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Ever wanted to create a coffee table based around an engine block, but weren’t sure how to go about the process?
While a big-block Cadillac V8 might not be the platform of choice for most, the process can be replicated using any old V8 engine block found in the scrapyard. The fact that the block was not modified in any way, and in fact could be re-used in a future build, also shows a solid appreciation for the hot-rodding tradition.
The engine block coffee table; the ultimate display of clinically dangerous car enthusiasm. When you decide what to get, hopefully you already figured out how to get it (eBay, junk yard, good ol’ fashioned sexual favors).
You have to take the engine apart, both for cleaning and because an engine with old hoses and wires under glass looks ugly and smells of laziness (and elderberries). Engines don’t come designed to hold your Chamomile, and although you might be able to rest the glass right on the bare block, the best ones have supports to raise the glass up a bit. If you did it right, this should mean putting it in your room of choice and laying the glass on top.
All Cars Go to HeavenAll Cars Go to Heaven: Volume 1 - The Smoking Tire embarks on an epic off-road adventure for your amusement. Of course, the table would be much more attractive when built from a Ford 427 SOHC block or big-block 409 Chevy base, but regardless, an engine block coffee table is sure to be a conversation piece in any living room.
The builder also has contact information in the video if you want him to fab one up for you. I say go no heads, unless they’re awesome looking or marked an advance in technology or something.

I’ve seen tables with surgically sterile engines and ones that looked like they were built with the care and time constraint of a Pictionary drawing. You might need a friend to help carry it, unless you round house it into place like Chuck Norris. I really like the legs, and leaving the timing chain and crank breaks up the flat color at that end. You can buy clear gel-like pads to put between glass and support surfaces, to prevent scratching and slipping. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Two Jeeps, One Toyota, some will live, some will not, but in the end, each car will find its soul. Of course I thought about getting a Ferrari V-12 engine, but that just means I still don’t own a Ferrari.
I’ve seen these with bolts coming up the corners, but the pimp way to do it is use the rods and pistons, the way the Native Americans did. The entire surface area is sandblasted clean and is powdercoated in your choice of 5 different colors. A limited edition stripped down Jacobs radial engine is also available with exposed pistons and crankshaft. But this particular instance shows off a sweet LED-lighted engine block coffee table and the build process required to create it. You can use crates , stools, windows, doors, shutters, pretty ¬†much everything that you find suitable to be turned into a unique and interesting table.Tables are an important piece of furniture in our homes.

Whatever you choose, someone will give you shit about it, but all that’s important is you have a real reason you chose it. I could see myself with an old Lambo V-12, an R32 (love the way it sounds) or a 428 Super Cobra Jet (same engine as in the kit Cobra I built with my dad and brother). Everyone will be scrutinize your handy work, so don’t leave crap on just for the sake of time.
I'm willing to follow your provided instruction for making such kind of engine design coffee table.
Finally, it is finished with a tempered piece of glass, providing you a perfect place to rest your drink! It makes you look like a badass, even if you had to hire some former high-school line backers to carry it into¬† your house. I like what Lambos represent (though they’re far down my purchase list), R32s stuck with me for some reason and the 428 is obvious. I’m sure there will be some scoffs at my choices, but I really don’t give a **** (Can you guess the hidden word?
If you make your own table you will save money and you will have an awesome table that no one have seen before. Look around your home or basement you surely will find something that you wanted to get rid of .

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