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With summer underway, I set out to transform my small 5 ft x 9 ft balcony into an intimate al fresco dining area able to seat 4 to 5 people. Use corner clamps to hold the pieces together (adding wood glue before doing this will make the joints stronger but skipping the glue will allow you to easily disassemble the bench later). For my project, I made two benches, added cushions and built privacy panels to complete my corner booth DIY dining area (you can see how I built the privacy panels in this video). I love how my DIY al fresco dining area turned out and it’s been a wonderful place to enjoy warm summer evenings with friends and family. Hi Ana, Not at all, I just wanted to change things up and redo my balcony – both benches worked really well! The gal at Shelstring actually made this by hand using leftover wood and logs along with the creative inspiration of her 9-year-old son. 52 outdoor bench plans: the mega guide to free garden, Green wood rustic twig bench the garden bench. Most of us are really busy, and if we end up spending several weekends in the yard finishing projects, they tend to not get finished. Image Credits: Home is Where They Love You, Shelstring Blog, Family Handyman, Family Handyman, Apartment Therapy, HGTV Gardens, Family Handyman, Apprentice Extrovert, How Does She? I am absolutely gobsmacked by the simplicity of these projects particularly because I have never seen them elsewhere!
All in all great idea but, as I already said above – requires some preparation and minimal knowledge.
Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can MakeI don't like the idea of adding chemicals to our environment, whenever it can be helped. What better way to relax at home in the summer than to sit on an outdoor bench that you’ve made yourself? Minimal carpentry skills, pre-cut lumber from a home center or lumberyard, and simple tools are all you need to make benches for a deck or patio. Intermediate carpentry skills and building plans for the mission-style bench you want, plus a weekend of construction time, are what you need to make a useful outdoor bench.
Bent twig furniture is creative, unusual and particularly suited to a rustic or garden area.

Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, photo shoots, and more. Having that many chairs on such a small balcony would have been cumbersome, so instead I decided to build simple wood benches to make a corner booth. I saw your video on youtube where you used shoe boxes to make your bench, did the wood not work?
When I first saw a picture of this diy bench project I couldn’t believe it was handmade.
Together they created a beautiful bench so they could just sit back, relax and enjoy the nature of their own back yard. I'm Jacky an avid gardener & diy'er who loves to be outdoors and anything that involves nature. I like simple, and fast for most of the DIY projects I do…probably because, if you ask Steve, I have an issue with patience. From Family Handyman, these free plans for this wooden benchA are easy to follow and for the novice. This is quite a project for this budget, and could take your garden to wow factor in…yes, just one day! Tips, Ideas and ProjectsI happen to live in a house just one street in from a river canyon. Five planks of treated wood or cedar in whatever length is desired, framed and mounted atop four to six sturdy 4-by-4 posts, provides sturdy, long-lasting seating. Build a garden bench completely from sapling trees and branches or convert wooden garage sale or salvaged furniture into twig creations by replacing backs and arms with bent twigs and branches. Salvage tree trunk pieces when removing a tree or from municipal or utility tree removal services and use them as bench bases with planks of wood.
Great idea if you have a slope you don’t know what to do with, or want to bring a more Zen feel to the garden.
It has truly gotten more attention than I ever thought it would and the funny thing is, it really was done in a day. I pinned it yesterday, and was gladly surprised that there were 5 pinners who pinned from me!

I helped my neighbor do this at his house 15 years ago and he has since replaced it with stamped concrete (which costs a lot more but looks much better. Also it requires preparation of the ground below it, don’t just put it straigt on the soil if you expect it to stay intact.
There are many different styles of outdoor benches for decks, patios, gardens and other areas. Get plans from books at the library or from online sources (see References) and have seat parts cut at a lumberyard or cut them yourself with a table saw.
Chisel out parts of an old tree trunk to fit large rocks under it for a really rustic bench. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! Can’t see any fillers in this expample also – those faux cobblestones need gap filling!
Backless benches, mission-style benches, circular and octagonal benches surrounding trees, and bent twig benches are among many creative styles of do-it-yourself outdoor furniture.
Remove wire handles from old utility buckets, paint them brown or green and use them as bench legs with old closet doors or fence sections for the seat. Screw together three or four armless wooden chairs (found at a garage sale or salvaged) for a quick and easy bench. Hey guys!I have been taking advantage of our crazy weather here in Texas over the last couple weeks! I have read reviews on both and am not sure if the K5 is better just because it is newer or just stick with the K4.

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