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March 2, 2014 by Sewplicity I love walking around stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels just to see the fun home decorations that they sell. While your blocks are drying, take time to cut your decorative paper into small squares that will fit on the blocks. When all the filing is done, grab the Mod Podge again and coat every side of every block to set the paper.
Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut out small squares of paper that will fit snugly on each side of the blocks. Brush a coat of Mod Podge on one side of a block and press either a paper square or letter shape over the glue. Once all of the block sides have decoration on them and are dry, go back and apply one to two more coats of decoupage over all of the surfaces. We are planning to use our blocks as decor on a shelf only for the first year or two with our babe. NOTE: Mod Podge is non-toxic and water based, so it is safe for children to handle and to craft with. 11 DIY Wooden Block Toys To Entertain Your Kids - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.

It’s Shannon from Madigan Made again and I’m back to share another simple decoupage craft.
It would be a perfect beginner project if you are looking for a simple kids craft to try this summer with your family.
This color will serve as a base color that will potentially show along the edges of the paper squares or behind your letters. Again,  you may have to work in stages to allow for drying time before flipping to the other side. Older kids can definitely play with these blocks, but I would supervise very young children with them. By day, she is a pharmacist and by night she shares simple ideas for crafts, decor and much more with her readers. I don’t think I’ve told you this, but my husband and I are expecting our first baby later this summer!
What’s great about this project is that you (or your child) can customize these blocks however you want. If possible, I would not let them put the blocks in their mouth for more that a brief moment since Mod Podge is not food safe.

She also craves chocolate, loves a thrifty find and tries (often unsuccessfully) to avoid glue gun burns. Wooden blocks are usually painted in various colors, stenciled with animals, letters and numbers to teach your kids – such a great idea to learn while playing!
We are so excited and I’ve been working on a bunch of projects for our little girl’s nursery.
The blocks can match a room’s decor or your child can cut out their favorite pictures, stickers or patterns to make the blocks their own. Then, begin to work your way around all the surfaces of each block to cover the sides of each one. The tutorial is pretty simple – just buy some wooden blocks of the desired size and use alphabet stickers or stencils with letter, numbers or any other symbols you want. You may have to work in stages to allow one side to dry before working on the opposite side of the block.

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