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A cold frame can be as simple as a few strawbales placed on the ground to support a salvaged window. Read our cold frame greenhouses article for more details about cold frames, and free plans to make your own. The more serious greenhouse farmer will want to graduate to building a high tunnel greenhouse. High tunnel houses are most fragile to wind damage, I know some farmers that put up a beautiful high tunnel greenhouse in Victoria that only lasted a week due to the stiff winds in that city. One of the best free guides to building your own high tunnel greenhouse is this article by Mother Earth news. While cold frames and high tunnels are well within the construction skills of an average greenhouse farmer, a permanent hothouse-style greenhouse requires a higher degree of competence  Folks without strong framing skills should consider purchasing a pre-built kit from a consumer greenhouse supply company. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. There are many possibilities for the main materials used in wooden greenhouse plans to throw untreated wood treated with many cost-conscious gardeners even recycled wood from scrap yards, old furniture and even the removal tool of the kind neighbors. The greenhouse design you choose will depend on location, architecture, cost the overall growing area needed.
But used with regard to the species, the following are the most common:* Treated Pine is the cheapest option with additional benefits in the long term, resistant to water and rot the.
A cold frame can be put together with materials most people already have on hand inside an afternoon. Fortunately, the components for a high tunnel are fairly cheap, and the entire project should only take up a weekend.
A properly built greenhouse can take up to a week of time, assuming you have the right tools for the job.

You want to create the ideal environment for your plants to grow in and that is the most important factor to consider. The only obvious victim is the simple look.* Black locust is also water-and rot-proof with a lifespan of 15 years at most. If you decide to go ahead and build your own greenhouse, then you should take into account the following factors; Greenhouse location Type of greenhouse Flooring and type of Foundation Materials needed for construction Systems for the Environment 1) The Location of your Greenhouse The most important factor to consider when building your greenhouse from plans. With his hard composition, beautiful colors and excellent durability, Acacia is also favored price-conscious gardener greenhouse.* Redwood is known for its warm color and long grains, which make it a good material for greenhouse gases, have announced the same qualities of decay, rot and water resistance.
As a result, many commercial growers use large arrays of high tunnel greenhouses for crop production. Many wooden greenhouse plans Redwood recommend for beginners because of its easy workability.* Cedar is the most popular woods, where builders are concerned.
This is because the wood has a sharp, but still rustic beauty and extreme durability on the one hand coupled with resistance to rot, decay and water.* Is of course also a wooden greenhouse require other materials to complete it. These materials are aluminum and PVC pipes for pipes and plastic sheets and glass for the roof and walls. Be wary of any trees near the greenhouse and make sure that the shade they provide will not interfere. There are 2 basic types; the free-standing structure and the lean-to type which can be attached to your garage or home. The benefits are that this type of greenhouse will have ready access to heat, electricity and water. The drawback is that it can have limited ventilation and sunlight, but they tend to be the least expensive. Another would be the availability of lots of space. You also get a window mounted type of lean-to greenhouse.

This is predominantly a glass enclosure and would generally extend about a foot from your window. If you’re only looking to grow a few plants and to save a bit of money, then this would be the option for you.
The free standing type of greenhouse would not be limited by space for they are free standing structures as the name suggests. These types of greenhouses would normally require their own heating, electricity and water sources. 4) Materials for the Structure to use Just like a house, your greenhouse should have a solid foundation. Your greenhouse will also need a covering and you will have to decide on the materials to be used. 5) Systems for the Environment Once all your greenhouse plans are in place, you have to consider maintenance.
You will have to take into consideration elements such as lighting systems, cooling, ventilation, heating elements and automation. Choose your greenhouse plans carefully for the challenge might be more demanding than you think.
Making the right decision will be the difference between bragging rights over your ‘green fingers’ and possible failure.

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