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And before you concentrate in trying to understand each word written, imagining how the steps would go in your mind, we put you at ease by presenting the steps of DIY craft ideas through photos. With Hurricane Sandy understandably overshadowing many an East Coaster's Halloween plans, costumes are probably the last thing on people's minds. Check out some hilarious last-minute costumes from around the web below, and upload a photo if you've made one yourself! You know the basic rectangle cardboard calendar that you get for $1, where you pop open a cardboard window and out pops a chocolate? I initially wanted to do pillow boxes but then I changed my mind and tried to make them look more flat kraft paper envelopes.
I would have totally done the rope thing alas the prime real estate for our house that gets that is the garland that I have yet to make.
Your idea is so smart – and so much prettier and with better chocolate than the store bought kind. Yeah, what Lauren said… You can tell almost instantly tell a Northstory craft when you lay eyes on it, and that is a HUGE accomplishment on your part! Sometimes I am convinced that northstory image brings with it a serious addiction to kraft paper.
DIY Homemade laser diode driver - Laser Pointer Forums - Discuss Laser Pointers Welcome to Laser Pointer Forums! Since voltage is already being provided by the regular battery, let's start with what we really need the circuit to do for the diode. To regulate the voltage we can either use a voltage regulator and set it up in voltage regulation mode and limit the supplied voltage(This would still miss some of this spike and still pass it on to the diode) or we can use a capacitor. The current supplied by the battery is rather stable, but in most cases, is too much to drive a laser diode. As about the resistors, I actually prefer getting the package from RadioShack over getting individual resistors from DigiKey.
The easiest way to learn about the LM317 voltage regulator itself is to read the data sheet available here.
To connect this start off my locating the pins corresponding to Vin, Vout, and Adj on the LM317T chip. Connect the laser diode and make sure the capacitor is SOLDERED to the laser diode pins, be it through wires or directly on the back of the laser diode. I personally use solid 20-24 gauge wires and cut the length that I need with some extra room for the part that I would bend into the holes of the board I am using to build on.
Following is a picture of a schematic I built on a proto-board to clarify the wiring and the chip connections for the LM317T.
I used a different pot from what you would get from the link above simply because this is easier to understand in a picture. If you want to add another capacitor simply connect it on top of where the other capacitor is. If you follow the circuit diagram and build the circuit as it is outlined, the only thing left to do is connect the battery and then start turning the pot until you get enough power through to turn on the diode. Another personal note? I personally like placing a multimeter before the diode to be able to read and verify the current going into the diode. You can grab a momentary switch and place it on the wire connecting the positive battery terminal to the LM317 to make the power control similar to turning on a pen-style laser pointer. Obviously this whole design can be tuned to be used with a BluRay laser diode or any other kind of laser diode.
I tried to make it as simple as possible and give as much detail without going into too much jargon. Originally Posted by paper183 Hey, I read your 2 guides, they are great and well explained thanks for making them ! The great part about using the regulator circuit, aside from the fact it is adjustable, is that it will provide the same amount of current to the diode no matter what the input voltage.
If I had to choose one of the nine options to do first I would go with painting an accent wall.
Hanging shoe organizers are very versatile and I’ve seen so many creative uses for them, that it would be crazy not to mention a few! Use a sturdy organizer to store wine and liquor bottles, a cocktail shaker, bar tools, and towels.

Note: Before doing this, I would suggest making sure the organizer is sturdy on the wall, using drywall anchors if possible!
Keep all your panty hose, tights, and socks untangled and in full view in a clear plastic version. Wrapping presents goes faster when you can find the bows, ribbons, tape, scissors, and cards without digging around in a box or a drawer. Modern Day Moms is an award-winning national publication written by moms with articles centered around the latest trends, crafts, parenting, recipes, must-haves & more. Welcome to Modern Day MomsModern Day Moms is a publication with articles centered around the latest trends, crafts, recipes, must-haves & more. Home decors, jewelleries & accessories, flowers bouquets and cakes are a few among the wide range of gifts.
So have a look, and you will definitely bounce from your comfortable chair and come out with something truly personal, nice handmade gifts.
And every single year, time runs out in November and there I am on December 1st, getting the last minute chocolate calendars available at every grocery store on the planet. Because within that week by the time you struggle to pop out that sliver of chocolate, you manage to shake the calendar as you’re doing so. Except instead of fancy folding, I got out my stapler and did this on both ends after filling them with chocolates and treats. Now you can make sure that your family doesn’t throw away all your toilet paper rolls either. The combination of Halloween and Christmas, the reuse, the simple but classic embellishments… Do you have any tips on how to go through 24 rolls of toilet paper in 20 days?
I’m going to take a tp roll with me when I go shopping for little goodies to put inside!Thanks for the great idea. You have all these ideas and then it’s January and the lull hits and you go Oh man I was supposed to make this and that. And I thought it was my imagination but I think this needs to be written about and made into a post in the New Year. For instance, a DVD-burner laser diode would need about 200-250mA of power at about 2.5-3 volts(for any long life span to actually be expected of the diode).
The LM317 can easily control current up to 1.5Amps but would require sufficient cooling to actually remain operational for a reasonable time. I personally prefer the smaller package from DigiKey only because it is much easier to pack into small spaces.
If the laser diode happens to disconnect from the capacitor and then reconnect while the capacitor is charged, then that?ll be worse than the spike from the battery itself!
However I'd like to know if only a capacitor and a potentiometer could work with 3 AAA batteries, because this whole driver circuit will never fit into a flashlight I have, and if possible I'll try to use this one instead of buying another one, thanks ! However keep in mind the voltage must be at least 2 volts above the planned output voltage. I really hope this answered most of the questions anyone had in mind, but I will surely add some more to make it even more complete. I'll include a list of SMD parts from DigiKey to help those in need of making their own mini-regulator. You are right, a capacitor doesn't regulate the voltage, it just dampens the voltage spikes I also hate to be retaliatory if this does actually sound like that, but I have explained all of that in my guide. Whether it’s simply fixing a leaky toilet, helping me re-arrange a room or tackling a big DIY project. For those limited to yard space and need a great way to store your herbs, this solution will do the trick. Most are handmade by skilled traditional artisans and eco-friendly as well – a genuine reason for you to choose MatrimonyGifts. Yet they are the most priceless gifts your loved one will value, cherishing it for lifetime.
31, there are plenty of things you can create with minimal effort, just in time for Halloween.
This causes random chocolates on other dates that you have yet to open, to fall out of their respective holders and land at the bottom of the calendar box.
Can’t wait till my (yet-to-be-born) son is old enough for me to start doing the advent calendar thing.

Last year Rita was the first to open (that means she takes odd numbers) and Katya was the second (she takes even numbers).
Because I can tell a project from yourself and several other bloggers I read every week even without any text on the pics.
One of the best things to have in a laser diode driver is variable voltage AND current supply.
Direct Current voltage turns a capacitor into an open-circuit (a cut wire), and thus any spike or change in line regulation would work first on charging up this capacitor. Laser diodes are, unfortunately, a very light load when wired directly to a battery, and an alkaline battery would easily put out about 500mA or more, and lithiums put out 2 or 3 times that much! With a respectable regulated power supply, this circuit could power a laser diode without the need for any batteries.
The downside is that the bigger package has a small heat sink already on the LM317T, thus making it more usable for higher power ratings. Make sure it is something you can fine tune to a reasonable level as that gives you better control over the current supply.
He won’t be happy I found this list of weekend project ideas to enhance our home, but oh well, it’s good for him!
The myth that surrounds handmade gifts is that they are hard to make and only specialized persons can do.
Suddenly your child is opening dates without any chocolate and by the 22nd you’ve got 10 chocolates lodged at the bottom ready to be eaten.
Though I’ll probably be like you and do the cardboard window kind more often than make my own.
I prepare the equal set of gifts and mix them along the month, but put every kid’s set into her own part of calendar pockets (even or odd). This is sure to be an item that many would like to replicate and use on all of their home made projects. This guide will use a capacitor as a voltage regulator since the battery's voltage is, for the most part, already regulated and stable, while all we need to do is limit the current that we let flow into the diode.
Only clear out as much of the noise as possible to make it well suited to run a laser diode. I could have made 2 separate calendars but…oh come on, do I even need to explain that part? When a battery is left unused for a while, the first burst of energy dispelled from the battery can spike up to 10 times the average power of the battery! Although very simplistic, it is not that common to find a flashlight with the right current regulation, and most of us would like to be able to control the current supply by using a potentiometer. I use the term compact size because it is in fact a LOT smaller than trying to regulate things using single devices all around.
If you do not want your diode to live any kind of expected life or do not mind, do not regulate the current. This week we take the onus of breaking the myth, by presenting DIY craft ideas, that makes or complements with your gifts. To be more on the safe side, you can get a higher capacitance and a higher voltage rating, but it all depends on personal preference. These simple, cute, small gifts will make a gift of their own or just be another decorative, that will stand out, due to handmade substance. This burst is very small and very short that in most situations would not even kill the laser diode, but there are times when the burst packs some power along with it, supplying well over a watt of energy to the diode. A capacitor will work to regulate the line up to the maximum power that it can soak up as fast as it could.
I used a 5 ohm resistor connected to a three cell battery pack using Nimh batteries, and was driving the diode with 175ma's. Therefore, if you want to use mutiple capacitors with different benefits (Max voltage and big capacitance for instance) you need to make sure that BOTH positive and negative leads on the capacitors are connected together.

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