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Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group team has adapted cutting-edge technology to its operations, including Smart-Drip Email and eAlerts. Cohn is the leader of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, one of NP Dodge’s many real estate teams working in the Omaha Metro Area. Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group consists of a team of 15 real estate professionals who specialize in assisting real estate buyers, sellers, and investors. Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group also has offices in Lincoln, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Cohn says his team has adapted cutting-edge technology to its operations, including Smart-Drip Email and eAlerts, part of the BoomTown online marketing system utilizing the latest technology and strategies to generate more qualified leads for real estate professionals.
BoomTown recently released a new “Best Fit Leads” feature which allows team members to search their database of more than 5,000 buyers and determine which leads are the ‘best fit’ for listed homes.
Cohn adds that in addition to the team’s personal and company websites, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group utilizes social networking including Facebook and Twitter, YouTube, their video blog and more than 100 websites both locally and nationally.
Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group also offers a real estate search app, compatible with tablets, iPhones and smart phones, for clients and potential clients to search for properties using a variety of different search options and filters.
This year, searches with these types of devices are up 10 percent from last year, contributing to one-third of the group’s monthly website traffic. Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group combines more than 30 years of experience, offering a team with all the expertise necessary to meet any real estate need.
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As a Las Vegas real estate agent, you will likely run into just about every question imaginable about a home that you’re showing to a potential customer.
Before learning about a particular neighborhood, it’s important to keep in mind some valuable information about what you can’t say (or write) about a cluster of homes.
For income tax purposes, perspective homebuyers will want to know about important financial information regarding their new home.
When moving to a new house, many people will likely ask two specific questions that have nothing to do with the actual home: “What is there to do around here?” and “What’s the demographic of the neighborhood?” To properly answer the first question, stay knowledgeable about local restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, libraries and other entertainment options close to the house.
From knowing about property tax rates to local entertainment options, understanding all the aspects of a neighborhood can give you the upper hand when selling a home to a perspective buyer. Elite Realty is a team of Las Vegas realty experts that are committed to helping local real estate agents find more leads, sell great homes, and maintain solid relationships with their clients.

When a client falls in love with a home that is currently pending sale, it doesn’t mean that the house is off the market. Helping first-time homebuyers find the house of their dreams is much different than helping a seasoned homebuyer with their search. Cohn of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group announced this week that his team has set a new record for residential sales at NP Dodge in 2012. Cohn and his team at Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group broke the record for residential sales in units and overall production at NP Dodge in 2012 with more than 230 sales and $38 million in volume.
Founded in 1855, NP Dodge is America’s oldest family-owned, full-service real estate company. The group’s expertise extends past traditional sales and in to categories such as short sales, REO and bank-owned properties, new construction, property management, land and commercial real estate.
Cohn aims to grow the group to the number one spot over the next few years, and at its current rate of growth it could happen sooner than anticipated. The app makes it easier for anyone with a smart phone, iPhone or tablet to find exactly what they’re looking for wherever they are.
Cohn has worked with thousands of customers buying and selling both commercial and residential properties.
From inquiries about the number of closets to questions regarding the plumbing, exceptional real estate agents must be knowledgeable about every aspect of a house. The “Fair Housing Act” basically aims to eliminate guiding clients to or away from certain neighborhoods.
To properly answer this question from perspective homebuyers, you must be aware of a number of different factors.
Stay current on sales and property tax rates for the house in question and learn about any potential HOA costs that may be necessary. When researching the second question, make sure to note whether most homes contain children, the average age of residents (primarily college-aged, elderly, etc.) and the diversity of the neighborhood. By staying in the know regarding vital neighborhood information, you will have a better chance at impressing your clients and building their trust. We’re proud to offer ongoing training classes and professional, in-house support in order to help our agents stay competitive. Cohn says that their aggressive marketing approach and innovation has helped the team grow business exponentially – more than 300 percent in 12 months – making it one of the top five ranking real estate groups in the Omaha Metro area.

Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group hired 10 new buyer’s agents and three customer care staff members in 2012. A native of Omaha, Cohn earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Education from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. When it comes to buying a new home, people aren’t just worried about the property or the land. Due to this, steer clear of your buyer’s questions about a neighborhood’s average income, schools in the area, crime statistics, and even environmental issues close to the area. Study up on how old most of the homes in a neighborhood are, and whether a certain neighborhood is located in a historical part of town.
Nobody likes being blindsided with additional expenses, which is why being prepared with accurate figures can help put your clients at ease.
With this knowledge, it will be easier for potential homebuyers to feel comfortable with their new neighborhood. If you’re a Las Vegas real estate agent looking to join a team of like-minded professionals, call 702-835-5255 to learn more about joining our team. Throughout his career he has excelled as a leader in the industry and has consistently earned the Million Dollar Producer designation every year since 2006. In order to be as prepared as possible, real estate agents must also have a solid feel for the neighborhood where the home is located.
If your clients are interested in this information, feel free to provide them with resources so they’re able to easily find the knowledge they seek on their own.
These questions will likely be on the minds of your clients, so stay up to date with current facts about each neighborhood you’re selling.
Here are some valuable suggestions to help answer your client’s inevitable questions regarding vital neighborhood information.

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