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I was considering using a vinyl material since it's cheaper, but would you recommend it for a tilt-out window? In addition to choosing your window's style and type of operating mechanism, there are other practical decisions to make. Window frames can be made of wood (which may be clad with aluminum or vinyl on the exterior portions), vinyl, fiberglass, or metal. Consult with a knowledgeable salesperson at a home center or window supply source to choose the best window for your situation and budget.
R-value measures the window's ability to prevent heat transfer -- how it keeps uncomfortable temperatures outside and comfortable temperatures inside. U-value (or U-factor) is essentially the inverse of the R-value; it measures the tendency to transfer heat. Solar gain (also called solar heat gain coefficient, or SHGC) indicates how much the window will heat a room when the sun is shining. In northern climates sealing out cold is the primary concern; in southern areas there is more concern for keeping out the heat.
Wood generally costs more than vinyl, and it periodically needs to be sealed with paint or finish to prevent rotting and sun damage.
To make a wood window more durable, many manufacturers apply a cladding of aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass to the exterior portions only.
A flanged window attaches to the house with a flange that is nailed or screwed to the exterior sheathing.
In addition to the materials shown on these pages, some manufacturers make fiberglass windows. A double-hung window is the most common type, because of its versatility and ease of operation. A well-made and tightly installed storm window can do wonders for an old window, greatly increasing its insulating properties by trapping several inches of air thickness between the window and the storm window.
Single-glazed windows, with a single pane of glass in each sash, are the most affordable type, but they allow plenty of heat transfer, making for hefty heating and air-conditioning costs.
A double-glazed pane, also called insulating glass (IG) or thermal glass, dramatically increases a window's energy efficiency. You can increase a double-pane's energy insulation by ordering it with argon or krypton gas between the panes rather than air. A removable grid attaches over a single pane to provide the look of an old-fashioned window or door with muntins and many small panes of glass.
This story shows you how to build a temporary support for the ceiling for use while installing a new window.
When framing for a window in a new location, it is usually easiest to cut an opening in the interior drywall that is quite a bit larger than the window opening. It is also usually easiest to leave the exterior sheathing and siding in place while you cut the studs and build the framing. In this arrangement an existing wall stud is used as a king stud on one side, and a 2x2 or 2x4 cleat is attached to the stud on the other side to provide a nailing surface for patching the drywall after the window is installed. You will need at least one new king stud (see the left side of the opening in the illustration below), which is the same length as the other existing studs.
Install a king-and-cripple stud combo by wedging the king stud between the top and bottom plates. If patching walls will be difficult (as when you have plaster walls), you may choose to slip the new framing in. Slip the new header into the opening and slide in a jack stud at either end to hold the header up.
Caution: If you have not already done so, install a temporary support for the wall before you start cutting. Set the blade of a circular saw to full depth, and check to make sure it is square to the saw's baseplate.
To build the header, cut two pieces of 2x6 or 2x8 to the width of the opening plus 3 inches. If you've got the right window, and are careful when hanging it go drill into the studs, you'll have a great canopy for your bed in no time.

Now in stock-the new Spring 2014 issue seen above as well as the other past issues pictured. Here is a window shelf made by reader G Collins, from old barn wood and an old antique window. Kim did this quick project for her Daisy Cottage: "This old window pane was one of many given away for free from a neighbor's home. They were designed by Linda Smith of The Blue Gate(see pic on left) in Wills Point, Texas. This is a great display, using 2 glass-less windows, hinged together with spoons hanging from them. I painted one side of each window green,then DH attached the 2 windows together with L-brackets,then he measured the width of the open ends to decide how big to make the box.
I had a window that was too heavy so I traded with a friend for a smaller, lighter weight window.
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In general you will pay more for a window that has greater insulating properties and a greater ability to hold up against the elements. Higher-quality (and generally costlier) windows have better weatherstripping to keep air from filtering in around the sashes.
But when the mercury drops well below freezing, many types of weatherstripping shrink and stiffen, becoming brittle and eventually cracking. The least expensive windows come in standard sizes, which you may be able to simply pick up at a home center or window and door supply source. Solar gain is a good thing when the weather is cold, but it can definitely raise air-conditioning costs during the summer. In lower-quality models, the weatherstripping (which is typically fuzzy) is not durable, and some of the plastic parts may break, especially when the window is tilted out for cleaning. This map gives a general idea of the types of windows that are appropriate for each region; consult local window dealers for more specific recommendations. Beware, however, of cheap windows with this feature; the hardware could break while you tilt them out and snap them back in.
Fiberglass is stronger than vinyl, less prone to contracting and expanding, and less likely to warp.
In an older window the pane is usually held in place with glazing compound (putty) on the outside.
These are not common, because the extra insulation they offer is not generally considered worth the significant extra cost. This will require you to patch the walls afterward, but installing framing -- especially the header -- inside a wall is difficult. When framing always work carefully to produce a structure that presents a smooth face for the drywall. If framing a cavity push the king-and-cripple stud halfway behind the drywall and drive angled 10d nails or 2-inch screws.
Hold a level atop the jack stud and mark across the studs to indicate the bottom of the header. Complete your marking by using a square to mark across each of the studs to ensure a square cut.
I took a long narrow old window and simply added 4 table legs (they don't even match) and old trim as skirting between the legs. I painted it and sanded it and then put an old blackboard in it (I know it looks kind of like a mirror)that I found in our basement when we moved in. You can find her wonderful one of a kind garden accessories at Canton Trades Day in Canton, Texas. It is usually most cost-effective in the long run to install the best window you can afford. The window glass may be single-, double-, or even triple-paned, and it may be treated with a coating that keeps warmth inside during the winter and outside during the summer.

U-factor refers to rate of heat transfer; solar gain refers to the heat that penetrates the glass.
Some are made with stain-quality wood, but windows that use wood with obvious joints will not look good stained; plan to paint instead. In most cases, tinted vinyl and fiberglass can be painted with no problem, but paint may have trouble sticking to white vinyl. The gas will leach out, but very slowly; after 20 years the pane will retain 90 percent of its original gas. If you have plaster walls, you may want to try the surgical method shown on the opposite page. However if you will be replacing the siding anyway, you can cut a large opening in the exterior at the same time you cut the interior opening. Use a reciprocating saw to slice through the studs above and below, taking into account the widths of the header and sill.
Lay the 2xs on top of each other to determine which direction (if any) they "crown," bend upward in the middle. If using two pieces fasten one piece to the top of the cripple studs, then add the second piece. I thinned down some white paint to "white-wash" it,and painted the inside of the box with thinned down green paint. WC architectural frame add according to your landscape.Frames with simple jig your class correctly Build Wood Screen Frame-5.
If the window is delivered with a flaw, is damaged in shipment, or is the wrong size (as can happen), you will have to reorder. The interior stool (often called the inside sill) is typically just wide enough for a small plant; if it were wider, people would bump into it.
I love the vintage look that my wood framed windows have, but they're not very energy efficient.
If the window has brick molding or a flange, you will need to cut back the siding to accommodate it.
Then he screwed old porch spindles(they were already white,a great yard sale find) on for legs on the outside of the box,screwing them from the inside,turning it into a table. I think the most important thing is choosing a sturdy window and how you secure it to the ceiling.
Vinyl can be painted (it helps to apply alcohol-base primer first), but the paint may peel and need to be reapplied after a few years.
Stop moldings and parting stops must be precisely aligned so they can seal the window, yet allow sashes to slide up and down easily. Position a spacer every 8 or 10 inches, lay the second 2x on top, and drive two or three 3-inch screws. Then the windows were fastened to the table with hinges on the outside of the windows to the box.
It could be quite heavy and you need to choose ceiling anchors and chain appropriate to the weight of your pans. Building enclosures tresle Wicket panels on angstrom operating room patio down radical is group alone should stimulate a groovy route to hit it to defend against primary columns ii this Convention may 7th cranial nerve look like a fence. The weight-and-pulley system shown here is typical of older wood windows; newer windows use friction or springs to keep the sashes in place when they are raised. I've heard that vinyl windows are more energy efficient, so I might look more into having them installed to help me save a few extra bucks on my heating bill.
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Wooden trellis designs for bridges and aesthetic trellis designs including metal and wood trellis for vines and flowers Build Wood Screen Frame-5.

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