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In the same vein, the various mortises on the doora€”the recesses in which the hinges sit or the lockset slidesa€”must be carefully cut out. The good thing about doors these days is that you don't have to spring for the expense of solid wood to get its look and feel.
Place the door in the opening and insert angled blocks - shims - until centred in the opening.
Once you've chiseled out the waste wood from the mortise, turn the chisel over a€” bevel facing up a€” and scrape the mortise clean and smooth. To make a pocket (hole) for a mortise lock, first drill a series of holes, then chisel out between them to square off the recess.
To keep the face of the door from splitting as you drill, hold or clamp a scrap block of wood against the door where the drill bit will exit.
Once all the holes and mortises are finished, prime and paint or stain and finish the door. With two grown-up teenagers I know how easy it can be to damage a door, especially if you have boisterous boys in the house. Hollow core doors that you buy at Builders Warehouse cost around R350 and come in a€?one size fits alla€™, but unfortunately that is not the case.
If you need to cut off more than 30cm for the new door to fit, cut off excess from both the bottom and the top. Using the old door as a guide, measure from the top of the door to mark the position for mounting the lock and handle mechanism.
The side frames are normally about 100mm wide, so you probably wona€™t be able to go right down to the bottom, but remove as much top layer as you can on the first run and then repeat this to get down to the bottom.
You will also need to use the wood chisel to chip out a small amount of timber at the top and bottom of the slot, so that the lock mechanism sits flush with the surface of the timber once in place. In Step 4 you marked the holes for drilling out for the handle and keyholes on the door sides, use a spade bit to drill out these holes. Check that the handle and keyholes are perfectly aligned, or make any necessary adjustments before fastening the hardware in place. When buying a door lock mechanism you will see that these kits come with everything you need. Insert the spindle, position the handle on top of this and secure in place with supplied screws.
After attaching the handle on one side of the door, turn the door over to attach the other side. Let the paint dry and then have a helper hold the door in place a€“ or use shims a€“ while you attach the door to the frame hinges.

ID Studios redesigned the San Diego offices of Swinerton Builders in 2012 to provide the national contractor’s employees with a light-infused, industrial-modern workplace. When Swinerton Builders, a nationally recognized contractor, approached the designer to reinvent their San Diego office, they selected a 24,000 s.f. The first step was a new, glass-box entry structure drawing the visitor to the front door and into the high-volume lobby.
The conference room becomes the focal point with its bold orange cantilevered ceiling structure taking center stage. The most serious design challenge was resolving the requirement for multiple closed offices while maintaining natural light and open connections.
The new office environment for Swinerton reflects not only the personality of the company, but also strikes a balance between sustainability, technology and a modern vital work environment.
Not only will it look better, but it'll sound better, too, muffling all manner of intrusive noise. Many doors are made from solid medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or are so-called 'solid-core' doors, which means they have a veneer of wood or MDF over a core of particleboard or wood pieces. Then hold the hinge edge against the face of the door under the outline and draw a line under it.
Use a centering punch or a hammer and nail to make a starting hole for your drill bit at the spindle location and the keyhole location (if applicable).
Make sure to cover all six sides with finish so it's completely sealed and won't swell in high humidity. Patching up the door isn't a good idea and it is fairly easy and affordable to replace a hollow core door. Door heights will differ depending on the flooring installed and you will invariably have to cut the door to fit. Once removed you can take measurements from this door for cutting the new door to the correct height. Hollow core doors only have a timber frame covered with a masonite board and you dona€™t want to cut too much off one end and weaken the frame. Spread the holes along the length of the area to be removed to make it easier to remove whata€™s left. If you are not sure how everything fits together, take apart the lock from the old door as a guide. You will need an extra pair of hands here to lift the door slightly a€“ or place a couple of shims under the door a€“ while you mark where to mount the hinges. A combination of bright yellow and white hardhats punctuates the reception area, creating a unique de-constructed art piece.

Cut outs above expose a trellis-like row of galvanized framing studs held up by a series of rugged concrete-wrapped columns. Inspiration was drawn from the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde with their cubist-like arrangement of square houses of varying heights.
Energy consumption is tracked and monitored in the sustainability lab by a series of flat screens prominently displayed. And before you toss out your hollow-core doors, you can easily transform them into practical floating shelves. So measuring and trimming the door before installation must be done carefully and precisely.
They're not only better at soundproofing than hollow-core doors but more resistant to warping than solid wood.
Since the drill is wider than the door, the best way to check this is to use plumb as a reference to align the drill with the door.
Place the new door on a couple of workbenches or sawhorses and use a jigsaw with rough-cut blade to remove excess at the bottom of the new door; sand smooth with 120- and then 180-grit sandpaper.
Use the new lock and handle mechanism as a guide for the correct drilling depth and for marking the holes on the door sides for the handle and keyhole. They wanted the space to express their “breadth of work,” showcase their sustainable design initiatives and provide employees with a light-infused, industrial-modern work place. The introduction of reclaimed wood in the desk repeats in a series of canted, free standing walls which define the public walkway, integrates sustainable material, and provides a place to display Swinerton’s rich history. Offices were arranged in a similar fashion with open tops, horizontal sidelites and eyebrow soffits.
You can adjust this measurement a fraction in either direction to centre the knob on the door's middle rail, if it has one. However, if you intend to use a stain or clear finish on your door instead of painting it, you'll want to get one with solid wood or wood veneer. Sighting the chisel from the door face, tap lightly until each cut is at the depth of the guide lines.
With the saw braced against a cutting guide and its blade on the section to be removed, trim the door.

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