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August 8, 2013 by Erika For some reason, the urgency to start my Spring cleaning never really hit.
Storage bins are an easy way to corral all kinds of stuff – toys, fabric, supplies, projects-in-process. I hope you'll subscribe to our weekly newsletter or follow us to get updates and great new ideas that you can make! January 7, 2015 By Michele McDonald 22 Comments A couple of months ago I shared some new storage we added to the living room by utilizing the shelf on our Sauder multi-cart, but didn’t tell you how I made the storage which is what I want to share with you today! And even better, they hold all of the loose Legos (read not the ones in kits) my boys have. I knew I was going to have to custom make storage bins for this cart because the space is so large.
Center each piece of fusible interfacing to the back of the side pieces of the outer fabric and iron on.
Repeat the process with the lining fabric, minus the interfacing step, and when finished, leave it wrong side out.
I miss-measured when purchasing my liner fabric and didn’t have enough for the base so I subbed in some remnant muslin I had in my stash.
Follow the directions on the Stitch Witchery to add it along the folded over edge of the liner fabric.
We have approximately 30 lbs of loose Legos in these bins and, let me tell you, my boys LOVE dragging them out to play!
This is so beautiful and well designed.Thank you for sharing this tutorial Michele, Storage Elm Park Ltd. Hmmm, I would think the heavy weight fusible interfacing should be able to hold the bins up regardless of the fabric. Today is a simple reminder and hopefully some inspiration to help those of you struggling with organization as a New Year’s resolution for 2013.
Do you have any old jeans that are sitting in your wardrobe for a long time and you don’t want to wear any more, because they are worn out or out of fashion? Although I am for sure not the guru for storage and organization, I have learned some helpful tips to stay organized and prevent too much clutter (because if you know me there will always be a LITTLE clutter).

And hung them on knobs, which were attached to strips of wood.  Now I have more of my most used items, right next to me while I sew. I can also easily grab the whole container and use it elsewhere if needed, and then return it to its hook.  Simple. Then, I used a piece of paper to cut out a shape for the back part of each container, so that it would be straight and uniform.  Then I traced it onto each container, with a permanent marker.
For the hole, I poked one point of the scissors into the center of the circle, and then cut around the marker line.
For the main rectangle piece of each wall hanging, I used a 2 foot long piece of wood that was 1 inch thick and 6 inches wide. And to finish it off, I spray painted my wood, let it dry, sanded the edges of the wood a bit, attached each of the knobs, and hung up my new piece of organizational beauty! Edited To Add: The knobs that I used are the kind that you place the screw in through the back and then screw the knob onto the end of the screw poking out the front. Omgoodness… I am totoally going to make this for my little brothers legos probably with laundry soap containers.
I love this idea, I need to make something like this for my girls toothbrushes and tooth paste!! Thank you, this is a wonderful idea and your tutorial is beautifully done – thanks for sharing the little details like the sandpaper, the goo-gone suggestion, and the paper template.
I don’t know if you have one or shop there, but the Costco brand milk cartons would work great! What a FABULOUS idea…my son and I are working on remodeling my home (I love with my hubby in his home) and I think this would be perfect for his bathroom. Today, many folks are incorporating an outdoor storage bench into their garden or yard.  If you are not excited about adding a large storage shed to your property, but you are still looking for a safe, secure way to store and protect your tools and gardening equipment, outdoor storage bins or benches may be a great option. If you have youngsters or pets at home, an outdoor storage container is a great place to store your power tools or other potentially dangerous items. Every time I opened my storage closet while dodging random falling items, I told myself I’d organize that someday.
I did use a heavier cotton for mine, but it did seem like the interfacing was doing most of the work.

There are many creative ways to re-purpose your old jeans into something useful, such as a handbag, shorts, a bracelet and so on.
I love that the whole container can be pulled right off the board — so much more convenient than having to look through something permanently attached. We don’t use the disinfectant wipes much, but I was think the coffee creamer bottles would work too. But I drilled a hole all the way through but these knobs are the kind that you place the screw in through the back and then screw the knob onto the end of the screw poking out the front. Storage benches also come in a variety of different materials – from wood to cement, plastic, or other materials, you can easily find a deck storage bench that fits in perfectly with your garden, bench, or backyard pool or pond. Most come with an optional lock or a place to add a pad lock, which allows you to ensure the safety of your family and pets.
Not only was I able to get the fit I needed but the color and style I was going for as well. If you wish to share my ideas or projects you can post ONE photo with a link back to my original tutorial. So often, youngsters are curious and like to play with whatever they see mommy or daddy using at home.
The Folger’s site even makes cute artwork that can be attached to the indentations after you remove their label. That could mean cooking, gardening, or cleaning supplies – all of which have the potential to be very dangerous. Did you drill the holes all the way through the wood and leave the ends of the screws poking out? So often people do not give much thought to the potentially dangerous tools, chemicals, and equipment in their yards.

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