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The widespread popularity of industrial shelves is due in part to the structural durability of each piece’s form. This S-design, wall-mounted bookshelf is affixed to the wall in only six places, and does not need ceiling or ground support to remain secure against the wall. Duncan Wilkinson's DIY Entertainment Center With Bookshelves free standing unit was made possible by the use of  Kee Klamps that effortlessly connect each piece of shelving to one another. Alaska homemaker and blogger Ana White did not let her pocketbook stop her from obtaining her dream industrial kitchen cart. This pole-mounted floating bookshelf allows the homeowner to better utilize the small wall in front of the window. The clearly defined lines of this industrial shelving unit from the Brick House allow the room to maintain its minimalistic look and feel.
These two carts created by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess  allow them to easily add shelving as needed. Originally featured in the German DIY Magazine Selber Machan, this industrial floating bathroom shelf offers ample storage space for towels, toiletries and decorative accent pieces. Dan Faires of HGTV came up with this stunning DIY industrial shelving unit using reclaimed wood and black pipe. Whatever your style, or your budget, we hope that these projects have been helpful in inspiring you to build your own industrial shelf. In this post, we show you how Charles Rankin used Kee Klamp to build a Pull-up Bar to help him train for the World Record for Chin-ups in a 24 hour period. When you want to display personal accessories and decor items but don't have an extra square foot of floor to spare, channel your inner handy(wo)man and create a wall unit that will allow you to decorate your home to your specifications without needing to knock out a wall or downsize treasured collections. To say that it’s been a while since I blogged is an understatement, but alas I am back with some goodies for you all. It has been quite a crazy few months filled with lots of travel (both domestic and international), and Alex and I are now just getting to a semi-normal state at home. I know, I know – we owe you all a recap of our Thailand honeymoon, but we took so many photos and videos (using our GoPro HD) that we need some time to organize them. Our big project is the living room and Alex wanted to take on a DIY project to solve for the many books we have.
Alex took a page from another blog called A Keen Life, and made a few changes to fit our style! This project cost around $150.00 and that included the pipes, the boards and the stain we used.
While you were checking out our photos of the book shelf, you may have noticed a basket of toys sitting on the bottom shelf.
We’ve begun preparing for his arrival with everything from toys and food to bedding, crates, pee pee pads, shampoo, and more. This entry was posted in Home Design and tagged diy, pipe, plumbing, rustic, shelf, stain, wood by Sam. I started this blog so that I can dedicate time to being creative in the kitchen, taking adventures, and reminding my new husband, Alex, that I'm a pretty handy wife!
There’s something exciting about building your own furniture and do-it-yourself projects, isn’t there? In the video below she’s featured on ABC Action News demonstrating how to turn an old window pane into an awesome coffee table. This Pinterest board has more pallet table ideas than one person could ever make in a lifetime. I absolutely love the simplicity behind using nice strong steel plumbing pieces to build just about anything. Great blog with lots of nice photos and a terrific parts list so you can duplicate this same table for yourself. This project combines two of my very favorite things: rustic home decor and chalkboard art! My poor unfinished frame sat in the garage for weeks before my sweet husband took pity on me and decided it was time to upgrade to a miter saw for our 2nd wedding anniversary. Once I got home, I used my beautiful new miter saw for the first time and made 45 degree cuts on the ends of all the boards to create a frame. I wanted to give the wood frame a really weathered, rustic look, so I tested out a few different staining methods to see which I liked best.

To make the frame look aged, I rubbed some extra stain in the corners and edges to give them a slightly darker appearance.
To give the chalkboard a more industrial feel, I added an L bracket to each corner of the frame. As a newbie to real chalkboard art (check out my easy vinyl chalk art!), I found some awesome inspiration from the Etsy shop, Lily and Val, and I drew this by hand from looking at one of their cute prints. I’ve decided that chalkboard art is just like the doodling we all did in our notebooks in high school, but more grown up! I am ridiculously in love with my new rustic industrial chalkboard, and you can expect a whole lot of fun chalkboard art coming your way!
By the way, I’m giving away a copy of Handmade Walls E-book on my blog right now if you or your followers are interested in entering to win! Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Crafts – you were featured today!
I am obsessed with frames, chalkboard paint, and metal brackets and you just combined all of them!
The mesmerizing juxtaposition of hard steel and soft wood also play a role in alluring people of all different tastes to choose this option over all others. Notice how the industrial pipe accentuates the dark wood and books without overpowering the beauty of the wood finish, or individual books and knick knacks. The beauty of this piece lies within its ability to fit into any existing home decor style with just a touch of stain or paint on the shelves.
Therefore, the whole thing can be moved without ever compromising the structural integrity of the shelf. The dark wood stain against the galvanized pipe perfectly fits into her hard-and-soft kitchen theme. The medium-colored wood, ample space between shelves, shiny galvanized pipe, and smart placement of books and knick knacks still allow the space to be airy, yet highly functional. Because the carts are on rollers, they can also be moved to different rooms to function as temporary or permanent storage units.
The piece would also work well for bedroom, living room, large closet, nursery or covered garage storage.
To help inspire your own shelf build, we've compiled a list of 59 DIY shelves built with industrial pipe. Big thanks to Sylvie Liv for this totally doable DIY that melds rustic inspiration and functional utility.
We needed something to fill the space above the sideboard to help make the room feel more inviting and not as stark. He decided to create a rustic industrial bookshelf using plumbing pipes and wooden shelves – how cool!
Putting the plumbing pipe frame together takes some elbow grease so if any of you ladies want to do this, do a couple of pushups beforehand OR find a burly man to do it for you!
Preparing for a dog is no joke – I am told it is as close to child preparation as you will get.
When we can take something old and turn it into something fabulous, it’s so refreshing! While many of us might just see an old piece of junk, Leanne has a knack for seeing past that and bringing life back to items that otherwise would be headed to the trash. You can use it for play sets outside, building book shelves and here in this case for building a nice rustic coffee table. I've had this beautiful, vintage bucket for about a year now, and I've been struggling to find the perfect solution for it.
I’ve had this vision of a big beautiful chalkboard in my kitchen for a long time now, and I finally got motivated enough to tackle the project.
I had originally planned on making one myself with some chalkboard paint, but at $9.97 for a chalkboard already finished, I thought it was totally worth it to save a step! THIS time, I picked up a 12 foot 1 x 4 board from the store and had them cut it into 4 pieces to fit around my chalkboard.
I always recommend practicing on a scrap piece of wood first, so you don’t ruin your whole project if it doesn’t turn out! Would you believe me if I told you this was a brand new silver bracket I picked up from the store?

I seasoned the chalkboard really well by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over the board until it was completely covered, then wiped it all away with a dry rag. Not only do you have a very cool piece of art for your kitchen for a crazy little bit of money, you have to be so proud that you are creating it yourself! You can also soften the metal pipe with light paint to totally transform the feel of the piece, and make it more suitable to function well in a small space. Because our dining room and living room are open concept and flow into one another, we wanted to make sure whatever we decided on wouldn’t compete with the open shelving we have in the living room and make the space look too busy. It took him several weeks to get it done because he leisurely worked on it, but I predict one could set it up within a day or a weekend at most. But, we are totally ready to add another (and smaller) member to our new family – a dog! I found this especially fitting since I have a deep fondness of Hanson, who hail from Tulsa. Thankfully, this summer is going to be less hectic than in years past which means we can spend time at home enjoying our backyard and the dog who will call it his own personal bathroom.
We found a wonderful DIY-er named Leanne Lee from Diva of DIY who has such a simple and fresh outlook on re-purposing and do-it-yourself projects.
I’m always on the lookout for new and creative DIYs and this coffee table, featured at Instructables, has caught my eye.
I was digging through our garage one day and found some really cool old lumber that I thought would be perfect to build a frame for the chalkboard! Sidenote: I was actually really nervous the first time I picked out lumber by myself, but the nice employees at the store always help me out and cut whatever I need! I put a screw in each corner to hold it together and sanded the whole piece down to get ready for stain. Otherwise the first mark you make will be permanent if you don’t season your board first! After playing with some fun chalk art designs, my new chalkboard is ready for its big debut! However, many people who undertake DIY industrial shelving projects are surprised by the material availability and ease of assembly. With trips to Ikea, HomeGoods and Craigslist (you know I love Craigslist!), we are on our way there. We actually had a Skype call with our breeder this weekend and had a wonderful time seeing Remy in his element.
It is going to be a lot to manage in the beginning, but Alex and I are so excited for all that is to come. If there is an old table laying about and if your space needs something new, definitely try this! I used a SUPER cool aging technique on the brackets, and I have a tutorial to share with you later this week!
The key to success in your own DIY industrial shelving project is to select a style that complements your existing or planned design scheme, your budget, and your current carpentry and assembly skills. I was so excited to get started on the frame, until I tried cutting the boards and realized that I had picked the strongest, most solid piece of tongue and groove old lumber on Earth!
It has a beautiful gray color, but on my light pine wood it didn’t show up very well.
I love love love this Matte Finish poly from Varathane because it dries perfectly clear and non-shiny. These 10 DIY industrial shelving projects run the gamut of simple, moderate, and elaborate design samples. The folks over at A Trail Life thought the same thing and decided to show us how to make one. After struggling with my jigsaw for two hours and unsuccessfully trying to piece together uneven mitered corners… I gave up!
The result was a gorgeous, rich color that still had a lot of the wood grain showing through.

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