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He's board certified, specializing in Internal Medicine with expertise in several areas.
By clicking Submit, I agree to the Terms of Use and verify that I have received treatment from this doctor. We’ve found ourselves wondering lately: Before our modern Arlington, TX dentist offices, what was dentistry in Texas like during the days of the Wild West? Dentistry in the Wild West was much less the exact science it is today and more about creative solutions and educated guessing.
Dental trauma was an everyday part of life in the Old West, a time of poor nutrition, few toothbrushes, and plenty of pebbles in the food.
There were problems that even the best doctor simply could not solve with the tools of the day. In the Wild West era, chances were good that many dentists were not very qualified, and it was even more likely that the person who claimed to be a dentist was just a barber or blacksmith wearing a different hat. Even considering the risks of getting dental care from someone who was inexperienced or dishonest, people would still visit the dentist’s office because they were in pain and had no choice. Learn about coronary heart disease or CHD, and heart attack symptoms and prevention with our patient education guide. Professor Alan Miller was unanimously elected in 2007 by the Scottish Parliament to become the first Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, and he was unanimously re-nominated to the role in 2013 for a further three year term. Alan has a combination of experience and expertise in the field of human rights grounded in 25 years involvement with the legal, academic and voluntary communities within Scotland.
Alastair Pringle took up post as National Director of the EHRC (Scotland) in November 2012.
Formerly Head of Patient Focus & Equalities within the Scottish Government Health Directorates, he has led on national programmes of work in relation to person-centred health and care, as well as an extensive background in equalities strategy and policy for both the Health and Wellbeing portfolio of the Scottish Executive and for NHS Scotland.
Councillor Archie Graham has represented the Langside Ward on Glasgow City Council since the Council was formed in 1995. Councillor Graham is currently the Council’s Depute Leader and Executive Member for the Commonwealth Games and has responsibility for the delivery of the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Theresa Fyffe began her nursing career in Dublin where she trained as a registered nurse, later working mainly within Critical Care Nursing, in the fields of Intensive Care and Neuroscience.
She was formerly Director of Practice Development and Research within Tayside University Hospitals Trust. At a time of extensive change not only within the health service, but also in the political arena, her wide experience and influencing skills bring a strategic focus and direction to the RCN in Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish membership.
Christine O'Neill is Chairman of Brodies LLP and a recognised expert on public and constitutional law issues in Scotland. Christine advises clients on legislation and statutory interpretation, the powers and duties of public bodies including the Scottish Parliament, and freedom of information laws and data protection.
Christine is the first and only solicitor advocate to be appointed a 'Standing Junior' to the Scottish Government. Carole was one of the founding members of the Human Rights Consortium Scotland when it was established in January 2010 and has helped it grow to over 150 members.
Rosemary Agnew was appointed as Scottish Information Commissioner on 1 May 2012 for a fixed term of six years. Rosemary holds a Masters in Business Administration (dist) from Manchester Business School.

As Scottish Information Commissioner, Rosemary is responsible for the enforcement and promotion of Scotland's freedom of information law.
Elaine Webster (LLB Hons, MA, MA, PhD) joined the School of Law at the University of Strathclyde in 2008, where she is a Lecturer and Director of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights Law. Just wanted to drop you a very quick line to say today's Domestic Abuse conference was excellent, one of the best conferences I have been at, some really engaging speakers and really meaty topics - the legal aspects as covered by Lesley Thomson, Morag Driscoll, and the debaters at the end, were really useful.
See patient comments make an appointment or even let us help you to prepare for your visit. It’s not only that people did not know as much about teeth as they do today, there were also many difficult challenges that came with dental work on the frontier, due to poor dental hygiene, lack of tools and facilities, and a scarcity of properly educated dentists. When your tooth hurts badly enough you will do something about it, even if what you have to do about it seems desperate and unwise to modern people. There were few schools of dentistry and no legal obligation to attend them to call yourself a dentist. Darryl M Miller MD is a male Internist, has 18 years of experience and practices in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease.
Darryl Miller practices Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease near West Palm Beach, FL. Educated at Alva Academy, she went on to graduate from Glasgow University with a Social Sciences MA and Jordanhill College with a Postgraduate Certificate in Community Education.
Latterly she was Shadow Minster for Health and Social Justice and a member of the Parliament’s Health Committee before being appointed Minister for Public Health in the Scottish Government formed after the May 2007 election. As SHRC Chair he was re-elected in 2013 as Chair of the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) and was also elected to the post of Secretary of the International Coordinating Committee of NHRIs.
He previously ran a law practice in Castlemilk, Glasgow and is a past President of the Glasgow Bar Association and former Director of the Scottish Human Rights Centre. He represents the Council on various Cultural and Sporting bodies including the Riverside Museum Appeal Trust and Glasgow 2014 Limited. He left school at 16 with no qualifications and worked in the construction industry for the first 15 years of his working life.
In 2000 Theresa joined the Scottish Executive Health Department in a wide-ranging role, Theresa had responsibility for research, quality, safe and effective care, clinical leadership, practice development, acute services and strategy development.
She is, uniquely in Scotland, rated by Chambers and Partners as a Star Individual in administrative and public law and is also ranked in Band 1 for local government law.
She is frequently involved in giving advice to clients on the defensibility of decision-making processes adopted by public bodies and the compatibility of those processes with the requirements of natural justice and the European Convention on Human Rights. She previously held the posts of Chief Executive of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and Assistant Ombudsman at the Local Government Ombudsman, and so is familiar with operating within a regulatory environment. She has a keen interest in developing a framework of continuous improvement of public authority FOI practice during her term of office. She is responsible for influencing decision makers and opinion formers in government, the public and private sectors and the media to ensure access to justice policy and legislation is framed in the best interests of consumers.
Elaine teaches on a number of courses in the fields of public law and human rights in the UK and European context. Abscesses, broken teeth, wisdom teeth, and jaw infections can cause such intense pain that people would do anything for some relief, even if it meant getting the local blacksmith to pull out the sore tooth with his heavy-duty tongs. No matter the risks, the pain would get so bad that people would have to take chances.
It is difficult now to appreciate how tough life could be on the frontier, but at least we can imagine those difficulties from the safety of a modern dentist’s office while getting care from a properly educated and experienced dentist.

He also teaches human rights on the LLM programme at the University of Strathclyde where he is a member of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights Law. He entered higher education as a mature student, gaining a BA in 1995 and an MSc (Distinction) in 1999 from Glasgow Caledonian University. She also played a key role in the understanding and development of spiritual care in the health service in Scotland. Her extensive public sector experience (which has ranged from policy and business development to complaints handling) includes managing authority compliance with freedom of information laws. She considers that the statutory obligation of FOI can also be an enabler for authorities in terms of both effectiveness and transparency: FOI is the key to many rights and freedoms in our society and also a significant driver to good public authority practice. Currently UNICEF has three UK programmes that aim to contribute to delivering this strategic objective. Her role also involves developing and co-ordinating information on projects that enhance access to justice across the Citizens Advice Bureaux in Scotland. Her research interests lie in the field of European and international human rights law, supra-national judicial interpretation of human rights and non-judicial interpretation of human rights at the national level. The only way to inspect the mouth was during the day, with mirrors to direct the sunlight into the back of the throat. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of modern dentistry, contact our Arlington, TX dentist office and schedule a mouth makeover! Professor Miller also brings an international perspective and insight gained from engagement with the United Nations and other bodies in capacity-building initiatives in around 20 countries around the world. His dissertation was titled 'The Involvement and Empowerment of the Voluntary Sector in Urban Regeneration'.
She has worked with clients on compliance with international treaty obligations including attending sessions at the UN under the Universal Periodic Review process (2012), the Convention Against Torture (2013), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 2014.Carole is Convener of the Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland.
She has first-hand experience of leading the development of an open culture in a Scottish public authority essential, in her view, to achieving FOI compliance.
She is a current member of the Scottish Civil Justice Council and holds a Master of Laws in Law and Governance from Dundee University. However, if you lived in out west, like in Texas, and needed a TX dentist, there were dentists of such experience and expertise that they could handle most issues that arose within their Texas dentist’s offices. The right not to be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment is of particular interest, including its application in the socio-economic sphere. Though ether, morphine, and nitrous oxide were all invented by the time of the Wild West, dentists in Texas would not have had access to them.
But men like this were few and far between and it wasn’t easy differentiating between the good dentists in Texas and the bad. More widely, Elaine has interests in the protective human rights obligations of states, the right to human rights education, and the concept of human dignity in human rights education.

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