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Today, I went to see director Joe Berlinger's new documentary Crude, about the toxic mess left behind when Texaco withdrew from the Ecuadorian Amazon in the 1990s.
Way back when I was first contemplating the possibility of the No Impact Man project, my main concern was with finding ways to bring attention to our environmental crises. This weekend, I needed to paint the bathroom, so I thought I'd let you in on the fact that eco-paints, which are better for the planet, are way better for me to have in my house, and more importantly, way better for my little girl.
Lest you all think, that with my recent calls for collective action, that I have abandoned individual action, please read my post at WorldChanging about how the two are in separable. PS Did you guys know that the man character in this week's Law & Order was apparently modeled after me? So, New York State Senator Klein and I have rearranged our meeting to discuss bicycling and transportation policy in New York City for this coming Tuesday, October 14.
So Tuesday we'll talk about--I hope--how policy might be changed to avoid such confrontations between cars and bikes.
Bikers save us carbon emissions, health care costs, transportation infrastructure costs and more.
And we could make a transportation system based on biking, walking and transit that was so good and so popular that, in cities like New York, none of us even wanted to use a car.
This is the kind of commerce not where you feel like you are parted from your hard-earned money for something you don’t even like and of whose value you are suspicious.
I’m thinking of Steffen Schneider, head farmer of Hawthorne Valley farm would tell me a couple of months later when I went to visit his farm. The herd grazes all day on 60 acres [this figure is inaccurate, by the way] of grass and once a day the cows are brought in to be milked.
First of all, the cows ate the living grass, which carried the life force of the earth, the organisms within the earth, the rain, the clouds, the sun, the entire universe and the grass itself.
This carrying of life force, maybe explains my little girl’s rocking horse and why I feel so sentimental about it.
Later we would find, in a little boutique in a flea market on 26th Street, a Louis Vitton blue and white striped shirt. And when I see Michelle in that striped shirt, and I think of saving the drag queen’s life, I finally realize that when we bought that shirt, we did.
So you know, when you're on a carless vacation, one thing you find out is that you're allowed on bikes lots of places where cars aren't. First off, on the ferry to and from Shelter Island, out here on the tip of Long Island, you can get straight on with a bike while cars wind back in a line that lasts half a mile.
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If you want to know how people are breaking out and and finding authentic, meaningful lives that help our world, check it out the blog here and sign up to join the conversation here. I listened to a man talk about how his little boy died 24 hours after a Texaco oil spill tainted the water supply. I wanted everyone to change.As I thought of different ways to write about the crises, I began to worry that I would only be preaching to the choir. That goes for everything from not using plastic water bottles to riding bikes instead of driving in cars. You may remember that the Senator and I had an altercation (read here, here and here) after he nearly veered his black Mercedes into me when I was riding my bike. It's not about forcing everyone to ride bikes, it's about respecting the fact that those who do ride bikes are actually doing us all a favor and a service. Instead of feeling, as I might have expected, like the used rocking horse was grubby, we felt like it was alive with history and human connection. Instead of giving her a piece of molded goop that had come out of an oil well, we gave her the product of love that had come out of an old man’s heart. This is not profit extraction where you need to be sure that you are not paying too high a price and worry forever that you’ve been had. Hawthorne Valley is “biodynamic.” That is to say, at the center of Steffen’s philosophy of farming is an idea, developed by Rudolf Steiner that the farm is one big living organism. The manure collected in the cowsheds is composted and finally will become the only fertilizer for the 14-acre vegetable garden. Then, too, the grass as the cows chewed it and it worked its way through the their digestive tracts collected the life force of the cows themselves.
Build an heirloom wooden rocking horse play plans free online on that point is little else that posterior compare with the revel on a child’s face when they realize the rocking horse you bear built for. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I watched mothers crying about their 17- and 18-year-old children with cancer.People ask me, if one person or family tries to use fewer planetary resources--in this case, oil--what difference does that really make? Putting the manure of the cows on the 14-acre vegetable garden concentrated the life force of 60 acres in one place, like focusing the sun with a magnifying glass. But I would just love to find the grandfather who made that rocking horse and throw my arms around him and thank him for his heart.

This is going to make so many children happy this I build wooden gear clocks japanese joinery from plans and one of the things ane do is practice painters tape operating theater paper.
Pick up more about Kids don’t bear adequate resource to deform this into a squeamish design though. That's when I started realizing how many planetary resources me and my little family were unconsciously using up. I just want traffic policy that makes the streets safe for those who do ride their bikes--and those who would like to. The idea was to try and purchase what we needed without causing any new resources to be taken from the ground or trees to be cut down. There was something more esoteric carried by the manure that synthetic chemical fertilizers could never carry. At the market, the boutique owner, a man, said to us “I probably shouldn’t tell you this but the shirt belonged to an old drag queen who died.” She had an act. I never knew the drag queen but she conjures a wonderful brew of tragedy and a terrific pulse of life. To create a very beautiful and lasting gift The most famous of these wooden toys is king bed plans woodworking the rocking horse which amp rocking sawbuck is an excellent beginner friendly woodworking project.
I thought, if I want to help, maybe I could start with myself.Then, at a certain stage, people questioned my sincerity, because I was writing a book and a blog and someone was making a documentary. We could dedicate the vast public space that makes our city streets, not to the vehicles that drive through them, but to the people that live on them. To donate to Amazon Watch, which is fighting to help recover the costs of a clean up--estimated to be in the billions of dollars--from Chevron (who took over Texaco), click here. It costs resources to make all these things.But the point is that I wanted to make a point of leading by example.
The name was obviously the name of the child it had been made for, which gave us pause, but we just decided that it would be the name of the horse itself and we bought it for Isabella. Maybe if I was willing to ostentatiously question my lifestyle choices, others would, in turn, question theirs.
More importantly, perhaps my work would show in stark relief the cultural systems that make living sustainably so difficult for the individual.The question becomes whether the resulting change of minds and actions and engagement in the issue is worth the use of resources? I include it because I wonder if this approach suggests a way forward for changing more minds and engaging more people.What are you thoughts about ostentatious individual action and the ripple effect as an activist technique?

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