you have an idea about making them from your junk furniture!
It’s not difficult, and with the help of our fellow designers  and bloggers we’ve come up with the best roundup of IKEA hacks just for you! Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section below and we will certainly add them to our list. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to get the latest and greatest on everything DIY related.
By slowly upcycling and recycling as much as possible around us we strengthen our belief that small things do matter the most.
A bicycle sink can become a complementary item in your decor, shaping the space around it, giving it a direction and a very vintage like appeal.
Add wheels for mobility and roll your way into great craft projects with your new piece of storage. Repurposing old furniture into something that is not only practical but also unique and modern is the ultimate way to recycle. Do not allow them to sit in a puddle of stagnant water though; those drainage holes are there for good reason. I suggest feeding it an organic fertilizer, such as compost or vermicompost, once it has developed a nice little set of leaves.
Get into the habit of watching for browning leaves and checking the underside of leaves for pests.
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With a little bit of creativity, there are so many clever ways to use broken appliances, old furniture, or even everyday household items. All that is really required is basic products that can be found at your local craft store as well as some plastic drawers which you can purchase at your local Walmart. I’ve read that all seeds should be planted at a depth of about twice their length, so you can imagine just how little soil is necessary to cover your kiwi seeds.
Since Toronto rarely seems to get any sun in the winter, my sprouts reside under the warm rays of a grow light for 12 hours each day.
Just like us, our plants can fall victim to bugs and disease and may sometimes require some extra love and affection.
Through simple backyard projects, DIY wall art projects,DIY furniture hacks and paper crafts alike we are becoming more of an individual than we were before.
It would be difficult for anyone to believe that you did not buy them from a high profile exhibition.

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