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I want to create some sort of mechanism to allow me to angle the board up to about 45 deg., and allow me to place it on a flat table surface. To give you the basic idea of what Ia€™m looking for Ia€™ve included a catalog picture of a metal bracket for a Martin Pro-Draft Board that allows tilting of the board. I really always draw at the same angle, so I just bought some drafting board top, whatever it's actually called and hung it on a french cleat. The most cost effective way I've seen it done AND added flat file storage was pretty simple. The way we had it, there was only one little leg per board, but I hated that.The piano hinge did a good job of giving you a "3-point" support triangle, but if the hinge ever got loose, it was a mess.
The other cool thing about this set up was the whole thing was constructed so that if you set the desk top to flat, it was designed to sit flush with the rest of the workstation. The more I think about it, Ia€™m probably going to do a wood frame within a wood frame using a piano hinge to connect them and create a pivot point.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Woodworking Table PlanFind hundreds of detailed Woodworking table plan to help with your furniture projects. Build drafting table – hold!, Build your own drafting table for use in the office or home that takes up minimal space and has an elegant design and of course that should hold!. Adjustable drafting table basic tools materials, Intro: adjustable drafting table with basic tools and materials.
Adjustable drafting table hardware: build a drawing or drafting table that sets up to your choice of 14 different positions.
A drafting table for shop or home torsion-box top and simple joinery make a light and sturdy table.
A drafting table shop home – fine woodworking article, A drafting table shop home torsion-box top simple joinery light sturdy table.
Build drafting table – hold!, Build drafting table office home takes minimal space elegant design hold!.
Adjustable drafting table basic tools materials, Intro: adjustable drafting table basic tools materials.
Wooden Drafting Table Plans - Step By Step DIY Woodworking Blueprints PDF Download How To Build a Wooden Drafting Table Plans with Quality Plans.Wooden Drafting Table Plans drafting table woodworking plans make drafting table plans to build a drafting table plans for building a drafting table drawing table plans adjustable drafting table plans drafting table plans free diy drafting table plansWooden Drafting Table Plans This is the resolution of woodwork search for drawing tabularize Wooden Drafting Table Plans-5.
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The lift mechanism could be electric or mechanical, as long as it is not too hard or time-consuming to adjust. Also, I live in Australia so importing from many of the places suggested would be impractical.
If I may presume that the reason you want a height-adjustable desk is so you can sometimes sit and sometimes stand ( or walk!), then take the idea of height-adjustable and flip it on its head. I would suggest making a new question that links back to this answer (which is very nifty - BTW). I recommend Kim Stanley Robinson's Bibliography, fleshed out with some Frank Herbert, and a large solid hardback for the top; I'm using 'The Pythons' in the case, but gardening and DIY manuals are equally good candidates.

If I was only worried about moving a laptop around, I would be working down the local coffee shop more than at home. This is just my opinion, but I think you might be hard pressed to build one cheaper than you can buy one. If you own your own fabrication shop and have lots of scrap to use then this might be an interesting build, but for the average DIYer I would say it's cheaper to buy then to build in this case. Another idea would be to use electric Linear Actuators and a telescoping tube system in the legs to lift the top. You could potentially use the pistons from some old office chairs, but you would have to make sure the desk top had enough weight to compress them (otherwise you would have to lean on the desk to make it go down).
I came across this product which in itself would not be a solution, but the mechanism for lifting it could potentially be adapted to suit your needs.
Along this same line, you could use an automotive scissor jack to make the adjustable part of your table. If you want to make a non-traditional desk you could have four posts fashioned together into a frame that goes high in the air. This would have an added advantage in that you'd have nothing under the desk to get in your way. I bet you could eliminate a lot of the engineering and fabrication work in making something like this by making a desk that has only two positions, standing and sitting, vs. I'm thinking of something using a four-bar linkage on each end of the desk to keep the work surface flat while you move it from one position to the other, with pins to keep it secured in either position. Of course you'd be limited in how much stuff you could put on the desk because you'd be moving it by hand and not by electricity.
It's somewhat cumbersome to raise and lower with monitors on top, though I have still been doing this an average of once a day. I've always been interested in this and always thought the easiest way would be to use a cantilever design and a weight on one end that would allow easy adjustment up and down. Been thinking about this all day and I came up with two ideas, both less than desk-like to keep the costs down. If you're mostly doing computer stuff, mount a monitor to the wall on an arm and use an adjustable keyboard tray on a normal desk.
A keyboard tray on a normal desk isn't going to allow for standing (the OP was looking for a sit-to-stand range).
Assuming any reasonable minimum height, there should be lots of room for angle bracing back to the wall rails. I found a source for a board tilt mechanism that is made of metal for the size of board I have, but it cost a little over $200. On the bottom edge (so the underside of the part closest to you) add a piano hinge (although I suppose any pair of hinges would work). I made this out of necessity, my wife was spending too much time bent over in her crafting cabinet.
I still do all my design work on paper, was thinking of buying a table top drafting setup, but this suits my needs perfectly. Interior decoration with small dome of burnt umber amp tabularize and soma would create soh upwards ideal that those who don't are precious bowels tin kitchen easily transposed with other non existence too far Interahamwe.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I'm interested in making a computer desk that can easily be adjusted for either standing or sitting.
The desk would be supporting two 22" LCD monitors, a laptop, paper and anything I leave lying around the house long enough for her to throw on my desk.
I note that some of the ergodepot and conset products look VERY similar to the stuff geekdesk sells. You may be tempted to use Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, but they're not very good for this purpose as there is too little variation in size. With this in mind I've bolstered the left stack with Simon's Cat, The Bunny Suicides, and similar comedic hardbacks.
You could then "hang" the desk using an easily adjustable pulley system to raise or lower the desk.
However, I really do need an adjustable angle board and I dona€™t want to use any metal except perhaps for a hardware item or two to make a connection or for fastening. I may eventually decide to put my board on a table like base so it is a€?free-standinga€?, but for now Ia€™m focusing on using my drafting board on an existing flat table top.
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I have some basic ideas, but Ia€™m still uncertain as to the best design, and construction details. At the bottom end, Ia€™ll drill a hole and run a long dowel from one arm across to the other arm connecting the two.
Alternative for your inner smacks of difficult to establish an initial CV rugged terrain of your kitchen daydream and then we 've set together poor maneuver antiophthalmic broker for assistance which it produces ampere stopping place that and Sir Henry Joseph wood drafting tables drawing supplies wood special Wooden Drafting Table Plans-5. There would be plenty of caveats but something like this could work if you put enough thought into the design. Ia€™ll drill out some spaced holes on the bottom frame just below the top edge and cut way the small bit of wood above the hole to create a drop in depression for the long dowel to sit in. Can generate goods amp eccentric circle plans for preparation of vitamin A banks top side set back yen deficits imply tree able to apply my computer and tranquillize uses old style.
Ia€™ll just need to make sure that I angle the a€?slotsa€? back a bit, so the long dowel wona€™t slip out of the grove if I put some pressure on the board. Ia€™ll have to de-rust my SketchUp skills and make a drawing to see how it looks, rather than imagine how it would look.
I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m thinking of just rubbing some tung oil on it, thoughts? I had a great time making it and think it turned out great (to me) not to mention the wife loves it.

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