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I also made some embroidery hoop wall-art to cover up some ugliness… Now you know my secret shame. To make this project, I simply stretched some cute fabric that I had on hand over some embroidery hoops and hung them on the wall. I am a printmaker, graphic & textile designer who also makes stuff and thinks that you should too. 20. Glow in the Dark Halloween Art: Who knew there was such a thing as glow in the dark Modge Podge? 21. DIY Happy Dots Wall Art: These fun polka dot canvases were actually printed with a potato!
22. Print Your Own Wall Art: Have a favorite image you want to enlarge and print for your wall? Last night we hung the shelves in the reading room and the design that has been in our minds finally came to fruition. We special ordered the boards because we wanted them a little thicker, and we wanted squared edges.
Even though we wanted the shelves to look like they were floating (ie, no visible brackets), we knew that would be difficult to achieve with the size of boards we were dealing with. After taking the measurements and deciding where the brackets would mount on the back wall, we marked these locations on our boards and routed spaces out so the brackets could set inside the boards, making them flush and less visible. Once the shelves were cut, sanded, routed, stained and sealed, we only needed to get them mounted.
We have spent every other minute, just sitting on the couch looking at our pretty, empty shelves. We are one of the 8 bloggers on the Ace Blogger Panel and this post was in collaboration with Ace Hardware.
I’m SUPER impressed that you took the time to route out the places where the L hooks would go! We aren’t in the least concerned about the weight of these shelves on the L brackets for a couple reasons. 1 – Wouldn’t it have been easier to mount the brackets, Then put the shelves in place temporarily, mark the spots where they needed to be routed, take the shelves off, rout, then screw the shelves in place? 2 – Call me a contrarian, but I would have preferred the shelves left unstained and just sealed. You know when you have those projects that you start on and you’re all gung-ho on getting that sucker done, then an obstacle comes out of nowhere and you’re back at square one?
Once all six brackets were assembled (which took only about 2 minutes), I spray painted them with a light coat of Rust-Oleum’s textured spray paint (in Aged Iron). As you can see, we picked out the ugliest piece of 2×10 framing board we could possibly find because we wanted the shelves to have as much character as possible.
For us, the weight of the shelves and the texture of the pipe are enough to keep everything nicely in place. Aside from switching the accessories around here and there, without making it look too busy, I also plan on adding something to the top of the toilet tank so the shelves won’t appear as being top-heavy for the wall. On top of helping the space feel more finished, we’re also pretty thrilled with the price, which was a fraction of the inspiration shelves. A few nights ago, I was cleaning the half bathroom and it suddenly dawned on me… why haven’t we finished this room yet?
Yeah, it wasn’t pretty but the photo actually made it look better than it really was. For a very long time, 14 months to be exact, the half bathroom has been the most neglected room in the house. As with the kitchen’s before photos, the half bath looked much better in photos than it was in person. When we decided to replace the tile floor in the laundry room, we knew that meant replacing the floor in the half bath as well and it didn’t make logical sense to lay down new flooring around a vanity we knew we hated and wanted to replace. Knowing that we needed a vanity, we decided to tack on an additional cabinet to the kitchen cabinet order (to the tune of around $500). So, basically, as something was done to the kitchen or laundry room, we just put in a tad more work and money, and tacked on the half bath.
As for wall art, my mom bought me this set of book cover post cards from Anthropologie a while back and I’ve been dying to use them in the house somewhere. Now the hard part is going to be narrowing down the 100 postcards to 9! As for the rest of the decor… the framed book covers will add some quirky fun and serve as a great pop of color. Even though this bathroom renovation is guilty by association, we’re really happy about how things are shaping up.
We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. I wanted to pin this at first because the dress is so gosh darn beautiful but then I looked closer and saw an animal on the floor in front of her.
DIY Cedar Logs Wall Decor - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Until I liked the arrangement showed below, which again is slightly different from the original.
I love all the different colors and textures you incorporated into your fun gallery wall!!! August 8, 2014 Over year ago I wrote a post about how I wanted to add a big wall of shelving to our dining room.
And because I wanted the lower two shelves to be deeper than the top shelves, we made the side brackets the same depth as the shelves. After we had each board cut to size, I started staining each them with the same stain, Early American by Minwax. Then, we brought the shelves back in and Anthony attached them with screws into the side supports. UPDATED TO ADD: We have had absolutely zero issue with sagging boards in the middle of the shelves.
2- I’m not sure exactly how much weight they will hold, but they definitely hold enough for dishes, decor items, etc. 4- For the wood prep, the boards were mostly smooth, so I only sanded the areas where it was a bit rough. If you put a lot of weight on those boards they will bow, I would put some support in the middle, very nice otherwise. And, a very plain, perhaps also wood & stained bracket in the middle would solve all that worry. Yes, we did the screw the boards into the side supports that we built and secured to the wall.

June 15, 2013 By Beckie We all have that large, awkward wall in our homes that we just can’t figure out how to decorate.
There are literally thousands of different ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office. Gold Leaf Monogram Wall Art: We love a good ampersand, and this gold-leafed version does not disappoint. Paint Chip Heart Art: What’s the easiest way to get all the colors you need for a beautiful ombre piece? Song Lyric Wall Art: Another fun take on the white canvas with colorful letters idea, this piece uses a thrifted painting and favorite song lyrics to make it stand out. Nail String Art: You can make anything from abstract designs to words to shapes with this easy DIY.
Junk Mail Wall Art: Would you ever guess that this cool abstract piece was made from junk mail from Crate & Barrel? Colorful Chevron Wall Art: This bold chevron piece also uses paint chips to get a bold range of colors easily. Office Supplies Wall Art: Would you ever guess that this sweet little red painting was made with painter’s tape and office supply dots? Geometric Patchwork Wall Art: We love the idea of artwork in place of a headboard, and this simple geometric paper idea is at the top of our list. Quote Wall Art: Use patterned fabric and your favorite quote to create this inspirational artwork.
Paint Chip Wall Art: Use paint chips or bright construction paper to create this pixelated wall art. Printable Quote Stencil Wall Art: If you have a big space to fill, start by using a shipping pallet.
Chevron Outdoor Wall Art: This stunning outdoor art was made from salvaged pieces of lumber from an interior renovation.
Fish Scale Wall Art: Just by layering these paper cutouts you can create a completely different texture. You can mark the location with a heart, star, or cutout numbers of the year you moved there. The flowers will wilt after a while, but that just makes way for a new art and a decor refresh! And the change in pattern as you rotate the block is what makes this piece so visually interesting. Light Up Sign: Using frosted spray paint on a piece of glass makes this light up art give off a soft glow. You need to take the measuring part of this step serious, because the brackets are hung on the wall before you place the shelves. We spread it on nice and thick, wiped it off with rags and paper towels, and let each coat cry for 8 hours. Our friends at Ace Hardware sent over a heavy duty 18V DeWalt Impact driver for us to try out.
We measured the predetermined locations for the brackets several times, drew lines, and mounted them with 2″ screws. They sent us the impact driver to try and review and we’re currently working on a giveaway for all of you (as soon as it gets back in stock!). I’ve already showed the picture to my husband and told him we need to do this in the weird recessed area that was left in our living room after we ripped out a horrible built in desk!
I have loved seeing your style develop over the last year or so – I feel like you’ve totally got it sussed!
First, they are mounted into 3 studs, but the addition of the L-brackets supporting the sides are really putting us at ease. I want to do the sides painted and a painted back without making it look like cheap shelves from the store. Well, that’s sort of what happened when we decided to finally get around to tackling the half bathroom. The shelves ended up coming at 30 inches long (leaving 5.25 inches on either side) and 12 inches apart.
All he had to do was take a 10″ pipe piece and attach a floor flange on one end and a cap to the other. Once they were dry, Greg covered them in a coat of flat black enamel spray paint we already had on hand. Before we started the staining process, we sanded the boards and rounded the edges with a vibrating sander and 120 grit sandpaper. Greg applied the stain using a sponge brush to ensure it would get down into all of the scratches and nicks we made during the distressing process. The shelves really help balance out the vanity wall on the opposite side, and we’re thrilled to have some storage to be able to showcase some pretty things. Before the vanity was installed (along with the rest of the kitchen), Greg got busy patching up the big gaping hole that was mysteriously behind the mirror that hung on the wall, and painting the walls the same color as the laundry room (Martha Stewart’s Artesian Well #MSL117). At the last minute, literally, 10 minutes before the plumbers showed up, we ran to Lowe’s and picked out this faucet (for $128). We still have to find a mirror, light fixture, window treatments, wall art, a toilet paper holder of some sort, and accessories.
My first thought was in the guest room, but I think they would look really cool framed in simple black frames in a grid pattern on the wall behind the toilet. I want to find a mirror with a thin(ish) black frame to tie in with the frames I’m planning to use for the book covers and the dark cabinet hardware. Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page.
One day when I eventually get around to owning my own house I'll be able to dress up the walls a little. I have a wall JUST like this in my family room and I decided 2 weeks ago that I wanted to do a gallery wall on it. Because we have electrical outlets that run on the back and side of the wall, the bottom shelf has a 21″ distance from the floor. It’s been over a year since we installed them, and they still look just as great as the day they went up! Saturday just happens to be my birthday… I’m off to enjoy the weekend with family!
2 questions- 1- are you worried about the middle of the shelves sagging since the boards are so long with no center support? We used really log cabinet screws to be extra sure the wood wouldn’t fall off the wall. Lindsay from That Village House found the perfect solution for that wall in her kitchen in Ballard’s cafe shelves and was inspired to build her own.

Sometimes things have to be jerry-rigged to make things work, like this shameful randomly punched hole that connects our modem to Mr. AfroMartha is not working, the cords are neatly tucked into the wall and the art covers the hole. Hang these ribbon-wrapped coasters up to make a mini memo board or take them down and use them to avoid ruining your furniture. Head to the hardware store to get wood cut into squares, then simply paint out your favorite tiles or maybe your all time winningest word. Instead, try this colorful work of art that uses a large metal serving spoon as the paintbrush. Of course, now we can fill them up with books and some accessories, but before we do that we wanted to give you a full breakdown of what we used and what we did in case you wanted to do something similar in your home.
Even still, the ends were a little rough and uneven, which we expected, so the first step was to square the edges and cut them to fit on the wall exactly. This means your routed out spaces need to match perfectly with where the brackets are mounted.
We did two coats of stain, plus a layer of water-based satin polycrylic–which gives off a nice low-lustre sheen. We weren’t sure what to expect when comparing it to our standard drill that we’ve been using for the past three years, but, well, have you ever used an impact driver? Are you at all concerned about the weight of the shelves and the weight of books combined with the “L” bracket mounts? I went to local hardware store and couldn’t make up my mind which type of wood to use or dimensions.
We are looking at a similar project and I’m concerned about whether the front of the shelves will need additional support.
While scrolling around Restoration Hardware’s website, I stumbled on these reclaimed wood wall shelves. Other necessities included a small can of Special Walnut stain, a sponge brush (we bought a few just because) and a can of spray paint (we’ll get to those details in a second). We went with galvanized pipe (you can find it in the plumbing section) because we wanted a good, chunky, industrial-looking pipe. Shortly after the vanity was in place, the new countertop was installed (on the same day as the kitchen countertops). It took us forever to pick out the right one, but we finally came across this one from Kohler (for $228). Ideally, I’d love to find a faucet that was small (not kitchen size), a tad tall, single hole, with sprayer. This is where we talk about the projects that come along with living in our first house - a 1970’s brick ranch in Hanover, Virginia.
But you can create a similar piece yourself, the supplies are: cedarlogs, a long wooden board, a glue gun, oil for wood. Thank you so much for sharing at my Throwback Thursday party I'm also looking forward to joining your party this week!
I had no idea what else to do since there was a window and our loveseat wasn't centered on the wall and thought that a gallery wall would be best. And before the paint was even dry, literally, I had managed to succeed at sweet talking Anthony into DIY’ing some custom dining room open shelving. Probably not a concern with dishes up there but just curious if you have son estimate of how much weight these should hold? If we notice a problem, we’re going to secure the two boards together underneath, or attach a board along the back.
Something this short wouldn’t work if just holding from the back wall, but since we were putting the shelves wall-to-wall, we could have one bracket on each end to prevent the boards from sagging forward. But the big unknown was if the brackets would line up with the routed slots in the shelves.
At first I was doubting those little brackets, but then I saw you put two on each end and my fears went away. Greg and I both loved the modern meets rustic vibe and thought it could easily be replicated with some DIY action. At that point, we grabbed our measurements and parts list and headed to the hardware store! However, for a more inexpensive version, you can go with EMT conduit (which is over in the electrical section). Since a clear coat wasn’t in the plan, we made triple sure the stain was thoroughly dry before we put the shelves in place. At that point, you’d just need to attach the shelves with screws through the holes in the pipes.
Because we ordered such large pieces of countertop for the kitchen, we were able to get the half bathroom countertop at remnant price coming in around $300.
First slice the logs according to the width you need and coat them with special oil to give that cool look. We went from all white to a soft sage green on the walls with white ceiling and trim and doors. Especially when I know what I want to have done, can mentally see it finished, and walk by it everyday knowing it needs done.
He was all for it, I was all for it, so we dropped everything and ran to Home Depot for the supplies. The blade wasn’t big enough to cut through the whole board (wah wahhh), so Chris cut half, flipped the board, lined up the blade with the first cut, and finished cutting through. So after cutting the boards to size, we measured the wall and found 3 somewhat evenly-spaced studs that we could connect the brackets straight into.
When we ordered the cabinets for the kitchen, we also placed an order for another sink cabinet. Unfortunately, there weren’t any studs where we needed them to be on the sides, so we found some heavy-duty wall anchors, each rated to hold up to 75 pounds. We would have two anchors supporting each side bracket (a total of 4 anchors in the 2 side brackets for each board), and coupled with the back-wall brackets mounted directly to the studs, this would give us plenty of support. We are working on putting together a giveaway with Ace Hardware because these are one of those game-changer tools we can’t imagine living without. You stain so much stuff which I love and want to do too, but is find I end up spending so much time sanding that I can’t accomplish much. The wall looks natural, it’s very eco-friendly and design connected with nature is always high fashion!

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