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I rewired the house for a home network and wanted to add mobile connectivity with the new opener.
The ? horsepower system was the best fit for this project because the garage door is very light (aluminum) and is well balanced. If the door is very heavy or frankly you just want to play it safe, get the ? horsepower system.
I really wanted to operate this door via remote control from my mobile phone (iPhone) and Chamberlain offers a VERY affordable way to do this so long as you have high speed internet access at your house. Door skins are brake formed at the edges and spot welded to 16 [1.3mm] gauge perimeter channels. It is bonded under pressure to both door skins with a continuous coat of pressure sensitive adhesive.

After doors are thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to inhibit corrosion, doors receive one coat of primer. You can disconnect the door from your existing opener (most have a quick disconnect rope your can pull down on) and see how much effort it takes to open and close.
I used a scrap piece of carpet to set things on mainly so that the bottom of the door opener would not get scratched. They are not super heavy but they are very awkward which could lead to an accident if you’re not careful. Its going to ask for your serial number so snap a picture of it using your smartphone before you sit down at the computer. I would remove the motor side first, then release the wall or ceiling mount side which makes this step safer and easier.

When possible, get someone to help with the removal and installation steps in this process.
Once done, it is pretty cool to open the garage door or check door status using your phone.
Also available on custom orders are doors constructed of zinc-coated sheets and stainless steel sheets. You can build everything first which means that the second person only needs to be involved for about 30 minutes.

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