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The exterior brickmold separating is not at all uncommon but it is doing it here because the door jamb is moving for some reason. Time to check the hinge screws to see if there loose or stripped, often times some's left out the 3" screws that came with the door that go in the empty hole in the hinge or just used all short ones. Once the hinges are checked the jambs get checked for level, flatness, square and plumb to see what's off. First let’s take on two misconceptions with the windows and then we will look at how to fix the leaks. I have discussed this many times before but to once again address this, payback on replacement windows can be anywhere from 15 to 30 years. The first step with windows is to ensure that you have a tight fit against the top and bottom jambs. If you have a leak in the middle between the two windows you can again use a peal and stick or tack on depending on the window. Also don’t forget to make sure your lock is in good shape and closing tight on your window. Good thing I was able to contact a very good Toronto vinyl windows company which will help me every step of the way.
I'm so grateful that I came across your blog because it is packed with great tips on doors and windows replacement and maintenance which I think is very beneficial. Q: I used to live in a house designed by Sarah Susanka, and I loved the style and trim details. Sarah Susanka, an architect and the author of Home by Design, replies: Just for the record, Gene, I’m not a big fan of mitered corners, either. Most likely if you were to clamp those back in line it would have no effect at all on the frame or slab.

Because of the properties of the windows what we truly fell is the heat radiating from our bodies and the convective flow created around the window due to heating and cooling of the air. This means it takes that long to get your investment back from the savings the windows create. Most of the leaks you find are going to be around the joints in the doors and windows, this being the areas where the slabs or sashes join the jambs.
This can be corrected in most cases by adjusting the striker plate to allow the door to close further in the jamb. If you have old single pain windows with individual lites you will probably want to consider having them re-glazed and a storm window if they are leaky.
Your clearance will be less than the top and bottom so the weather-stripping cannot be as thick.
Yesterday, I dropped by my sister's house and I realized that she needed to have her windows replaced. Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques.
The leaks are often time minimum around the window, usually around the joints between the jamb and sash. The storm window will also help with the energy efficiency of the window and they typically have a better payback than replacement. If you have older style windows that still have weights you can get covers for the holes where the ropes go through. You can do so many things with trim around doors and windows to make them appear a little more interesting than the standard mitered-corner look. The largest “draft” or “leak” is created again from the thermal transfer occurring between the room, windows and our bodies.

Also if replacement windows are not installed correctly you may end up with windows leaker than the ones you started with. For newer windows it may simply be a leak in the track and manufacturers have caps that can stop these leaks. She was quite interested and immediately she phoned in our local San Francisco windows replacement services to help her with her window predicament. If so, some 3" screw in the top hinge may be able to suck the frame back over and straighten things out. If your windows are not in that bad of shape a little caulk, glazing and weather-stripping can get them back to new.
If not, you are probably looking at resetting or replacing the door due to some settling or shifting since it was installed (may not have been secured properly in the first place).
HVAC ducts are often times placed in front of windows to stop this from occurring but we often times place furniture over the ducts and prevent this effect. At that rate, replacement would probably be in order if this is a 24 yr old builder grade door. This detail, employed by architect Robert Knight, adds character to simple buttjoined casing.

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