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Pull Out Drawers and Shelves are a great way of utilising space in your home, especially in the kitchen where Drawer space can be at a premium. Drawer Runners UK bring all of the top Pull Out Drawers suppliers in the Uk together, so buying Pull Out Drawers online has never been easier. After all, my pantry is a skinny cabinet (24" deep), that was working fairly well on storing products. One of the biggest troubles I had when contemplating how to build the drawers were the dimensions, the width and and how deep into the cabinet they should go. The drawers are screwed to the front face, from there to the back of the cabinet I had 23-½", the drawers were 22" deep. The slides inside the cabinet were screwed to the face frame and on the back of the cabinet to 1x2 supports installed flush to the face frame.
Once the 1 x 2 supports were in place, it was time to install the inner slides for the first drawer, the one at the bottom of the cabinet. In order to prevent the drawer getting stuck with that lip you have to install the slides high enough for the drawer to come out freely. Now you can place the slide on top of the samples and mark your points on the face frame and the back support. After the first drawer is installed, you just need to know what you want to store in there to give it the proper space and then you can continue installing the next shelf, keeping it level.
I have to say, I’ve been so impressed and completely wowed by the kitchens that have been unveiled so far on Reno Rumble.
Let’s take a look at the two kitchen reveals below and hear from the home owners on what they thought of the transformed spaces.

Alice was in dire need of Carly and Leighton’s help to breathe new life into her crumbling kitchen. Josh and Jenna came to the rescue of home owner Stefani, whose busy family kitchen was looking worse for wear.
The Redback’s have certainly delivered a kitchen that ticks all the boxes, don’t you think? I prefer C&L but I actually disagree with the judges I hate those handles they put on!!
Pull Out Drawers and Shelves can be utilised for a range of things from display cabinets to TV and DVD displays, all of which can be designed to save space.
If you want to find bargain Pull Out Drawers prices from top suppliers then look no further than our directory and product listings below, taking you to where you need to go.
I said "fairly well" but perhaps I should say "really well", because whatever got in there, stayed IN there!
That's why I took measurements of what we used, so in case you're building your own you can relate to this. You place as many as you want on each side, they are going to keep the slides level, I think we used 7 on each side. The finishes are amazing, the design elements are all there and each one differs wonderfully from the next. A galley kitchen with very little bench space, there was also no room for a fridge or dishwasher, leaving Alice no choice but to put them in the laundry (hashtag #NotIdeal). We love that we now have plenty of storage space and bench top space, the pull out pantry doors and the large cook top!”.

Chipped cupboard doors and drawers, a dud pantry and a layout that was less than ideal were all issues that needed addressing. The new kitchen takes up less space and provides greater functionality without sacrificing style”.
Im wondering if they can be used in most homes or have they created a certain style of roofline to accommodate them? Do you know where those stunning splashback tiles from the Blue Tongue’s kitchen are from? The blog will feature all of the usual decorating hints, tips and news you know and love, with some extra kitchen-themed posts thrown in for good measure. I don't have a table saw, and the miter saw I own is so cheap, I don't trust it any more for precise cuts. In one of our family reunions he heard me talking about my pains and tribulations with this pantry. It would be great if they told you the stockists, paint and tile choices etc they make on this show similar to what they do on The Block. We can see everything in the pantry and easily stack, store and access whatever it is we want to use”.

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