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One of the easiest ways to instantly double your hanging space in a closet is to add a double hang closet rod.
Step 2: Drill pilot holes and put in eye screws at each end of the dowel (these will be used to hang the dowel).
Step 5: To store your purses, use s-hooks and to store long boots, use pant or skirt hangers (to protect soft leather, pad the clips with foam or cardboard). The addition of this double hang rod has made a huge difference in how organized my closet is – now I can quickly get to everything I need everyday and I especially love how my boots no longer flop to the side in a big pile on the floor! With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Drill pilot holes and add eye screws to the bottom of the dowel to store purses using s-hooks. I only had one clothes closet in my NYC studio apartment so I needed to maximize every inch of space in there.
You cut the dowel to the length that you need (you can also have that done at the hardware store), and put in the eye screws.
You can use the hanging rod to hang clothes of course, but I used mine to store bags & purses and my long boots using pant or skirt hangers (to protect soft leather, pad the clips with foam or cardboard).
To see a video of how I made the closet rod extension, you can watch this video of another closet makeover I did - just fast forward to 4:23 min to see it. In this video, you can see other ways I maximized storage and organized my 450 ft2 NYC studio to make it a functional and happy place to live and work!
You can save a couple of bucks by using an old wooden broom handle instead of buying a dowel. I've been hunting Goodwills for ages for long enough curtains for the dining room, and never finding. So I decided the grey curtains need to be more faux curtains, and sheers will let in more light, anyway.
Now we can leave the sheers closed all the time for privacy, but still get lots of light in, and keep the grey ones pretty open to the sides. I gave it the same silver spray paint treatment, and hung it in our bedroom in the same placement. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account.
I just had to share this quick and easy idea on how you can create double curtains using your existing rod for really cheap and then you don’t have to buy new rods.

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I have to admit that up until recently macrame would have been at the end of the list of things I wanted to hang on my walls – to me it brought back memories of mildewed brown pieces I found by the dozen in thrift stores when I was growing up.
But I suspect it will one of those things I never get round to, I’ll have to check out Etsy.
I think the bits of neon make all the differenc, and that she is using rope and not brown twine. To double my hanging space, I made a simple hanging rod that's inexpensive, only took minutes to make and is easy to customize to whatever closet you have! Not only are they expensive and a big color commitment for the room, they often don't come in the right size!! I didn't expect to find something perfect, but wasn't sure what color and texture to go for. I think I made them a little too short, and the teal isn't as bright or interesting as I was hoping. I had a pair of old white ones on a tension rod filling the space in the meantime, but wanted loooong sheers that went the whole length of the grey curtains and the wall. I had just bought some Ikea sheers to replace some plain white ones I had on a tension rod just for privacy and light, so this is a big improvement.
I want to find hanging baskets for the bottom of each hook to hold each kids' hats and gloves. I want to find hanging baskets for the bottom of each hook to hold each kids' hats and gloves. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad.Full size is 427X640 (Link to full-size image) pixels. All you do is use bungee cords to instantly create the 2nd rod needed and add your curtains.
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I for one can appreciate the work that goes into these pieces – not a craft for the fainthearted or ham fisted!
I did something similar with feathers this past weekend at the Topaz and Arrow event here in DC!
Repeat for the eye screws that will be used for the purses, on the opposite side of the dowel. I use them up in my attic for hanging clothes, artificial Christmas tree limbs and decorations. We wanted to hang the curtain rods as high and as wide as looked good, to make the room look bigger, so you'll remember I made the living room curtains custom (7 yards fabric, 7 yards lining--eesh!). I also thought about inserting a contrast trim band somewhere in the middle or near the bottom, to give them sort of a stripe and make them longer. I now see they have a bunch on Amazon for way cheaper than the JoAnn ones, of course, with lots of choices. But as proof that tastes and trends come full circle if only you give them time (I bet that owl is fetching a pretty penny at some hip vintage boutique right now) I’ve recently found myself with a a taste for this (not so) forgotten art. She then starts tying the rope in larks head knots, bookending the dowel with the 5 yard pieces (one on each end). But, then not long ago I found some neat teal cotton twill on the JoAnn clearance shelves, an extra half off, and bought the rest of the bolt. Case in point – my friend Jess recently bought the most gorgeous wall hanging on Etsy (the one you see below), complete with pops of neon to lend a touch of modern cool. I made colorblock hem facings, I guess you could say, as long as I could do with the length of the fabric. It was a little wider than the curtains so I tore the extra off and still have it, maybe for something else. I am not trying to find the right curtain mix and then I get to deal with putting them all up again.
If you use curtain clips, they are ready to go, otherwise it would just take one seam to make the rod pocket.

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