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If you are tired of the current upholstery of your sofa, or for some reason it is ruined – one of the ways to make it new and shiny is to order new one.
So, if you are thinking of a sofa makeover, you will need the following for this project: Upholstery fabric of your choice (make sure it is suitable for the project), Measuring tape, Pencil, Paper, Upholstery staples or upholstery tacks, Staple gun or hammer and Scissors, where to go without them! Once you have done that and have chosen the upholstery fabric, which should be more durable than the apparel fabric – so you can start the project.
Have been wanting to make my own sofa for ages, and it's just one of those (hundreds) of projects that I just can't seem to get around to. Anyways, I came across this post that shows almost step-by-step how to make your own sofa or couch from scratch, and since I haven't yet got round to making one, I hope this inspires you to do-it-yourself.
The seat for the sofa is constructed using elastic webbing that you will find at most larger fabric stores.
Before the basic framework is joined together, each section is wrapped and covered with thin layers of medium-density foam.
Each individual piece is measured for cutting and sewing together the fabric that will fit over the separate pieces. Anyone with a few basic DIY skills could make this sofa and it's simply a matter of working out the dimensions for your frame, having the board and foam cut, buying your fabric and fitting, and assembling. Anyhoo, we had to meet up with another friend, LaKaye, who happened to ask me for a few suggestions for updating her home on a budget. Even after I tried convincing LaKaye that this would be a great idea, she was still hesitant about it. Normally, you’re supposed to wait until the 1st coat of paint dries before you start applying the second coat.
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1 Comment Designer Patrick Kerti has put this gorgeous sofa together using reclaimed wood flooring and re-used bike tubes for upholstery. I am glad he reached out, his modern sofa is really killer (ok I use that word too much) but really it is killer. However, if you want to go on budget or be creative – you can indulge into this project of making your own DIY Sofa Upholstery!
However, the reason the furniture lasts longer is that its upholstery can be removed and remodeled to suit the current tastes and preferences.
Keep in mind, when choosing the fabric that if you are going to use patterns, they all need to match, and also – you can always add patterns by decorating with cushions.

Making your own sofa or couch is quite an easy project and will cost you a fraction of what is costs to buy a new one. It's nothing fancy, just rectangular boxes screwed together to make up the shape for the sofa.
Elastic webbing is used in the majority of upholstered furniture and this is what gives the sofa its bounce. Once the fabric is added and stapled to the frame either underneath or where sections join together, the unit is then assembled and completed. There was one particular piece of furniture she owned that didn’t go with her current decor, but she really wanted to keep it, if at all possible. In order to give her that extra nudge she needed, I offered to help her paint the sofa so that she would feel a bit more at ease. Have a serious situation with the chair and lounger that I have painted, used Annie sloan paint and followed all directions. I look at it as a quick fix for those on a budget or those who want to try and save a piece of furniture or for the DIY-lovers.
If your current upholstery is not your perfect choice, or perhaps it got ruined due to constant cat exposure – don’t despair, as there are ways to deal with it! Now, to change the look of your sofa you will only have to attach the new fabric to the frame in the same way the previous one was attached. In fact, this sofa is probably far better manufactured than most of the lounge suites you find in the stores these days! Since the original frames do not have a base, joining the sections together is done underneath and out of sight.
She wasn’t even home at the time that I started painting the sofa, so she had NO IDEA that it was going to be purple.
I actually chose NOT to use painter’s tape to tape off the edges where the fabric met the wood.
I only waited about 2 hours before applying the second coat, which is why it just sucked up the paint right away. And if you have any questions or comments about the painting process…leave me a message below in the Comments section. And because of this, I definitely do not recommend placing the painted upholstered furniture in a high-traffic area where it will get a lot of use. We’ve already told you of various projects to renovate different pieces, and the easiest way is to paint them. So, it is quite easy but will take some effort – so be prepared to work, because in the end, the results will surprise you!

You can buy 16mm PG Bison SupaWood at your local Builders Warehouse and it costs around R600 per sheet - each sheet is 2700 x 1800mm, so you get quite a bit cut from a single sheet. Vertical straps are then added by weaving them through the horizontal straps, stretching taut and securing on the opposite side. For a softer look you would add a layer of medium-weight batting over the foam before covering with fabric. I wanted to hurry and get the paint on the sofa before she could freak out and change her mind!
And if we were able to let it completely dry 1st, then we could have sanded the fabric in between coats. Of course, you also need to measure the sofa and determine on how much upholstery to use, which can be done by removing the existing fabric and measuring it piece by piece. Lightly sanding the fabric after each coat of paint using a fine grit sand paper helps to soften up the fabric a bit.
If you have any questions for Eric post them here and I am sure he will be glad to answer them.
I usually buy that Scotch Blue painters tape, but I am going to try out that Frog Tape to see if its any better. She was stunned and in disbelief, as many people are, that painting the fabric on furniture is possible.
So, with that being said, I just had to go slower and take my time not to get purple paint on the wood. This is the easiest idea to renovate any piece with upholstery – no changing fabric, nothing! I did have a few accidents here and there, but I kept a damp towel handy so that I could cleanup any mistakes right away before the paint dried. But if there are budget constraints, also keep in mind that reupholstering can get expensive. The fabric on the chair is softer, silky type of fabric, the lounger had a tapestry fabric.
Below you’ll find several cool DIYs, which will teach you to paint furniture in different ways, enjoy!painting an upholstered chair (via fiftytwoweekendsofdiy)painting a chair cushion (via rappsodyinrooms)painting a vinyl upholstered chair (via sewafineseam)velvet upholstery painted chair (via foxhollowcottage)painted ottoman (via thediyvillage)stenciled upholstered sofa (via paintandpattern)striped painted upholstered chair (via diyshowoff)painted upholstered sofa (via biblicalhomemaking)painted upholstered chair (via notjustahousewife) 22 July, 2014 Kate You may also like14 Cool DIY Dining Table MakeoversDIY Kitchen Chairs Painting And Reupholstering9 DIY Cabinet Revamps That You’ll Like9 DIY Dipped Chair Tutorials For Any TasteHow To Upholster And Paint A Coffee Table8 DIY Patchwork Stools And Chairs You Can Easily Make MORE ABOUT DIY Furniture creative furniture diy furniture diy furniture projects furniture makeovers furniture renovating furniture renovations how to how to paint makeovers What do you think?

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