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For the decoration on the wreath, you could use anything you want- just eggs or eggs in a nest, silk flowers, paper flowers, or you could get really fancy with a jigsaw or wood working tool and DIY some wooden flowers.
For even more ideas, visit Lowes Cre­ative Ideas and fol­low along with Lowe’s on Pin­ter­est or on Instagram!
I would’ve never thought to use supplies from the hardware store to make a wreath like this.
DIY Frame VasesTo Create A Flower Masterpiece - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Make some gorgeous flower fairy wooden peg dolls using simple materials, for creative play times and imaginative storytelling! I started by painting the bodies of the dolls using ordinary block water-colour paints and water.
Using small pieces of coloured felt, matching the bodies of the dolls, I cut them into semi-circular shapes with petal shaped edging. To make the flower crowns I cut small rectangles of felt in matching colours to the cloaks, then cut 5 of the same petal shapes along it. T he girls have loved playing with the flower fairies and, combined with the totally gorgeous rainbow gnomes that we received from Pocket Treasures, they have now got a lovely little collection of woodland folk to make up imaginative stories with! We’d love to share with you how one of our recent and incredible brides Jackie assembled her own wooden flower bouquet to carry down the aisle with her. Flowers are a wonderful decoration for every house, but to display them in the perfect way you need great shelves and boxes which will make a complete embellishment in your garden. Every homeowner has some flowers in pots in front of the house, on the patio, balcony or in the backyard and every homeowner wants that their pots match the beauty of their flowers or trees. For this project you will need 8 lumber boards (1 x 1? inch) 18 inches long (hardwood if possible), 38 lumber boards (1 x 1? inch) 13? inches long (hardwood if possible), 3 lumber boards (1 x 3? inch) 13? inch long (hardwood if possible), wood screws (2 inch), wood glue, cordless drill, hammer, nails (2? inch) and a hand saw or a jigsaw.
First cut all the lumber in proper dimensions using a hand saw or a jigsaw  (if you haven’t already bought wood of wanted size).
Now take two corner parts which you made in previous step and connect them with 13? inches boards like in the picture below. When your two side panels are finished you will connect them on both sides with 13? inch boards like in the picture below.

We advise you to put at least two coats of primer sealer in the inside of the pot if you are putting the soil directly into the pot.
Our mantel area definitely needed a refresh with spring decor and the mirror needed a wreath! Try to smooth out any bunching (or make sure that part is in the back and try to wrap evenly so you have fairly even spacing between the frayed ends that show. You can also sign up to receive their free Cre­ative Ideas Mag­azine, which is full of all kinds of ideas & inspi­ra­tion! These Waldorf-inspired toys are so quick and easy to make and require no sewing, making them the perfect gift for children.
The natural wood absorbed the colours really well and still looked bright and vibrant after drying.
These then became the little flower cloaks, being simply wrapped around the bodies and attached with UHU glue along the edges and at the crossover. I stuck the crown on the front of the fairy’s head, glue spread on the reverse side of the bottom edge. Two of my son’s friends are turning 4 soon, both girls who enjoy making things, so I plan to make up a little gift package with the plain dolls, paints, felt flower cloaks etc. Take note that the aformentioned dimensions can be changed in scale if you want a bigger or smaller pot. It is always better to fully understand the plan and the concept before you start with the project.
As you can see this is the project that anyone with no woodworking experience can finish in a couple of hours. If you want your pot to look beautiful for a long time we advise you to paint it with exterior paint on the outside also. So, I decided to make a simple spring wreath with a few easy supplies from Lowe’s (plus a few craft supplies) to match some of our other spring decor! For the flowers, I covered them with some scrapbooking paper that matches another piece of decor on the mantel. You’ll need a drill, some PVC, a piece of Lexan, shelf pins, silicone and some simple instruments.

Where the two petals either side of the face reached the cloak, I folded them slightly upwards and forwards, and applied a little dot of extra glue to make them face forwards. It’ll be a dual-purpose pressie – hopefully an enjoyable afternoon making the dolls, and then lots of fun playing with them! Actually if you activate your creativity and inventiveness you can make some wonderful flower display by yourself. Flower pots, especially big ones, can cost a lot of money and the quality of craftsmanship and materials are questionable. First drill four holes with a small bit on each board, put a stripe of wood glue and then connect two boards with wood screws. Then use three wider boards and nail them from the inside of the pot on the boards which you previously nailed sideways like in the picture below.
We found some little sticky paper flowers in our craft stash that are meant for scrap-booking projects, and used them to add a little detail to the front of the cloaks.
Are these the same type of wooden pegs that you can get at craft shops like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s? In this article we’ve rounded up 10 easy DIY projects for making amazing shelves and window boxes for you flower pots.
We always prefer natural materials and therefore we are presenting you this tutorial on how to make DIY wooden flower pot.
Always first drill small holes because otherwise the board may crack when you try to screw without holes. Once that was dry, I used an X-ACTO knife to cut out the excess paper (to show the petal shape).
Dry-clamp the front and back Lexan panels against the assembled vases and position the top. I like how the flowers on the wreath match our spring wooden blocks (more on those coming soon).

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